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Now Is the Time to Be Selective in Tech

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

This month has been a rough time for tech, thanks to market pressures stemming from fear of inflation. But that doesn’t change my fundamental outlook. The bottom line is, if you want to make money, you need to be invested in tech because America needs tech to keep on running. Continue reading

This Proven 1,000% Winner Still Has Plenty of Upside Ahead

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I regularly pound the table regarding two main themes – the road to wealth is paved with tech and it’s important to take the long view.

And both those factors clearly played a huge role in a stock that has gone up by more than 1,000% since I first talked about it on May 31, 2013.

See, as that chat shows, I was way out in front of the pack when it comes to that big call.

The thing is, I can look ahead to see which investments are going to absolutely crush the market because of one of my biggest rules of tech investing, “ride the unstoppable trends.”

And on that day, I claimed that cloud computing was in for a massive uptrend. And if anything, I was too conservative. I mentioned a report that same week that cloud computing would reach $241 billion in 2020.

Instead, Market Data Forecast claims that the sector grew to $371.4 billion.

And now, you may recall that field is expected to pull off an encore, and more than double to $832.1 billion in the next five years.

I also told you of a legacy software firm that was using the cloud to add recurring high-margin sales.

Let me show you why there’s still so much upside ahead

To Be Ready for 2021, You’ll Need A Plan for Your Investments

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

There might not be any way to plan for a global pandemic and its resulting financial panic, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay off big time to plan ahead, even in times like these.

And going forward without a plan means risking letting huge opportunities to score massive profits pass you by.

For example, anyone who didn’t have an investment plan in place this year likely ended up freaking out along with millions of other investors, lurching from crisis to crisis and making a series of bad financial decisions.

Just as bad, they even ran the risk of sitting on the sidelines confused as the market came roaring back.

Consider that just investing in the S&P 500 when it rebounded last March 23 was enough to make 65% returns in nine months.

And that’s why today, in the first of two parts to set you up for a profitable 2021, I m going to show you how to plan ahead, to give yourself the best possible chance of avoiding these pitfalls.

If you follow my lead here you can crush the market’s historic returns with breakout tech leaders.

Let me show you what I mean…

Tech Growth and Dividends Together Aren’t Impossible Anymore – Here’s how You Get Them Both

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Tuesday, I showed you that tech is one of the very best places to find great dividends.

Here’s the thing; These are not your traditional dividend payers from years gone by. They’re an example of a new trend that we’re seeing in action right now.

I still firmly believe that the road to wealth is paid with tech.

Not with staid dividend stocks, but with bona fide growth leaders. See, even ten years ago tech darlings put all their money into growing faster, leaving nothing to pay a dividend with.

Today’s tech world looks very different.
It’s all because of the digital economy. This new dynamic has created earnings giants that make so much cash, they can easily invest in the next round of growth – and still pay a nice dividend to shareholders.

You may recall that in our last chat, I showed you three tech stocks that offered appreciation and yield.

Today, I want to follow up with the flip side of this investing coin.

It’s a way to cash in on all the great tech dividend players in one fell swoop…

5G Is the Foundation of A New Digital Economy – And This Firm Is The Foundation of 5G

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

The Trump administration is doubling down on its drive to become a 5G global powerhouse.

Just last month, the Pentagon asked for firms to help with a new approach that would blend civilian and military capabilities for the new ultrafast broadband cellular system.

It’s a novel approach in which the Pentagon would allow private companies to build up 5G capabilities using parts of the wireless spectrum usually reserved for the military.

Here’s the thing; this dual-use structure would allow companies to access the system without the need to invest billions in bidding for wireless licenses at auction.

As such, it could be a big help in the rollout of connected cars, factories, and hospitals using the next-gen network.

And it comes just six months after the president signed a pair of bills into law designed to boost and secure 5G networks throughout the nation.

I believe those laws and the Pentagon’s involvement actually improve the prospects of this breakout technology that began rolling out in earnest earlier this year.

With that in mind, today I want to reveal a great backend play

It’s a storied firm set to double its earnings in less than 2.5 years…

TV Is Dead, Long Live Connected TV (Part 1): The Leading Streaming Stock

0 | By Alex Kagin

Please join us for a three-part series on the connected TV market. While cable has been bleeding customers for years, dozens of companies have set their eyes on this market. Money Morning is here to share with you a series on the development of this market and which companies are set to capitalize on the opportunity.

Ten years ago, when I would come home from work, the first thing I did was flip on the TV. Today, my routine isn’t much different – and odds are, yours isn’t either.

The Secret Tech Behind Apple Is Making A Historic $40 Billion Deal – And You Have the Chance to Cash in On It

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Just two weeks ago, a deal was struck that has the potential to totally reshape a key tech sector. The most important tech company that nobody has ever heard of is joining forces with one of the fastest growing firms in the sector.

To get an idea of just how important this unknown player is, you probably use their tech every day before you even have breakfast in the device you use to set your alarm, and the internet router you use to check the morning news.

The brand defining devices made by Apple Inc. (AAPL) all rely on this company’s tech. That’s why this deal is going to change the entire tech sector.

How the tech works is complicated, but how they can make you money isn’t.

At $40 billion dollars, it’s the biggest deal of its kind to ever be struck, and it could mean a fortune for the investors who get involved before it gets completely priced in…

This Cutting Edge Healthcare Design Tech Is Saving Lives – And It Could Make You A Fortune

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Chris Giattina is working with a top-flight software platform to transform the nation’s $3.6 trillion healthcare system.

And no, he’s not pioneering a breakthrough in genetics a or cutting-edge new drug.

His approach is a bit more basic. But in these COVID challenging times, his work is very important, not to mention profitable for savvy tech investors who know where to look.

Here’s the thing. Giattina is the CEO of BLOX, which is focusing heavily on making modular medical facilities.

Using its unique approach to construction, BLOX can have a 16-bed isolation unit ready for patient use in as little as a week.

That could prove a huge benefit in the continuing war on COVID. See, some cities and towns have found themselves short of medical facilities when there is a spike in new cases.

Given that BLOX is privately held, there is no direct way to invest in this disruptive tech, but you still have the chance to make money off of their disruptive building tech.

I have uncovered a storied software firm that made BLOX’s mission possible and is set to double its earnings in 18 months…

You Could Buy the Biggest IPO in History, But You Could Make More Money Doing This

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

I get the appeal of IPOs. Who wouldn’t want to say they invested Inc. (AMZN) or Apple Inc. (APPL) when they first went public?

Well, over the next few months, there’s going to be a lot of hype about Ant Group, which if it hits analysts” expectations, could be the biggest IPO ever at $30 billion.

Of course, there’s a catch – shares will be listed in Hong Kong and Shanghai, making the Ant IPO out of reach for most U.S. investors.

However, I have a way to own shares of Ant without having to set up an international brokerage account or paying excessive fees to invest in foreign stocks.

Best of all, it’s a move you can make BEFORE the IPO.

And right now, I want to show you how Ant is going to make owners of this backdoor investment a lot of money…