Five Cannabis Catalysts That Could Send This Play Soaring

3 | By Michael A. Robinson

The other day, fresh powder was falling on my favorite local ski resort near Lake Tahoe, so naturally I headed for the slopes.

Skiing is great exercise, and it helps clear my mind from the distractions that come with closely following the tech and cannabis sectors. It keeps me focused on what’s really important – making money every day for my readers and subscribers.

But sure enough, even on the slopes, it’s hard for me to escape… what’s on the horizon for the cannabis industry and cannabis stocks this year.

Let me explain.

See, on my latest trip, I wound up riding the chairlift with a guy who works in cannabis compliance. He told me how a firm he was working with had to destroy millions in cannabis product because it didn’t comply with the state’s onerous regulations.

Our conversation was cut short when the lift ended, and I lost track of him that day, but this guy’s story brought home my point about California’s shaky cannabis rollout, and how this over-regulation needs fixing for it to really take off.

When we spoke on Jan. 15, I told you how I believe California’s market will be at least 50% larger than all of Canada’s, after the state improves some of the regulations that have caused a lot of headache and lost revenue.

Sure enough, it looks like state lawmakers are moving fast to provide better banking and tax rules for California’s cannabis industry.

That’s great news for cannabis investors. But there’s a whole lot more going on in the states outside of California, too.

And all of this legalization activity presents a great opportunity to get in on a sector that’s set to soar…

Let me show you

The “Hidden” Way to Play Boeing’s $6.1 Trillion Pipeline

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Once again, I was right and Wall Street was dead wrong.

Here’s the thing. On Nov. 27, I told you to ignore the Street’s downbeat feelings about The Boeing Co. (NYSE:BA).

At the time, analysts and the media were worried about the impact of a fatal crash involving the Indonesian service, Lion Air, that killed 189 people would have on Boeing.

No, I was in no way, shape or form making light of that tragic crash involving one of the firm’s iconic 737s, an industry workhorse. I noted the aerospace juggernaut had just received a post-crash order for more 737s worth a stunning a $5.9 billion.

And I went on to predict that Boeing’s stock was set for a nice rebound. Since that time, shares are back up nearly 22% – or more than 20 times that of the S&P 500 during the period.

The purpose of my note today isn’t to brag – well, maybe just a little bit -but to give you some more good news.

I have uncovered a hidden way to play Boeing’s breakout with a key supplier that also is set to crush the market…

You’re going to want to see this