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Four High-Tech Firms on the Leading Edge of a $2.2 Trillion Energy Revolution

In one hour, the sun produces enough energy to power 2,880 trillion light bulbs. With that much energy, you could hand every single person in the world a light bulb that will shine for their entire lifetime. The fact is every five days, the sun provides the Earth with as much energy as all the proven supplies of oil, coal, and natural gas on the entire planet. And we are now riding a tremendous wave of advancements and new technology that could soon render these traditional means of generating electricity obsolete. What’s more, these revolutionary advances also provide savvy investors with a rare investment opportunity. Take a look

2020 Tech Outlook: Three Stocks Poised to Take a Lion’s Share of the $12.5 Trillion 5G Sector

I’ve been writing about 5G high-speed cellular networks for more than five years now, and I couldn’t be more excited about what we can expect throughout 2020. Sure, 2019 saw a fair amount of progress in rolling out this advanced new platform. The next-gen mobile network is available in a few markets. But we have a big catalyst coming in fall 2020. Take a look

Recent Wildfires Could Mean $2B in Sales for Every 1% Market Move This Generator Company Makes

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now seeping into every aspect of our lives, from how we interact with our voice-activated digital assistants to how biopharma finds new drugs. And this year marks a major inflection point in the reach of AI, and the closely related branches of machine and deep learning. Big business is moving quickly to embrace AI to create better products at lower costs and to quickly provide valued-added data science. Take a look

An “Intelligent” Way to Play A $190 Billion Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now seeping into every aspect of our lives, from how we interact with our voice-activated digital assistants to how biopharma finds new drugs. And this year marks a major inflection point in the reach of AI, and the closely related branches of machine and deep learning. Big business is moving quickly to embrace AI to create better products at lower costs and to quickly provide valued-added data science. Take a look

Three Ways to Capitalize on Wall Street’s Hottest IPO’s

The fever is in the air again. And before things really take off for the segment I have in mind, I want to tell you straight up: With the right scenario, you can score gains of as much as 30%, 40%, 60%, or even 100% – in as quick as a day. The types of plays involved here are the kind that Wall Street insiders typically reserve for their richest, most exclusive clients. Not anymore. I’ve spent decades in Silicon Valley, surrounded by some of the biggest names in tech. And my lifetime of experience in this realm has allowed me to fine tune a three-part method that can help you get around Wall Street’s barriers to entry. This represents a chance to grab a share of what I call the “rich man’s stock market.” So I’ll show you these strategies that you can use to stake your own claim in this surging profit machine – now, and in the future. Take a look

Jump-Start Your Wealth With These 5 Tech ETFs

Right now is the hottest time to invest in tech. With patience, regular contributions, and the right investments, every investor can amass a million-dollar fortune. And ETFs are one of the best tools to help you get there. Take a look

The Silicon Valley Millionaire Plan: Five Tech Plays That Are Growing Fast – and Paying You Cash

Silicon Valley insiders like myself have long shied away from dividend plays. We’ve been focused on one thing – growth. But that’s changing, because tech’s highest flyers have built up troves of cash, and they’re facing pressure from activist investors to spend it. So now it pays to add budding tech dividend payers to your core long-term holdings. To get going, here are five fast-growing tech plays with accelerating dividends. These are the starter kit for your Silicon Valley Millionaire Plan. Take a look

The Profit-Generating Secret Wall Street Won’t Tell You About: 5 Penny Tech Stocks That Are Poised for Explosive Returns

Just about every investor should spread a small but crucial amount of their capital across a handful of highly speculative microcaps. We’re talking penny stocks. We’re talking small, highly innovative technology and biotech startups that have chosen to go the publicly traded route rather than take the venture capital road. Of course, tech microcaps – penny stocks – are riskier than large caps. And they’re more volatile. But their upside potential is exponentially greater. I want to tell you about five that should be on your radar. Take a look

