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My “Peter Lynch Moment” Just Served Up A Huge Buy Signal

22 | By Michael A. Robinson

Mutual fund superstar Peter Lynch used to say that individual investors had a big advantage over Wall Street. If you just keep your eyes and ears open, Lynch would write, you’re bound to see big profit opportunities long before the investment-banking boys in New York.

And the biggest opportunities are often right in your own neighborhood.

Lynch knew his business.

For months now, we’ve been talking about a “ground floor” investing opportunity – a whole new business that I believe could triple or more in just the next few years.

Well, just the other night, as my lovely wife and I were strolling to a village restaurant near our home, I ran right into proof that this potential $6 billion industry has already grabbed a big handful of the all-important consumer market – just as we said it would.

This was more than just validation: It tells me this market is evolving even faster than I projected – and says I may have underestimated the overall market potential.

And that’s not all.

My “Peter Lynch moment” the other night served a “Buy” signal trigger on a stock with double-your-money profit potential.

It’s a stock that I’ve been watching for some time. And today I’m going to share the whole story …

Three New Advances are Transforming 3D Printing

12 | By Michael A. Robinson

As new high-tech advances go, you’d be hard-pressed to find one that will have as much impact as this.

3D printing has now reached critical mass, on its way to what I believe will become a $1 trillion industry in a few short years. Along the way, it will change everything, from how airplanes and medical implants are made to how we build our homes

And we can only guess what else.

Indeed, three recent breakthroughs in particular are pushing the sector in new directions. They could affect the mass customization of consumer products and even lead to the day when doctors will “print” replacement organs on demand.

I first wrote about 3D printing last March for our sister publication Money Morning – you can read that report here. I explained that these printers are like “desktop factories” that could change our manufacturing model forever. Here’s how I described the technology itself:

“Technically, you don’t really “print’ a new product, though the process is similar. Rather than putting ink on paper, the system creates the product by adding thin layers of special polymers and some metals. This is cutting-edge high tech that is destined to become big business. I believe it is the 21st century equivalent of the laser printer and the dawn of desktop publishing in the 1980s that changed the entire print industry.”

In recent weeks, I’ve become even more convinced that 3D printing will play a vital role in the Era of Radical Change. The sector has produced a new series of amazing breakthroughs that will change the world around us.

Here are three you need to know about today…