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Michael Sees Market Under Pressure If This Happens in Upcoming Elections

3 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Midterm elections are coming up in a couple of weeks, and the potential for shifts in the power dynamics in Washington D.C. has investors pondering what’s in store for the market over the near term.

On Fox Business’s Varney & Co. today, Michael discusses what he thinks will happen if the Democrats take back the House of Representatives from the Republicans, and how it will impact growth stocks in particular. Michael also opines about where he thinks big tech is headed, which firms can weather potential volatility, and what should be done with Tesla’s Elon Musk following his recent interactions with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Click here to watch.

Apple $1 Trillion: Michael Saw This Day Coming

1 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) made history today following the release of its latest earnings report, subsequent bump in stock price, and becoming the first American public company ever to reach a $1 trillion market cap. A little more than three years ago, Michael was one of the first to predict Apple would reach such status. So he headed to Fox Business’ Cavuto: Coast to Coast to take a victory lap. The discussion turned quickly to technology’s role in the economy – and whether tech stocks have room to run after these latest heights. Michael also pushed back against some of the other guests in the evolving discussion on how tech impacts worker productivity and, ultimately, stock profitability. Click here to watch.

Michael Just Revealed His Two Best Tech Buys

2 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

The Trump administration just killed the Broadcom Ltd. (Nasdaq: AVGO)-Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) deal – which would have been the largest tech merger ever.

You might think Michael’s best “Buy” in the tech space right now is one or both of those chip giants now that the dust has settled. Instead, his thoughts have turned to the Chinese steel tariffs – and finding companies insulated from the resulting fallout.

After doing his research, he’s turned up two American cloud-based software companies whose products are “immune from all that.” Both keep on reporting higher and higher earnings – and, Michael says, “have a long runway for share-price growth.”

Michael revealed these two picks – his best tech “Buys” right now – last night on CNBC’s Street Signs

Click here to watch.

Three Reasons to “Buy” Microsoft

1 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Are there any “safe” stocks to buy in this volatile atmosphere? Of course there is. And Michael shared a few recently on Chuck Jaffe’s Money Life podcast. We think Michael surprised Chuck with a few of the reasons he likes Microsoft Corp. What do you think?

During their conversation, they went deep on the trading system we use here and at Michael’s premium services. And he did a “speed round” on a few stocks Chuck served up for him… Does Michael “like” Sturm Ruger & Co. following the recent school shooting? Just click here.

Direct From Legal Cannabis’ Ground Zero

13 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

On Friday, Feb. 2, Michael and his team attended the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco in order to investigate the current state of legal marijuana – and what’s on the horizon. There are a ton of new ideas out there. The growers and dispensaries/retailers – the “pure plays” – were literally the least of it. The amount of startups with new technologies and services for legal cannabis companies on the conference floor seemed limitless. We lost track of how many entrepreneurs and budding CEOs Michael got to talk to. Frankly, it was dizzying.

Plus, we checked out plenty of biotech companies developing medicinal marijuana treatments, chatted with state officials helping companies set up their licenses, and visited all kinds of firms displaying their cannabis-infused “edibles” and “topicals” – i.e., foods and skin-care products.

It’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs are getting into this space… If the forecasts Michael trusts are correct, the North American legal cannabis market is going to grow by 26% annually through 2021. And the industry will be generating almost $22 billion in sales by 2021 – triple what it did in 2016. You can’t ignore that kind of growth. To us, getting in on cannabis now is like getting in on Silicon Valley… in 1965. Michael tells you more about that in the video. Click here to watch.

“This Is Not Your Grandfather’s…”

1 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

It just reported nothing short of a blowout quarter. In fact, it’s on pace to have its best fiscal year profit in its 77-year history. It’s doing great in all its major markets, including sensors, mobile games, and video-game consoles. It’s got a topnotch facial ID platform for smartphones. And its 12-megapixel camera offers near-professional quality portraits and works with one of the world’s top augmented-reality systems.

No, I’m not talking about one of Silicon Valley’s shining stars – or any of the so-called FANG stocks. Instead, it’s one of the “granddaddies” of high tech. I just got through talking about this company, tech company earnings in general, and the Bitcoin Hard Fork on CNBC World.

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What the New Phones Mean for Your GOOGL Shares

6 | By Michael A. Robinson

The folks at Google did a press event yesterday in San Francisco in order to announce their latest hardware: new Pixel smartphones, upgraded laptops, a bunch of smart-home products, and even AI-powered wearable cameras. (Those were… odd.)

But will any of it “move the needle” for shares of Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOGL)? That’s doubtful, I told the CNBC World audience last night. That’s because, as I said, “Google is not a hardware company.”

So if Google is not attempting to take on smartphone makers like Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (OTC: SSNLF), what is it up to here?

To find out what I think, check out my latest appearance on CNBC World

What to Do Now After Apple’s Big Announcements

3 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Western Digital’s late bid on Toshiba’s chip unit complicates the already troubled former electronics giant just ahead of a key shareholders’ meeting. Even with a sale, Toshiba might not remain solvent into 2019. Its operations, turnaround plan, and very identity going forward remain unconvincing.

Can Rising eBay Actually Deliver to Shareholders?

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

On the surface, eBay Inc. seems to be flying again with 25% stock gains so far this year and 171 million registered users behind it. But should investors buy on eBay now? Our own Michael A. Robinson talks to CNBC‘s The Rundown about whether it actually has a plan to execute on the expectations that drove the stock price rise or to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime.

New Bid on Toshiba Chip Unit Puts Heat on Management

1 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Western Digital’s late bid on Toshiba’s chip unit complicates the already troubled former electronics giant just ahead of a key shareholders’ meeting. Even with a sale, Toshiba might not remain solvent into 2019. Its operations, turnaround plan, and very identity going forward remain unconvincing.