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I Found a Billion-Dollar Market – In My Backyard

9 | By Michael A. Robinson

The end-of-year holiday season is a time for memories and reflection and I found myself engaging in a little of both the other day.

I was alone at the house, and was stringing up some Christmas lights and found myself drifting back in time … to middle school and high school.

In seventh grade, I got my first part-time job – changing light bulbs at an apartment complex. I also began designing and building custom light boxes using colored bulbs controlled with staggered timing switches.

In my freshman year in high school – for my electronics class – I put together a pretty sophisticated strobe light from a nice kit. That was my introduction to capacitors, diodes and wiring diagrams.

There was a reason for this mental road trip.

You see, the lights that I was stringing up around the perimeter of my house the other day happen to use a very specialized technology.

And this specialized technology is something that I knew you’d want to hear about because it represents a massive profit opportunity.

Today I’m going to tell you all about the technology. And I’m going to show you my single-best idea for making money from it.