Fed Taper, Log4j, and more Semi’s

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What’s Happening This Week

The markets went from red to solidly green last week after the Fed announced steps to wind down its Covid-era stimulus policies and curb surging inflation. That was unfortunately reversed the very next day as markets went red right from the open. It looks like rising interest rates fears could keep many high-growth tech stocks from clawing back big losses.

This doesn’t mean all tech is off-limits for the time being, it just means that we need to be selective and pick growing, profitable, and competitive companies for their industry at a good valuation. With the semiconductor market continuing to hold strong we are eagerly awaiting Micron Technologies on Monday. As a memory supplier to many major consumer electronics companies, a strong showing could help to hold up the semiconductor market.

Strategic Updates

Log4j Security Flaw

It seems like every week there is a new security vulnerability, and this past week was no different. A critical vulnerability in Java-based software known as “log4j” may allow hackers to access data from major corporations. As of Tuesday, last week, more than 100 hacking attempts were occurring per minute, according to cybersecurity firm Check Point. We talked about one of our favorite cybersecurity firms last month and they are just as relevant as ever.

End Your Year with a Stock Pulling in Billions of Dollars Every Quarter

With the Fed planning to taper, sky-high inflation rates, and rising interest rates on the horizon, our friend Shah Gilani at Total Wealth has got the pick for you. Take a look at where he thinks you should put some money years end by clicking here.

What We Are Watching

Revolutionary New “Infinity Chamber” Could Render Your Computer Obsolete!

A stunning breakthrough in quantum physics has unleashed a radical new technology that could render your computer obsolete, generating a potential $8 trillion in new wealth. Today, for the first time in history, investors can grab a ground-floor stake in this game-changing opportunity. Go here now for the MUST-SEE VIDEO!

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