This Business Software Giant Just Boosted Its Userbase by 13 Million

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

We are now living in a world where it’s easier than ever before for employees to switch between working at the office and working from home, and wherever else that they choose.

Just like I told you about back on September 10, there’s a whole new world of tools out there to make it possible.

Many are even using the digital tools to start their own companies. Make no mistake, this also is a huge trend.

Data from the US Census Bureau reveals that 4.4 million businesses were launched last year – the highest on record. In the first six months of this year, new business applications jumped an astounding 60.5%.

No wonder a great tech firm serving small business is paying $12 billion to buy a firm that provides companies with essential marketing and communications tools.

Let me show you why this is exactly the kind of savvy move that they are right to be making, and how buying their own stock is a savvy move as well…

Customer Communication

For both online businesses and offline ones, email is the most important way to reach potential customers. Perhaps as importantly, once someone becomes a customer, email is the number one way to convert them into a recurring one.

But email can be a very tricky thing.

You need to make your emails look good on several different browsers, email clients, screen sizes, and devices. And almost every one of these introduces its own little issues you have to work around.

Then you have to make sure you don’t get marked as spam, which could completely destroy your business. And you definitely don’t want to break any spam or privacy laws, so you need a system for managing unsubscriptions.

The list goes on and on. Email may look simple, but it’s not.

That’s where Mailchimp comes in. Launched in 2001, Mailchimp is one of the world’s leading email automation and marketing platforms.

This service handles everything you could need from email. You can set it up to send emails automatically based on certain triggers. Maybe someone just joined your company’s list and you want to greet them. Or maybe they have items in their cart on your web store but haven’t checked out yet.

Unlike other similar solutions, Mailchimp is dirt simple to set up and use. And it handles all the background stuff, like unsubscriptions, automatically on its own.

All so that entrepreneurs can stay focused on doing what they do best.

No wonder then that Intuit Inc. (INTU), the cloud-based tax, accounting, and business finance giant just announced a $12 billion buyout of Mailchimp.

It Works for Me

The acquisition is a perfect fit with Intuit’s goal of becoming a one-stop-shop for small and medium-sized businesses. Intuit’s QuickBooks is already the leading accounting platform for small and medium-sized firms.

Merging with Mailchimp makes Intuit the complete solution for keeping track of both cash flow and customers. Any entrepreneur looking to both run their business and grow it will now be hard-pressed to find a better package than the QuickBooks and Mailchimp combo.

Adding Mailchimp to the lineup makes Intuit a much strong player in its space. By integrating what’s essentially a customer management and marketing platform into an easy-to-use email system, Mailchimp has created a great package for starting and managing companies.

More importantly, it’s simple to set up. The company’s growth proves it. By 2016, 15 years after being founded, Mailchimp was number 7 on the Forbes Cloud 100 list. The year after, Fast Company named Mailchimp one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2017.

To put how useful Mailchimp is in the simplest words possible; Mailchimp was used to send you this very article.

That’s right, my team at Strategic Tech Investor, as well as my premium services like the Nova-X Report, use Mailchimp to send out my latest findings on new investment opportunities just like this one.

Or, for Nova-X Subscribers, even better, the kinds of opportunities that can sell for over 200% gains in less than two years, or even 100% gains in less than three months.

And by subscribing to the Nova-X Report right here, you can make sure that you hear about these opportunities too.

Acquisition Growth

The post-Covid entrepreneur boom has only made Mailchimp more important. The firm already has 800,000 paying customers and 13 million global users and made $800 million in revenue last year. That was 20% more than the year before.

In other words, the merger should add nicely to Intuit’s bottom line. And the timing is good. In the most recent quarter, Intuit easily beat Wall Street forecasts and raised guidance for the year.

So far this year, the stock has more than doubled the S&P 500’s returns. At this point, I’m projecting the stock will gain 35% in 3.5 years.

Add it all up and you can see that by paving the way for small entrepreneurs, Mailchimp and its new parent Intuit are putting investors on the road to wealth.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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