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Live Market Expertise You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Technology paves the road to wealth, which is why I want to make sure you know how to make incredible profits through the tech sector:

The folks at Money Morning, where I serve as the Defense + Tech Specialist, recently shared some of my insights on how to do just that:

This Stock Can Grow Your Wealth – And Virtually Ignore the Coronavirus

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I want to start today’s chat with a question that is on the minds of millions of investors.

It’s particularly pressing for anyone over 50 or for those planning their retirement portfolios.

See, financial planners will tell their clients they should have some money in fixed income securities – and the closer to retirement the more of it.

Which brings us back round to investing’s existential question: how do you earn any meaningful bond yields in a zero-interest market?

Fortunately, I have the answer. And as you might imagine, it comes from the wealth-creating tech sector.

The firm I have in mind has quietly become a major player in electronic bond trading. Don’t scoff. Volume for this firm rose nearly 51% in March to $916.6 billion.

Not only that, but did I mention the stock is trading well above its price the day the stock market tanked with the coronavirus correction?

Let me show why the stock is set to double from here and should at least be on your wealth-building watchlist

Ten More Smart Investing Tools for a Coronavirus-Driven Market

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I want to share an anecdote with you today that may seem a bit sarcastic at first.

Please don’t let me be misunderstood. I’m in no way making light of the coronavirus correction that has slammed the stock market.

It’s just that this story speaks volumes about the need for investors to take these things in stride and focus on the long haul.

It has to do with the day the stock market crashed back in October 1987.

Known as “Black Monday,” October 19th saw the bellwether Dow lose 22.6% of its value in a single day.

At the time, I was a banking-technology analyst working in San Francisco’s financial district. My boss called me from New York after the market closed to talk about the impact of the Dow’s plunge.

“This is huge,” he told me. “It’s Kaboom…”

I said to him, “Hey, this is great news. They’re having a sale on Wall Street.”

Yes I know the current panic is bound to slow the economy as we see travel restricted, events canceled and businesses temporarily closing.

But as I look out over the horizon, I see reasons to be optimistic.

And today I want to walk you through why I say that and share 10 tips and tricks to get you through the current crisis

Three Safer-Investing Tools for a Coronavirus-Driven Market

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on Tuesday, I told you how to profit from the Corona Correction with a long-term play on China’s massive Web sector.

I noted that with the market in a correction, now is a good time to begin building a position in the Emerging Markets Internet and Ecommerce ETF (EMQQ).

In other words, I’m suggesting that investors turn the market’s weakness to their advantage by investing in the massive Web sector covering emerging economies.

Today, I want to address some of the concerns investors may have about how to deal with the overall market.

It’s easy to see why. With the global coronavirus panic hitting investments across the board, investors clearly need a set of tools to help them deal with this new volatility.

Last Monday, the market’s circuit breaker kicked in to halt trading for the first time since 1997. The very next day the S&P 500 rocked it with a roughly 5% gain.

And then on Wednesday, we entered a bear market, which is a 20% decline from the previous high.

With that in mind, today I want to reveal three tools every investor can use to manage the corona correction’s volatility

The Breakthrough Investment That Could Turn Your Pocket Change into Millions

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

For the past week, I’ve been telling you about a special new research project that I’ve been working on. It’s all about one of the best performing asset classes in history, one that’s turned broke college students into millionaires and has the potential to turn its next wave of big investors into billionaires.

It’s an asset that has grown almost 460,000,000% in less than a decade.

I’m talking about Bitcoin.

But all that growth, all the wealth it’s created since its inception in 2009 could pale in comparison to what I see coming for 2020.

I believe that this revolutionary asset is poised to create overwhelming gains again.

And that’s for a few reasons

A Holiday Heads-up From Michael Robinson

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Trading volume is going to be thin today, due to the holiday, so I wanted to take this chance to say that I I am thankful for the support of my team and more importantly you the reader. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

I’ll still be keeping one eye on the market today, watching for key developments. I’ll be back next week to report on what I’ve noticed, and give my recommendations as the market heads into the final month of this year

Five Rules for Scoring Gains While Wall Street’s Stuck on Trade War News

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

There’s a memo going around Wall Street.

It says to stay away from investing in Chinese stocks during our trade battles with that nation.

It’s a good thing that someone forgot to give Daniel Zhang a copy.

Here’s the thing. While tariffs the U.S. imposed on some Chinese goods have slowed factory output over there, that has hardly filtered down to the nation’s thriving Web sector.

And that’s where Zhang is really shining right now. He’s the CEO of Internet giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (BABA) and just pulled off a remarkable coup.

In the first hour of the firm’s recent Single’s Day shopping bonanza Nov. 11, it brought in $13 billion. No, that’s not a misprint. Alibaba sold more goods in 60 minutes than hundreds of U.S. firms do in a year.

By contrast, that’s roughly 80% of what Inc. (AMZN) pulled in last quarter.

With that in mind, today I going to reveal five reasons why this stock will continue to beat the broad U.S. market by more than 30% a year

Know Thyself: Knowing Your “Investor Personality” Could Be the Key to Your Fortune

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

In Plato’s Republic, protagonist Socrates takes the Delphic aphorism “Know Thyself” as his personal motto.

It’s a great motto … especially for investors.

As a market veteran of many years, I can tell you that this is one of the biggest weaknesses most investors have.

They don’t know themselves …

I watch as folks take losses and miss out on profits – mistakes they could have easily avoided if they’d only taken the time to know their investing personalities just a little bit better.

So today I want to demonstrate how to transform yourself into the “Socrates of High-Tech Investing.”

It’s easier than you’d think

My Top Three Recommendations for New Investors

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

My “dad vibe” must be working overtime these days.

And that’s got me thinking maybe my “chance” conversations with a number of young adults lately is a sign of the times.

Let me explain.

As I’ve been going about my routines in the past, I’ve run into a lot of young people who want to get started in investing, but have no clue how to do so.

I’m talking about folks my daughters’ age who are earning some income and want to invest, but just don’t know where to start.

For instance, once, while skiing at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe, I chatted with three young adults who jumped at the chance to get my advice about investing.

I guess that’s where the dad vibe comes into play…. I told them about a surefire way to make the market work for them as though I were talking to my own daughters.

And it just so happens that this investment advice is good for newcomers and old, particularly investors who’ve been reluctant to jump in when market conditions are so volatile.

That’s why today, I’m going to show you not just the one “starter” investment vehicle I suggest for young adults that can set you on the right track…

But I’m going to recommend three other tech-centric ways to jump start your portfolio right now…

Check it out