How to Hack the Russian Hacks

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Nowadays, it seems like everytime you open a newspaper, there’s another major cyber attack.

When JBS, the world’s largest meat packer, fell victim to a massive ransomware hack the White House confirmed it was courtesy of our “good friends” in Russia. With its computer networks under assault, JBS was forced to shut down its five largest beef processing plants, hurting food supplies.

This hack was just one of the many examples of recent “ransomware” attacks -whereby hackers breach a victim’s computers, encrypt them so the victim can’t access their files, and then demand a ransom payment to reverse the encryption. What’s more, Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) said Russian hackers have staged cyberattacks on more than 150 government agencies and other organizations around the world.

And who could possibly forget the Colonial Pipeline attack from early May. Colonial carries 45% of the East Coast’s fuel supply, so when Russian-based hackers from the DarkSide criminal group forced the company to close the system down, there was panic buying of gasoline across the East Coast.

Keeping track of the major hacks can just about make your head spin. It’s no wonder the cyber security sector is growing at more than 10% a year and is worth $180 billion.

Let me show you just how indispensable, and potentially profitable, this company really is…

Navigating the Summer IPO Hype

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

No matter how tempting it might seem. Tech investors need to avoid making a huge mistake this summer.

We are anticipating a steady wave of IPO news over the next several months. You can expect Wall Street’s hype machine to be backing them in full force, but falling for the hoopla could lose you a lot of money.

Wall Street bankers note that firms going public in the US could bring in a cool $40 billion -a remarkable record for the summer months.

Let me explain. If you’ve followed along with me for even a short time then you know I generally tell retail investors to avoid initial public offerings (IPOs) at the open and I stand by that.

Fortunately, I have identified a unique leader with deep expertise in financing Silicon Valley startups that later go public.

We’re talking 30,000 pre-IPO firms to date with more on the way and the company just reported a 293% earnings gain.

Let me show you why this is a great way to invest in new tech firms with a stock set to have a big run…

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