FCC Green Lights First-Ever “Nano-Crystal Electricity” Device

The FCC just approved a breakthrough new device, according to the Washington Times, “change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history”2… and make investors very rich in the process.

The device uses “nano-crystal electricity” technology to charge electronic devices through the air…

… without charging cables or contact with a wireless charging pad!

Imagine never having to worry about your cell phone dying because it stays 100% charged all day, even while it sits in your pocket…

Imagine the convenience of never having to plug in your wireless speakers, headphones, and remotes because their batteries are always full, even as you use them…

Imagine your computers, gaming systems, and TVs all being powered wirelessly, saving you from ever having to mess with a tangle of cords.

This is no longer science fiction. It’s reality.

The device could hit the market within weeks.

And it’s expected to create a manufacturing craze unlike anything we’ve seen since the iPhone.

Tech experts believe this technology will soon be rolled out and used in millions of electronic devices worldwide.

According to Allied Market Research, the “nano-crystal electricity” market could hit $37.2 billion in the next few years alone.4

And that’s just in the early phases of the rollout.

Once this new technology gets incorporated into hotels, restaurants, airports, coffee shops, and even entire cities… it could be a trillion-dollar business.

In fact, China already has plans to introduce “nano-crystal electricity” technology into Shenzhen, a huge metropolis of 11 million people.

And because this device is the only one of its kind approved for sale by the FCC, the company that invented it stands to see astronomical growth in a very short period of time.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a part of the new electricity revolution.

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