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Introducing “Wearapeutics” – and the Best Way to Get the Most Profits Out of It

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

The Internet of Everything, a vast network of devices like phones, watches, clothing and even toothbrushes – all communicating, all collecting and returning data – has been one of the biggest tech stories of the past five years.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s about to get even bigger, even more profitable, by an order of magnitude. That’s because the Internet of Everything is about to crack open the healthcare market, with small networked wearable medical, prosthetic, and therapeutic devices set to explode onto the market.

I’m talking about wearable therapeutics – or “wearapeutics.” It’s going to be a healthcare game changer.

Today, I’m showing you just how big the wearapeutics market is going to get – and the one investment you need to hold long term to get the most profits out of this exciting development.

Take a look…

As Gene Therapies Disrupt Big Pharma, Here’s How to Get Your Piece of the Action

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

A doctor injects a “corrective” gene into a virus. Then he uses that virus to introduce the new gene and modified DNA into a patient’s diseased cells. If the treatment is successful, the cells’ gene-reading machinery will build RNA messengers and protein molecules – i.e., disease fighters.

It’s a process that could be a cure for hundreds of genetic-related diseases.

That’s gene therapy in action.

When biotech researchers get gene therapy to work dependably, it will be a boon for humanity – and for investors.

For decades, Big Pharma has run on the same basic plan – use chemicals to create disease-fighting drugs. However, many of the drugs they end up creating carry severe side effects or are highly addictive.

But now, after a quarter century of failed experiments and numerous setbacks, gene therapy finally has the potential to make patients well again without addictive or harmful drugs.

Researchers worldwide report successful gene-therapy trials – and new and innovative uses for the technology – seemingly every week. The first federally approved gene therapy, the severe pancreatitis treatment Glybera, hit the market in late 2014 as. And I think the next half decade will bring dozens more gene-therapy products along those same lines.

Now, finding a way to invest in this newly disruptive biotechnology is tough. Most of the companies working on gene therapies are privately held or very risky, illiquid clinical-stage biotech companies that I just can’t recommend to beginning investors.

However, I have located a great backend way to play this breakthrough field. Its stock has soared 25% in just the past five months or so – and it shows no sign of slowing down. Plus, it pays a healthy 2% dividend.

Let me show it to you…

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