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These Tech Plays Are “Ready for Prime Time” in 2017

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Technology will be the one sector of the economy you can count on for high growth in 2017.

That may sound hard to believe, because tech slightly lagged the broader stock market through the first 11.5 months of 2016. But that was largely because life sciences fizzled.

But tech stocks are going to resume their leadership position in 2017.

Therefore, if you’re one of the millions of Americans trying to put together enough money for a stress-free retirement, technology is where your focus should be.

In this wide-randing interview with Money Morning Executive Editor William Patalon III, I lay out my “case” for tech’s resurgence, talk about the surprising benefits incoming U.S. President Donald Trump will have on American innovators, and outline a strategy for maximizing high-tech profits in 2017.

Here’s that talk…

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Wall Street Is Terrified You’ll Discover These Three Profit Secrets

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

We credit Sir Francis Bacon with the truism that “knowledge is power.”

And the English philosopher and statesman came up with this aphorism centuries before Wall Street was even conceived.

But the brokers, fund managers, and other pros who dreamed up the investment markets embraced Bacon’s maxim when they launched the first U.S. stock exchange in 1790 – and spent the next two centuries transforming this country’s individual investors into scared vassals of the Wall Street elite.

In other words, knowledge isn’t just power: It also represents profits… even wealth.

I see this play out on every day thanks to the endless streams of impenetrable reports that come from the bankers in New York or our elected leaders in Washington. Most of these are just claptrap – mind-numbing clutter – designed to maintain the very-one-sided status quo.

I’m telling you about this for a very specific reason: Thanks to the 30 years I’ve spent watching and working with Silicon Valley companies, I long ago “cracked the code” that gives Wall Street so much power over most retail investors.

By that I mean I’ve identified the three specific economic reports that matter – and I’ve deciphered what they mean.

And today I’m going to give direct access to that “knowledge.”

America Will Always Be Great – and This Proves It

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

After Sunday night’s presidential debate, I was disheartened.

Donald Trump was – as he himself would put it – a disaster.

And Hillary Clinton shimmied and pivoted and deflected all night long to try and avoid looking like what she plainly is – a garden-variety corrupt-to-the-gills politician.

Money-in-the-road.I wish I could just be cynical and say it was Washington politics as usual – but really, this felt a lot worse than that.

So afterword, I did the only thing that seems to make sense right now.

I went back to work finding great tech stocks and funds for you folks – the kinds of investments that will truly put you on the Road to Wealth.

That lifted my spirits – and I thank you for that.

In fact, my investigation showed me why America will always be great – never mind the morass we may now find ourselves in.

Better yet, my fact-finding mission led me to a wealth-building opportunity that proves my point.

Take a look…

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Now It’s Your Turn

43 | By Michael A. Robinson

This is just a quick note to let you know that I’m still at work on the big project I mentioned earlier this week.

I’m putting this special series together because I’ve done a great deal of research about a specific technology – and that research has revealed that this breakout tech threatens the livelihoods and fortunes of a huge chunk of humanity.

That may sound scary.

However, that same research has also revealed ways that tech investors can protect themselves and their families from this dire threat – and to build even more wealth.

I’ll be back next week with the start of this series.

But in the meantime, I need some help from you, the members of the Strategic Tech Investor family.

Take a look…

The High-Tech “Portfolio Insurance” Opportunity Most Americans Are Missing

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Investors who live in a “five-day” world have a mighty short collective memory. In the markets, a month might as well be a century.

Certainly no one in the financial media is looking back to June 24, 2016, anymore. But as you’ll see, that could be a costly mistake.

That’s the day after the United Kingdom’s historic European Union membership referendum ended in a shock “Leave” result. It was also the day global markets plunged by more than 5%, wiping out trillions in wealth, and sending the pound sterling to multi-decade lows.

Then again, because U.S. markets have gone on a historic rocket ride in the weeks since, it’s understandable that investors have “forgotten” the Brexit’s initial shock and moved on.

Now that might be okay… if only for the fact that the U.K. hasn’t actually done anything yet. And there are ominous signs that things could get downright ugly as the day it actually leaves the EU approaches. It has the potential to make the Brexit vote shock look tame by comparison.

That means there’s plenty of time (and upside) left in the “high-tech gold” defense maneuver I’m about to show you

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