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I Want To Share Two Lessons (and A Lot of Video) From Michael’s New York Media Tour

0 | By Terry Weiss, Associate Publisher, Money Map Press

All this week, Michael Robinson has been in New York, where he’s on a big media tour, making several TV appearances.

After a stunning 2013, many analysts predict 2014 will be another lucrative year for tech investors. So the networks sought the insights of an expert who’s been on Silicon Valley’s frontlines for 34 years.

Let me share some video clips – and then a couple of important lessons Michael asked me to share with you.

First the video…

The Next Members of Tech’s “Thousand-Dollar Club”

14 | By Michael A. Robinson

In the July 26 Strategic Tech Investor, we explained why we believed that search-giant Google Inc. (NasdaqGS: GOOG) was a “must-own” stock.

Using the five rules we created to identify the biggest-potential stocks, we told you how the Mountain View, Calif.-based tech innovator was continuing to position itself as a company that will continue to create wealth for its stockholders.

Not long after, several folks wrote in to say that Google’s $885 share price made the stock too pricey for them to own.

We countered with the same response we always make to such comments: On a given amount of cash, a 30%, 50% or 80% return will net the same profit – no matter if that cash is invested in a $50 stock or a $550 stock.

And, with Google, we’re already on our way: The share price has already advanced 15%, meaning that $885 stock is already trading north of $1,000 a share, and closed Monday at $1,015.

Sometimes, you’ll find, the stocks that appear the most expensive actually turn out to be the cheapest at the time you buy them.

That got us thinking … and prompted us to ask this question: What other companies are destined to join the “Thousand-Dollar Club?”