The 2 5G Tech Stocks to Buy Now That Huawei Is Banned Across the Globe

0 | By Alex Kagin

U.S.-Chinese tensions have run high ever since Trump laid out plans to counter unfair trade practices from China in 2016.

These tensions have rippled across almost every industry, but almost none as prevalent as in the telecom industry. This is a war against Chinese company Huawei, the world’s largest provider of telecommunications equipment and a leader in next-generation 5G technology.

Now, this is not exactly a new conflict with Huawei, but this could be the biggest one yet as one of the largest telecom equipment upgrades in history is taking place right now with 5G. Taking a step back, issues with Huawei go all the way back to 2003, when Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) sued the company over theft of its technology. This was over several patents, which Cisco eventually won.

Here are just a few of the conflicts over the years:

2004: Huawei employee caught spying at a trade show.

2008: Leaked documents show Huawei secretly helped North Korea build its wireless network.

2009: Accused of corporate espionage after Huawei employee tries to extract data from an Indonesian mobile operator.

2012-2017: Huawei-installed technology at African Union headquarters was reportedly hacked for five years.

I think you get the picture. It’s no wonder the United States, and now the rest of the world, is looking to cut Huawei out of its telecom networks.

The United States officially banned Huawei when Trump signed an executive order in May 2019, and now this week, the United Kingdom has followed suit and banned Huawei from its 5G networks. On top of that, London is calling for the removal of all Huawei equipment by 2027. The United States and UK are not the only two countries that have banned Huawei either. Dozens of others have also done so, including Telecom Italia excluding Huawei from bidding on its 5G network project in Brazil.

But this isn’t just geopolitical hardball. It’s an opportunity for investors.

5G is one of the biggest tech investing opportunities you’ll ever see, and one of the leading companies is being barred from the biggest markets in the world.

And the companies that step in to fill that void could have explosive upside

You Can Cover Virtually Every High-Tech Breakthrough On The Market With Just This One Investment

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Pandemic or not, I’m doing my part to keep the chip industry healthy.

See, I just bought three dozen semiconductors.

And I don’t meant shares in chip companies.

To be more energy-efficient, I bought a bunch of semiconductors disguised as lightbulbs.

Let me explain: I bought LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes. These are tiny semiconductors that emit light when electrical current flows through them.

They’re used in TV remotes, monitors, smartphones, and of course, lightbulbs. They use a fraction of the juice that conventional lightbulbs do.

Grand View Research say the global LED lighting market alone is set to grow by 13.4% annually from $54 billion last year until it reaches $127 billion in 2027.

As impressive as that sounds, that’s still just a small part of the $430 billion chip sector.

And today I want to show you why the industry is doing well at a tough time and reveal a market-beating way to play this vital industry…

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