A Financial Crisis Is Looming – Here’s How to Protect Your Wealth

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’m an innovation addict.

And that’s why here – each and every week – I try to bring you the newest of the new.

I’m talking about the innovations that are disrupting existing markets, industries, and technologies and producing something new and more efficient… something better.

That’s where the biggest gains will be now – and well into the future. Like cryptocurrencies, the medtech and fintech advances that are changing those industries forever, legal cannabis, and the new technologies that are fueling the need for a U.S. Space Force.

These are the innovations that move forward at blazing speed, leaving overnight millionaires in their path.

But in today’s report, we’re switching gears and talking about a huge “old economy” problem.

Big Investment Could Solve Cannabis Banking Issue

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Wall Street is waking up to the fact that legal cannabis is quickly going mainstream.


After all, a $3.8 billion investment is the kind of move that makes big waves.

Of course, this is something we’ve been talking about for close to two years. And by being way ahead of the curve, you folks and my Nova-X Report members have had the chance to score some pretty sizzling gains.

Now then, there’s no question the Aug. 15 news that Constellation Brands Inc. (NYSE: STZ) is spending close to $4 billion to take a 38% stake in the Canadian cannabis firm Canopy Growth Corp. (Nasdaq: CGC) was a game changer.

Many cannabis stocks have rallied on the news – and I hope you were in on some of that.

But there’s an element to the deal that almost no one else is taking about.

You see, I think this mega investment marks the beginning of whole new financial trend.

One that will mean big bucks for cannabis investors.

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