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Vaccine Profits Will Only Grow From Here, and You Can Claim a Piece of Them

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Delta Variant on the Rise

Please don’t think I’m being flip. Even my friends who had both doses of the FDA approved vaccine have experienced breakthrough cases.

I’m sharing this with you not to cause alarm but to alert you to a great way to invest in the $753 billion biotech sector.

You may have heard about a key medical panel advising the US government has already called for Covid booster shots for some segments of the population after this first wave of vaccinations.

What’s more, biotech executives are now proposing to use gene-based vaccines to fight the seasonal flu. Before the pandemic, roughly 45% of the US population got flu shots every year. Doubtless, now with greater awareness of the risks, that number will grow.

More people protecting themselves against infectious diseases is great for the world and even better for a biotech leader that pioneered the entire genetic approach that received approval for a Covid vaccine in record time.

The firm recently crushed Wall Street forecasts on the back of a stunning sales increase of 6,400% with still more upside ahead…

Wall Street is Counting Out the Biggest Breakthrough in Medicine – Here’s How to Make Their Mistake into Your Gain

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When Wall Street overreacts and goes right, you can make a fortune by avoiding the noise and going in the opposite direction.

In the latest edition of wild overreactions, Cathie Wood, the top-notch ETF manager of Ark Investment Management, received some flak from The Wall Street Journal.

I’ll have more on that in just a bit and why it is totally off the mark.

But make no mistake. Wood has an uncanny eye for finding breakout stocks with a market-beating track record to prove it.

One particular feather in Wood’s cap is an ETF that she runs focusing on the cutting-edge field of genomics, a tech that basically didn’t exist just a decade ago.

Without genomics, we wouldn’t have been able to understand the structure of the coronavirus. Not only that, but the first two vaccines approved both relied on a hot new segment of genomics.

And this is an industry that is projected to multiply from $18.85 billion in 2019 to $82.60 billion in 2027, according to Fortune Business Insights. That’s more than 300% growth in less than a decade.

I’ll give you more details in a moment. But first, I want to point out the sizzling returns that Wood has amassed.

Over roughly the past year, Wood’s fund beat the market by a stunning 471%.

Let me show you why this play is just getting started…

It’s Not Too Late to Play the Covid Vaccine Rollout – All Thanks to This Company

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you missed the chance to get in early on coronavirus vaccine stocks, don’t worry.

It’s not too late.

Of course, investing in a “pure-play” at this point in the market cycle dogged by so many conflicting headlines could be pretty risky.

Any resistance from the FDA for a new vaccine and the maker’s stock could get pummeled.

I’ve seen it happen before and I can nearly guarantee it will happen again.

That’s why I’m excited to reveal a biotech supply firm that’s involved in developing and producing coronavirus vaccines.

Even better, this is a rare twofer – this supply firm isn’t just focused on new vaccines. It works with a huge swath of the biotech sector.

Its forte puts it squarely in a market that is on pace to be worth $456.8 billion.

Not only that, but this savvy leader is on pace to double its earnings in the next two years…

This Tech Is About to Save Tourism – And Open A Massive Moneymaking Window

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’ve mentioned in the past that tech saved the economy. Letting people do things like work, shop, and even visit the doctor, all online, has made it possible to live with shutdowns and quarantines.

And now, tech is about to pull an encore and save an entirely new sector: tourism.

You see, tourism happens to be one industry that couldn’t just be moved online. Forbes was reporting losses close to $1 trillion, and 100 million threatened jobs, as far back as August.

A talk I had recently during my own vacation to Mexico really shed a light on the need for a high-tech solution. And, in this case, I’m talking about biotech

Oscar, the driver who picked us up at the airport, quickly brought the discussion around to the topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind in this tourist community – The Vaccines.

Because the tourist economy here depends on a healthy U.S., Oscar was very excited about the recent news of three COVID breakthroughs.

“When the United States get the flu,” Oscar said, “Mexico gets a heart attack.”

Oscar’s not the only one following the biotech breakthroughs. Millions of investors back home are looking for ways to cash in on it all.

With that in mind, today I want to show you a great way to profit from the entire vaccine space with a market-crushing winner…

The Latest Nobel Prize in Chemistry Is Hiding A Massive Moneymaking Opportunity

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When it comes to scientific breakthroughs, the only thing better than a Nobel Prize is a Nobel Prize with its own hidden way to beat the market.

And that’s exactly the opportunity I’m presenting to you today.

It comes to us from the field of gene editing, which actually allows doctors to edit material in human DNA to combat disease.
As a biotech investor, I have followed this field for many years.

While it stretches back to the 1970s, two women recently shared a Nobel Prize in Chemistry for turning the field on its head.

