The Coronavirus is Making This a Market for Cautious Moves

0 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

With the coronavirus pushing down the market, big leaders and some of the most promising names in tech are on sale for a bargain, but this is no time to jump in headfirst. The market is panicking, whether the virus is severe enough to justify it or not, and it’s too soon to tell where the bottom might be. This is the time for cautious plays and keeping an eye on the best stocks in tech and semiconductors, as leading chipmakers are still managing to make some daily gains. Excellent tech products still have a solid case for upside once this market pressure has passed. Click here to watch.

Catch A Ride to 300% Gain Potential with NVDA

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on February 25, I noted how important it is to go behind the headlines if you want to score big gains on the wealth machine that is high tech.

Indeed, it’s so important that I have made it Rule No. 2 of my five-part system for finding market-crushing tech stocks.

That rule says to “separate the signal from the noise.” And it really comes into play with a great stock like NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA).

The fact is, for years Wall Street and the media wrote this company off as nothing more than a play on computer gaming.

But the reason the stock has racked up amazing gains approaching 20,000% is because this company is so much more dynamic than that.

Its robust, high-speed chips are finding their ways into advanced autos, AI, and more.

Today, I want to cite a couple of examples where Nvidia is pushing the performance envelope and show you why it offers 300% gains in just the next five years

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