Double Your Money Fast With This “Hungry” Tech Firm

Online and mobile orders are shaking up the U.S. restaurant industry. More delivery orders will soon be placed online than over the phone. Digital restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than dine-in traffic. And 79% of millennials have ordered takeout via a website or app. That’s 29% more than the 45+ population. The U.S. restaurant market is valued at around $800 billion. Even a small portion of that massive market spells big profits for an online firm that has the right kind of tech to service these restaurants. Here’s a firm that is doing just that. Take a look

The Jobless Future Is Coming: But You Can Thrive – if You Make These Three Plays

If you’re working and earning between $40,000 and $80,000 a year, you have reason to be worried. And if you make less than $20 an hour, you should be terrified. According to recent report, there’s a 1-in-3 chance that workers in that first group will be replaced by robots and AI in the next few years. And if you’re in that second group, you face 4-in-5 odds of losing that job to an automaton. These technologies may be decimating the globe’s work force, but they’re also investment opportunities. I’ve uncovered three ways you can “play” the Jobless Future to create an outrageous fortune for yourself and the generations that will follow. Take a look

Three Ways to Profit From Legalized Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a technology – one that touches on healthcare, biotech, agriculture, sensors, new kinds of lighting, and illness and disease. Medical marijuana is used to help treat cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (MS), excruciating pain, Parkinson’s disease, and migraines and chronic nausea. It’s also an investment that affords investors the chance to make meaningful money on a technology-related trend that is about to be supercharged like a top-fuel dragster. These three companies will get you started. Take a look.

The Stock Market Just Achieved Singularity…

The birth of the “Singularity Era” will go down in history as a milestone in stock market history. And most investors didn’t even notice. The entire stock market underwent a seismic shift that day – yet it’s only now that the repercussions are fully understood. It comes down to this: More wealth is about to be generated in technology than in any time in history thanks to this “singular” event. In this comprehensive report, we show you exactly what happened – and how you can turn this seismic shift into 10x gains. Click here now.

The “Trump Effect” Will Boost These 3 Tech Wealth Gems All Year Long

The market has had a blistering run since Nov. 8, but plenty of Wall Street “experts” are pessimistic about President Donald Trump’s effect on tech stocks. These folks believe that Trump’s tough trade stance and immigration policies will hurt tech. They’re wrong. Trump is going to be great for tech investors. In fact, Trump is going to do three things to make that so. And I’ve found three market-beating plays that you can “Buy” today in order to make outrageous profits off of the president’s actions. Take a look

Watch Your Income Rise Thanks to Silicon Valley’s Latest “Innovation”

Investing in tech stocks for their dividends sounds counterintuitive. After all, we invest in tech for growth and soaring share prices. But if you ignore dividends, you’re missing a big part of what’s happening with tech today. And that’s why I’ve put together this list of Tech Dividend Growers (and a “bonus” play) — five cash-rich tech firms (and a “bonus” play) with a history of strong – and sometimes spectacular – dividend growth. With them, you’ll watch your investment portfolio rise in two ways: through growth and income. Learn more here.

The “Gold of Tech” Could Become Your Best Portfolio Insurance

In uncertain markets like these, you need to stay as focused – and unemotional – as possible. One way to do that is to always have some “portfolio insurance” on hand. And as this technology becomes increasingly integrated into the world’s financial system and balloons into its own “ecosystem,” I project it could soar triple digits in the short term. So let’s investigate the “gold of tech” in my latest report. Take a look.

The Rise of the $2.6 Trillion New Internet “Dream Team”

Huge profits can be found lurking in even the murkiest of markets. Such turbulence gives you a chance to grab the best-performing stocks at beaten-down prices before the market flip-flops again. That’s why market dips are a prime opportunity for investors who know what to look for. This kind of market sleuthing led me to the rise of the New Internet “Dream Team” – a quintet of firms that dominate a market sector worth $2.6 trillion. In this report, I’ll show you why these all-stars command growing slices of e-commerce, mobile transactions and cloud computing… and why they’re great foundational plays for 2016 and beyond. Take a look.

