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The Best Minds on Earth Need Help to Stop COVID-19 – Making Sure They Get It Will Create Tremendous Wealth

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Some of the biggest brains in medical science are racing to find a vaccine that could save millions of lives.

They are also trying to unlock all the mysteries surrounding not just the disease but its global trajectory and the paths to possible mutations.

To date, scientists have published more than 23,000 scholarly articles on these related topics.

But the need to sort through this sheer volume of data makes fighting the coronavirus a challenge too big for the human mind to solve alone. Even a top-notch team can’t make sense of it all.

Luckily, they don’t have to thanks to a new Big Data model known as Coronascape, which could prove invaluable for both researchers and savvy tech investors alike.

See, the market for data analysis is set to be worth $229.4 billion by 2025.

And I have a way for you to invest in the sector with a tech leader beating the broad market by 265%…

This Revolutionary Sector Is Transforming the Market Itself – Here’s How You Can Cash in On It

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I always say that the road to wealth is paved with tech, and right now, that road is leading straight towards the cloud.

That’s because none other than Nasdaq Inc. (NDAQ), the tech-centric market itself is planning to move all of its market hosting, for all 28 of its markets, to the cloud, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

It might just be the most poetic example of my investing style that I’ve ever come up with.

And as we’ve seen from the COVID shutdowns, the $350 billion cloud computing sector is central to the modern digital economy. In order to succeed, a company simply must be connected to the cloud throughout almost all of its operations.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Technavio predicts that the cloud computing sector will grow by $190.32 billion during the 2019-2023 period. At that rate, it would be set to double in less than a decade.

Today I’m going to reveal a great way to invest in this sector that is beating the broad market by 62%

The Company Taking Business Accounting Out of The Stone Age Is on Sale at A Discount

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Accounting has been falling behind the times, but that’s all about to change.

Thompson Reuters surveyed over 300 practicing accountants about how they predict that their field will be changing by 2028. The results were overwhelmingly high-tech.

95% of everyone surveyed believed that their role is likely to change because of technology such as cloud-based tools, with 74% of that being those who believe these changes are “very likely.”

Over 70% of these accounting experts believed that bookkeeping and data collection will be automated in 2028.

And these respondents specifically believe that digital cloud technology will be the most vital area of new technology for them to understand.

One of my key rules of tech investing is to “ride the unstoppable trends.” You can take it right from the mouths of these survey respondents that the trend towards digital, cloud-based accounting is unstoppable.

And I’ve got a company in mind that will help you ride that trend with its record of 200% annual earnings growth. And did I mention that the market is currently throwing us a nice discount too?

This One Company Has What Every Pharma Giant Needs – And They Could Double Your Money In Just Three Years

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Back in mid-March, I wrote a two-part series on the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.

You can read the first part of that series here and the second part right here.

At the time, I noted there were roughly a dozen or so companies involved racing to find a way to stop the deadly disease.

And while that sounded like a lot of scientific effort at the time, it turns out my analysis was too conservative.

We now have well over 100 research teams around the world scrambling for a vaccine or a drug that treats the disease.

Of those, at least two dozen hail from biotech or drug firms, many of them publicly traded.

I don’t know about you but I would love to get in on all that action with a great tech-centric firm that has superior earnings and price appreciation ahead.

And that is just what I’m going to reveal today. Doubling its earnings every 18 months, this “Biotech Goldmine” is set to crush the overall market…

One Company Is Taking Real Estate into The Social Media Age – And They Can Double Your Money Through A Recession

1 | By Erika Lambert

If you just looked at it from a strictly financial standpoint, you’d conclude that landlords have little reason to improve loyalty with their tenants.

After all, rents for homes and apartments actually increased by 2.8% in this year’s first quarter as occupancy rates rose to 95.5%.

Here’s the thing. The first few months of this year were basically a disaster, but savvy landlords know that things can turn at any moment. The fact is, we may see a softening in the months ahead.

In other words, this is the time for landlords to get proactive.

And that’s just where Modern Message comes into play. This is a sleek online and mobile app that landlords use to build customer loyalty.

