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I Want To Share Two Lessons (and A Lot of Video) From Michael’s New York Media Tour

0 | By Terry Weiss, Associate Publisher, Money Map Press

All this week, Michael Robinson has been in New York, where he’s on a big media tour, making several TV appearances.

After a stunning 2013, many analysts predict 2014 will be another lucrative year for tech investors. So the networks sought the insights of an expert who’s been on Silicon Valley’s frontlines for 34 years.

Let me share some video clips – and then a couple of important lessons Michael asked me to share with you.

First the video…

The Prediction That Stunned Stuart Varney

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

The Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney is one of my favorite financial-market commentators.

And not just because he keeps inviting me back as a guest on his popular Varney & Co. segment.

I like and respect the iconic Varney for his no-nonsense demeanor, his ability to quickly cut to the heart of a story, and because he welcomes strong opinions – as long as they’re backed by sound arguments.

So I was as surprised as anyone back on Dec. 5 when a stock-price prediction I made during an interview rendered the polished TV host momentarily speechless.

My prediction had to do with Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS: AAPL).

And it’s a prediction that will put money in your pocket.

How To Pull Big Profits From The “Shadows” Of Silicon Valley

5 | By Michael A. Robinson

How To Pull The Biggest Profits From The “Shadows” Of Silicon Valley

By Michael A. Robinson

It’s one of the greatest secrets of investing.

It’s a strategy that I developed during my 34 years in Silicon Valley. And it will let you tap into some big, big profits for a modest amount of effort.

In fact, this very cool approach to high-tech investing will uncover a bushel of double-digit winners that your friends, co-workers and others you talk stocks with have no hopes of finding.

Today we’re going to perform a bit of high-tech detective work – peering into the shadows of Silicon Valley for profit opportunities most investors don’t even know exist.

And I’ll even identify the four double-digit profit plays that my sleuthing has already uncovered…

Why Apple Will Double From Here

31 | By Michael A. Robinson

I have such an intense enthusiasm for Apple Inc. (NasdaqGS: AAPL), that my collection of the company’s products sounds a lot like the lyrics of a famous Christmas song: Five iPhones, four wireless routers, three MacBooks, two Apple TVs and one pair of iPads.

And while my love for the company’s products is great, and would certainly be a factor, I can assure you that my analysis of the profit potential posed by Apple’s stock will be like any other recommendation I make – completely objective.

But with a polarizing “cult” stock like Apple, that’s clearly not a claim that every analyst can make. You see, when I compare the current bull and bear stock-price predictions for Apple, I feel as if I’m reading about two completely different companies.

With Apple, it seems, there’s no middle ground.

This intense disagreement is actually one of the factors that have been holding down Apple’s share price. Coming, as it does, on such a high-profile stock, the tug-of-war between the opposing camps plays out in the headlines each day. And it’s causing so much confusion – and outright frustration – that most potential Apple investors are sticking to the sidelines, and are choosing to ignore the stock altogether.

That’s unfortunate … because this stock is actually one of the most intriguing profit plays that I see right now – a big-name brand in turnaround mode, and a tech stock that poses less-than-average risk.

And as profit opportunities go, this is a big one.

I see two major catalysts here that are perfectly positioned to drive the stock higher.

Indeed, this has the double-your-money profit potential that we target for you here at the Strategic Tech Investor.

And when this stock rallies, the folks who listened to the bears will realize they’d been suckered.

And we don’t want you to be part of the crowd that misses this trip.