The New Wireless: Staying a step ahead

Apple, Samsung, and some of the tech industries top companies have all started using the Qi wireless standard.

This tech is just starting to be used, but is it already obsolete?

The FCC just approved a new form of wireless technology that has the potential to uproot the industry.

In fact, this tech could be in all the homes in America soon, and as impressive as that is, there are even broader implications.

Some experts predict that this technology could power over 30 billion electrical devices.

At the heart of this is a small company that holds all the critical patents

In fact, the company is only 1/1,000th the size of GE … yet they have pioneered a miraculous new “electricity,” the same electricity that the Washington Times says,

“Will change the world on a scale
hardly seen in human history.”

This company is not well known, but that won’t last…

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