It already serves an amazing 1.8 million residents in more than 5,000 communities in all but one U.S. state.

Today, I will reveal the company behind this powerful platform and show you why it’s on track to double in as little as three years…

This Cloud Pioneer Doubled In Just Three Months – And It’s Still Growing

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you want to make a lot of money as a tech investor, there’s a new Silicon Valley acronym you absolutely need to know about.

And I can understand what you may be thinking. There are already too many buzzwords in the tech world. Why learn a new one?

That’s a fair point. But this term helped send shares of a cloud-centric growth firm up 29%. No, not in a year or even a quarter – in a single session.

Don’t worry if you never heard of the term ZPA. It’s been considered a fairly obscure part of the tech economy – until now.

But the firm that pioneered this lucrative niche is charting traffic growth that is just off the charts, rising 1,000% in a single quarter.

With that in mind, today I will show why there’s so much money to be made here and reveal the company behind it at all

This Key Microsoft Partner Could Double Your Money In Less Than Three Years

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on April 14, I noted that I still very much believe in Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).

As I said at the time, I think this is one of the better plays on the $160 billion cloud computing sector.

Please don’t worry. I’m not here today to repeat the same recommendation.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that savvy tech investors need to look at the flip side of the Microsoft coin.

And it has something to do with one of my dad’s old sayings. See, he was frustrated with me because I was a bit of a troublemaker in high school and ran with a rough crowd.

“Michael,” he used to say, “always remember that people judge you by the company you keep.”

That’s why when I scan for market-crushing tech leaders, I always keep an eye out for those that have strong alliances.

Today, I want to show you one of Microsoft’s key allies that’s set to double its earnings in the next three years and should at least be on your watchlist

Buy Microsoft When This Moment Comes

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on Tuesday, I noted that one of the 10 tools for coping with the new bear market is to put together a watchlist of great tech stocks you’d like to buy.

The idea here is to get set up for when the market turns our way again. At this point, I have no doubt that the market will rebound as it always has in the past.

But by definition, this choppy, news-driven market greatly increases the risk of getting in too early. To avoid doing just that, I recommend looking for tech leaders that you would like to own for the long haul.

That means giving each one a thorough checkup to make sure that prior to the correction, they had a great track record of earnings gains.

With that in mind, today I want to reveal a tech leader that I feel should be on everyone’s watch list

These Five Rules Could Make You 300% Gains as This Cloud Leader Rises to the Top

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Tuesday was a very big day for the Democrats with Super Tuesday putting hundreds of delegates up for grabs.

That makes this an ideal time for a fiscal conservative like me to make a very important point.

If presidential candidate Bernie Sanders bounces back from his second-place finish and is elected in November, rich tech leaders like cloud pioneer Mark Benioff won’t be able to help save the lives of kids.

Here’s the thing. Sanders has been an outspoken opponent of wealth for many years. And if elected, he pledges to slap the wealthy with punitive taxes.

I believe that Sanders and his supporters are flunking the cosmic IQ test. Simply stated, without rich people, America would lose a huge chunk of funding for the arts as well as scientific and medical research.

With that in mind, today I am going to reveal five reasons why Benioff’s high-octane firm, Inc. (CRM), is a great investment.

Not only is it run by a generous billionaire but it is set to double in the next 2.5 years

It’s Not Too Late to Get Your Piece of Amazon

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you are just not discovering the earning potential of Inc. (AMZN), than you have a lot of reason to be excited..

And I say that because I am still seeing a huge amount of upside ahead.

Let’s start with item number 1. When we spoke on January 24, I noted that much of Wall Street was cool to the stock for years.

But I have a more current example of a high profile stock “guru” who missed the boat completely. And not that long ago.

When AMZN crossed the $1,000 mark on May 31, 2017, Jim Cramer, went on TV to bash the stock. The host of CNBC’s Mad Money said “psychologically” $1,000 is a lot to pay for a stock he felt was getting ahead of itself.

The stock has more than doubled since then, reaching a closing high of $2,021.

That brings me around to item number 2. Let me show you why the stock could double again in three years – and double again after that