Two Big Tech Opportunities While Congress Scrutinizes

0 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

The fear among tech investors – regarding the FANGs, in particular – is ramping up now that the House Committee received bipartisan support in seeking information from Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple execs. The Nasdaq is down 0.23% in the past five days, and millions of investors are worried that the FANG run is over – but you shouldn’t be. Michael lets you in on two huge opportunities that are down right now but won’t be for long. Plus, one of them could run to $3,000 a share within 36 months. Click here to watch.

The Long-Haul Tech Play That’ll Help Grow Your Portfolio During This Market Roller Coaster

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

My daughter Jordan and her boyfriend just returned from a weekend on the California coast.

They stopped at one of our favorite locations, the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. We’ve gone there many times to take in the beautiful scenery, sample “cuisine” (like deep-fried Twinkies), and enjoy the rides.

And that means hitting the roller coaster.

I bring that up today because many investors feel that’s exactly where the market is taking them right now.

For many, looking at a chart of the S&P 500 of late gives them a very topsy-turvy feeling – to say the least.

This explains why I get the same question a lot these days. It goes like this: if there was one tech stock you’d never sell, what would it be?

For me, the answer is easy.

The one I have in mind is a great long-term play as well as a terrific place to park your cash – should you get stopped out of one of your favorite stocks amidst the volatility.

With $39 trillion in wealth up for grabs, this one beats the broad market by 65% over the long haul

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