3 Brilliant “Backdoor” Strategies for 2016’s Biggest IPOs

There’s a market that’s about to catch fire again – and that, with the right scenario, can score you gains of as much as 30%, 40%, 60% or more… in a single day. The heavyweights on Wall Street usually reserve these hefty profit plays for the wealthy elite. But that doesn’t mean you’re locked out. This “secret passageway” to the tech-stock sector’s biggest profit machine – initial public offerings – is what I call the “rich man’s market.” Find out the three IPOs to watch this year – and the three “backdoor” strategies for pursuing gargantuan IPO gains in my new free report.

These Five Biotech Stocks Will Roar Back in 2016

Since 2009, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index has soared more than 250%, outperforming the major stock-market indices by 300%+. However, biotech has dipped along with the rest of the market, taking a 22% nosedive since the start of the year. Demand for new medications isn’t going anywhere, though, so biotech is just now reaching its potential to deliver breakthrough drugs like clockwork. That means today is an incredible opportunity to buy cutting-edge biotech companies at steep discounts. So, in this brand-new free report, I’m recommending to you five revolutionary biotech companies that will make profit-generating comebacks throughout 2016. Take a look.

Forget the SpaceX IPO – We’ve Found the Only Launch Stock You Need to Invest in Right Now

Finding a well-run company with even a single catalyst in place can be very hard to do. This space profit play is poised to zoom from three separate catalysts. The company in question makes solid-rocket motors for missiles and commercial spaceflight. But that’s just the start of the story. Click here now.

The Five Tech CEOs Most Likely to Make You Rich

Rule No. 1 tells us that Great companies have great operations.” And “great operations” usually aren’t possible without a truly great CEO. That’s why we’ve created a list of the five best CEOs in tech. In fact, we’re handicapping the “best of the best” so that you can get your “Buy” orders ready. Click here now.

The “Video Everywhere” Play That Can Make You Rich

One small company is experiencing out-of-sight growth in all three of its lucrative core businesses – wearable cameras, surveillance and auto-video displays. Plus, it’s recently started producing technology for what I think will be the next huge market – unmanned aerial vehicles. Click here now.

The Million Dollar Tech Portfolio

We’re at the starting line for the greatest wealth-creation cycle the tech sector has ever seen. With patience, regular contributions – and the “right” tech stocks, of course – just about every investor has a real shot at amassing a million-dollar fortune. This special research report gives you five stocks and two other investments that will start you down the path toward a fortune of your own. Click here now.

Your Tech Wealth Blueprint

The road to wealth is paved by tech – but only if you follow this Tech Wealth Blueprint. Developed over my 30 years investing in technology, these ruled are designed to help you become a much savvier and far more profitable tech investor by letting you tap into the world’s most exciting (and fastest) moving opportunities. Let’s get started… Click here now.

Why My Apple Stock Price Prediction Was too Low

Since October 2013, I’ve been predicting that Apple’s stock will rise to a split-adjusted price of $142.85 a share by Labor Day 2016. At the time, however, I couldn’t have factored in the Apple Watch – or how successful I think it will be. What that smartwatch and at least three other catalysts are telling me is that my longstanding Apple stock price prediction is just too low. In this special report, I update that prediction – and put a date on it… Click here now.

How to Beat Choppy Markets

With the stock market in general – and tech stocks specifically – going through a turbulent stretch, these five Choppy Market Tools will help keep you from making mistakes. They’re designed to help you navigate the choppy markets we’re seeing right now. And, in the long run, they will make you wealthy. Click here now.

The Miracle Materials Play That’s Bigger Than Graphene

Folks will tell you that you can’t invest in graphene – yet. Don’t be fooled. The buzz about “Miracle Materials” has ignited a historic research wave and launched us into the “Golden Age of Materials Science.” And there’s a way to cash in. With this one stock, you could see near-term gains of as much as 105%. And wait ’til you see what’s in the forecast for the long haul. Click here now.

5 Tech ETFs You Must Buy in 2016

Most investors frequently overlook Exchange Traded Funds, or ETFs. But, little do they know that ETFs offer generous returns, high liquidity, and pinpoint exposure to the hottest sectors – such as tech. There’s nothing better than letting the fund’s managers do the heavy lifting while you sit back and watch the profits pile up. This report will give you five of the best tech ETFs to invest in today. Click here now.


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