Michael’s reports on cutting-edge high-tech generate a lot of excitement among readers. Simply put, people are fascinated by these game-changing breakthroughs and eager for Michael’s take on what they mean for investors.

Here is some of the feedback he has received at the Strategic Tech Investor, as well as for articles he has written for our sister publication Money Morning

“Just a note to let you know, I read hundreds of emails a day, many from news sources like Huffington Post and dozens of investment newsletters, some trying to sell me a subscription and some I subscribe to, but none of them provide me the forward thinking and outstanding reporting on the future of science, industry and humanity as does your reporting. I love it and hope you never stop.” ~ Jay C.

“Thanks so much for this enlightenment. I missed the first high tech opportunity and I don’t intend to lose this next opportunity.” ~ C.B.

“My wife has lost both her parents to different cancers, and I was recently diagnosed with MS. The newest treatments on a molecular level are not only the future, but it seems the future is now! I am truly glad to be a part of this Radical Change!” ~ Andrew W.

“Great advice. Already seeing profits during a tough time in the market. Thank you – sincerely thank you.” ~ A.B.

“I am fascinated [by] the SMART GLASSES that read our mood and the FLYING ROBOTS to charge devices, but what I really like is the updated information that you provide us in matter of science and technology applied to life so as the chance to invest in this stuff.” ~ Antonio M.

“I look forward to my being a part of the ERA OF RADICAL CHANGE.” ~ Walter M.

“Keep up the good work on exploring the cutting edge!” ~ David G.

“This is a great article and definitely speaks the truth! I’ve been creating 3D models specifically for 3D printers now for over three years and the prints keep getting better in quality and cheaper! I think soon the technology will be somewhere between high-end desktop laser printers and a Star Trek ‘Replicator!'” ~ G.M.

“Hi Michael, amazing to see how gaming mechanics can be applied to solving medical/scientific problems. This is truly a fascinating read here, sir.” ~ J.B.

“This on the surface sounds to be a great amount of forward thinking. I am also very interested in this outlook into the future. Thank you for making it available to people such as myself. Keep up the foresight info. It is greatly appreciated.” ~ T.W.

“Fascinating stuff – thanks for bringing to my attention. Keep up the good work.” ~ R.R.

“Thank you Mr. Robinson for such a FANTASTIC and well written article on graphene and the many uses and choices we may have with this miracle substance.” ~ K.K.

“This is a good article and will definitely help mankind. Nanotechnology has been around for some time but just now is coming into its own. The electron microscope has allowed this to happen.” ~ Jere R.

“Keep up the good work in digging up these kinds of new discoveries. Change is not only constant it’s at an amazingly faster pace than we are used too in the past the product development life cycle and replacement was more long term.” ~ Rup S.

“I think this is the kind of discovery that could make many people very wealthy as it is poised to dominate in a world of flat keyboarding.” ~ Jake M.

“This sounds like it could be a winner. New tech stuff always interesting. Thanks so much.” ~ Kathie W.

“Thank you so much for this current information. This is of great value [and] aid to a small investor.” ~ J.D.H.

“We need more people like you on the planet – keep up the incredible research you are doing – make it happen. My glass is always half full.” ~Calvin M.

“I really love your articles, the simplicity of your explanations and your recognition of the progress and development of intricate components that will change the world, improving health, education and the lifestyles of everybody… The Era of Radical Change is what all Americans need to embrace before it is too late.” ~ Charles M.

“Most interesting news I have read for a long time.” ~ Michael C.

“This is like getting told that all that science fiction that I ‘wasted’ my time on, was not so ‘farfetched’ after all.” ~ David

“I’m a member of the The Futurist Society, and I haven’t seen them uncover anything like your two brain advancement posts.” ~ Alfredo C.

“Fascinating! There is no limit, is there?” ~ David M.

“Excellent and mind boggling articles. Thank you.” ~ Jeff D.

“Your articles are without doubt a source of inspiration and I look forward in anticipation of reading what the movers and shakers of the USA have to say and what they are achieving.” ~ Charles M.

Your column is absolutely fascinating. It makes me dream, and feel hope. ~ Elizabeth R.

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17 Responses to Raves

  1. frank senner says:

    i have been a subscriber to this newsletter for a short period of time.i enjoy the information.keep it coming.

    thank you!

  2. Terry Larain says:

    I look forward to making a comfortable
    Amount. I am a ddisabled combat veteran and look forward to hopefully be able to enjoy what time I have leaft.
    ..Terry Laurain

  3. William Patalon III says:

    Dear Terry:

    I know that I speak for everyone here at Money Map Press when I say how grateful we are for what you did for us, and for this country.

    We will do our best in the work we do each day here to provide the information and insights to help you achieve your goals.

    Very respectfully yours;

    William Patalon III
    Executive Editor
    Money Map Press

  4. Linda Winterroth says:

    I am widow I have SS retirement……and looking for share purchases under $100 that I could invest in regularly that will help cushion my income. I am not real knowledgeable of investment process ….but appreciate insight I read from your publications. Just need guiding hand & advise on how to,proceed.

    Thank you
    Linda W

  5. La Tanya H. says:

    Hello this Sunday morning on Gods Glorious day, I am a very ill woman, had to stop working because of the many illnesses rare Cancers, Lupus, Kidney failure, Asthma and Arthritis but I look at it as a test for the testimony of my next stage of life. I am a single parent with one Son, who wants to open his own business, and grow as a Music Composer. I have been Ill for 8 yrs. am Disable cannot work so I need to invest in several ventures so I can help my son out, see a new day for me, and give back to people doing worse off than I am… Thank you for me to be able to share my story today, God Bless you for doing a good thing for us regular people that want to have financial freedom too….

  6. Micky Jay Bannon says:

    Im a lill behind the times im 45 will be 46 January 4th. Havent had a bank account or credit cards in 25 years. Been bidding my time waitting for this extraordinary and most beautiful opportunity. For with having your insight and compaction. I am enthralled in the future prospecting friendship you have gracefully allowed to Grow.
    Thank you. Micky B.

  7. Jacquelyn StumneJohnson says:

    I would like to make an investment preferably in the marijuana rising stocks, if someone could lead me to the correct person/broker that would work with a disabled 50yr woman living on 750.00 a month on social security disability.
    I have four children for grandchildren, I have nothing too give them for a good future. I haven’t had a bank accounts or credit cards in over 15 years.
    Anyone that could help get me get set up, please do so.

    Thank you

    Jacquelyn S-J

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