This Event Is About to Rock the Cryptocurrency Market

As you know, Bitcoin has taken a big dive this year from its peak at almost $20,000 to hovering around $7,000 a coin for some time now.

But here’s what most people don’t know:

A massive system upgrade to Bitcoin is expected to go live at any time…

And cryptocurrency experts believe that when it does, the price of Bitcoin will soar – potentially to $100,000 a coin, or more!


Because until now, the one BIG problem with Bitcoin has been that it’s virtually useless as an actual form of money.

In its current form, payment transactions are ridiculously slow and the costs are extremely high.

But that will all change overnight when this new “Bitcoin fix” is released.

This critical upgrade will finally make Bitcoin as easy to use as credit cards – and even cheaper than credit cards for businesses to accept.

When this becomes known, businesses all over the world will rush to accept Bitcoin.

And when the general public gets the option to buy everything from pizza to plane tickets with Bitcoin, look out – it’ll create a buying frenzy the likes of which we’ve never seen.

The announcement of this upgrade could soon push Bitcoin way past the $20,000 per coin price it reached last December… potentially as high as $100,000 a coin.

And it’s not just Bitcoin. This system upgrade could send other cryptocurrencies soaring as well.

Investors who make the right moves right nowbefore the announcement of this massive upgrade starts making headlines – will have the opportunity to make HUGE gains very quickly…

So it’s critical that you view this important message from a Bitcoin Investing Pioneer.

He will tell you exactly how you could take advantage of this coming upgrade. I have no doubt millionaires could be created from this event. Don’t miss your shot at being one of them.