They developed what’s known as Crispr-Cas9, which allows genomic editing at the embryonic level. The Nobel committee described the science as “rewriting the code of life.”

The market for direct use of this platform is growing at 16% per year and will soon be worth roughly $10 billion.

And there is a firm pioneering this field that is beating the broad market by more than 45%…

This One Company Has What Every Pharma Giant Needs – And They Could Double Your Money In Just Three Years

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Back in mid-March, I wrote a two-part series on the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.

You can read the first part of that series here and the second part right here.

At the time, I noted there were roughly a dozen or so companies involved racing to find a way to stop the deadly disease.

And while that sounded like a lot of scientific effort at the time, it turns out my analysis was too conservative.

We now have well over 100 research teams around the world scrambling for a vaccine or a drug that treats the disease.

Of those, at least two dozen hail from biotech or drug firms, many of them publicly traded.

I don’t know about you but I would love to get in on all that action with a great tech-centric firm that has superior earnings and price appreciation ahead.

And that is just what I’m going to reveal today. Doubling its earnings every 18 months, this “Biotech Goldmine” is set to crush the overall market…

This One Investment Covers an Entire Necessary Sector – And It’s Fighting Against the Coronavirus

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Amid Big Media’s saturation coverage of the coronavirus panic, an important new medical breakthrough received scant attention.

After all, TV, radio, websites, newspapers, magazines and social media were riveted with stories about the spread of the new pandemic.

But working quietly behind the scenes, a team from Stanford University reported a new breakthrough in anti-aging biotech.

Indeed, the team discovered a way to “reset” the age of human cells – all the way back to zero.

Make no mistake. This is a major step forward. At the very least it could help cut the impact of osteoporosis that afflicts older people and costs the U.S. more than $75 billion a year.

With that in mind, today I’m going to tell you why this new development is so important for medicine and show you a great biotech investment that should at least be on your bear market watchlist…

Get in On This Medical Breakthrough Before It Hits the Market

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Imagine if all it took to treat a case of cancer was taking out the trash.

Now I want you to imagine that your body could do it all for you.

Hold that thought. Because a tech platform with that very task in mind is set to hit the market sooner than you think and will target a field set to be worth more than $160 billion.

Here’s the thing. Several life sciences firms are hard at work perfecting a new class of drugs known as “degraders.”

Let me explain. The root of many diseases lies in misguided proteins that bind together. So, the idea here is to come up with a new class of drugs that activate the body’s own molecular trash disposal systems.

This is one of the most exciting breakthroughs I’ve come across in many years. I believe it puts us close to the day when one pill can cure dozens, if not all, diseases.

And in a moment, I’m going to reveal a way investors can target the entire class of protein degraders with one savvy move

You Can Double Your Money Fighting the $1.1 Trillion Disease Killing America

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I recently got the kind of news that no child wants to hear about an aging parent.

Here’s the thing, I count my blessings that my dad lived so long. After all, he’s a retired Marine Corps captain who saw three tours of combat, one in Korea and two in Vietnam.

Honestly he’s lucky he lived as long as he did. But that still doesn’t make the aging process any easier, at least not on the body.

He recently had a second knee replacement that didn’t go as well as planned. He also has swelling of the feet. His mobility is not all that great, and he can’t drive right now.

At 86, he recently learned he has congestive heart failure. That’s a condition in which the heart doesn’t pump as strongly as it should, leading to a buildup of fluids.

As such, my dad is part of a huge trend in America. Fact is, according to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is set to have an economic impact of $1.1 trillion by 2035.

And today, I want to reveal a life sciences firm that is bringing badly needed relief to millions of heart patients, and show you five reasons why it’s set to double in as little as 3.5 years

The Answer to Big Pharma’s Biggest Problem Could Double Your Money in just Three Years

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

You could forgive drug and biotech executives for having a bad case of target fixation.

After all, they do work in a field that is filled with time-consuming and expensive headaches.

Consider that the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), the world’s largest biotech trade organization, looked at 7,400 drug programs by 1,103 companies. They were investigating drug-approval rates.

The news was not good -just 9.6% of drugs scientists discover ever get approved for sale. That’s a one-in-ten shot.

With such daunting data, it’s no wonder that, even in a field already worth $1.2 trillion in global sales, industry leaders are on the lookout for ways to lower the cost of discovery and shorten time to market.

And with that goal in mind, I’ve uncovered a high-octane, large-cap firm that has become an essential ingredient in the drug sector’s success.

It’s a cloud-based leader in pharmaceutical efficiency that has a history of crushing the market by no small measure. It’s been doubling its earnings, on average, every 18 months

It’s a cloud-based leader in pharmaceutical efficiency that has a history of crushing the market by no small measure. It’s been doubling its earnings, on average, every 18 months