Apple’s Latest iPhone Would Be Nothing Without This Silent Partner

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Few seasoned “pros” on Wall Street would make the connection between radio frequency chips and coronavirus testing gear.

After all, these specialized chips help smartphones connect to the wireless Web and cellular networks.

This is where it pays to follow someone like me who knows how to score massive gains on tech gems hiding in plain sight.

And that is exactly what we’re going to do with this chip firm more widely known as a key Apple Inc. supplier.

Indeed, this is a great “twofer” getting exactly zero buzz from Big Media.

First, we profit from the smash success Apple is enjoying with its highly regarded iPhone 12. That gives us an inside edge on the $715 billion smartphone market.

Second, we make money on the $176 billion global medical testing sector with a strong coronavirus hook.

It’s no wonder that this savvy chip leader just improved its earnings by 300%.

Let me show you why that’s just the beginning…

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