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The “Amazon of Latin America” Could Be Just as Profitable for You

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

One of the biggest tech success stories that Latin America has seen in decades recently reported that sales in the June quarter came in at $1.7 billion. That amounted to a double from the year-ago period and handily beat Wall Street forecasts.

Make no mistake. This is no run-of-the-mill firm. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “Amazon of Latin America.”

Talk about a rocket ship. The stock is up some 195% since I last told you about it a little more than two years ago.

And just like Amazon itself, past gains are no sign that this company will slow down. If anything, it’s just the opposite…

Automating Business with This New Smart Database

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Everything from transportation to grocery store checkout to even some of the most fundamental aspects of running a business, there’s technology in the works to make it run all by itself.

But it’s that last one that I want to really focus on. It’s all thanks to a pioneering platform that can monitor itself, secure itself, and even repair itself when the system encounters performance failures.

These features will give its manufacturer a huge edge in the $46 billion database management market.

That same manufacturer has proven that they’re a far better bet than the broader market to the tune of 77%.

Today, I want to show you why this is just the beginning…

The Fight Against Hackers is Entering A New Arena And Creating New Opportunities

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Today, I want to rewind to two of our conversations from last March and in June because I’ve discovered a hidden connection that could make us a lot of money.

Let’s start with our chat back on March 9 wherein I mentioned that we’re seeing a boom in Internet satellites needed to provide Web access to half the world’s 7 billion people.

Then on June 29, I revealed one of my favorite plays in the $140 billion cybersecurity market.

These are two major trends taken separately, but together, there’s a problem (and a highly lucrative solution.)

“In space, no one can hear cyber security professionals scream” – That was the verdict from a UK online journal called The Register in their September 2 headline.

For all the wonderous capabilities of our modern communication satellite network, they also present an appealing target to the cybercriminals of today.

Here on Earth, it’s not disaster that I’m predicting. No, instead I can hear cash registers ringing. See, that cyber leader I noted a moment ago is absolutely crushing the market by crushing this problem.

In fact, it’s up 28% since our June cyber talk. That beats the S&P 500 during the period by a stunning 460%.

Today, I want to show why this great company is set up to double its earnings, and its stock price along with it, in as little as 19 months…

Here’s The Technology Battling America’s Invisible Health Crisis

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

With Covid hospitalizations and deaths dramatically on the rise, it’s easy to overlook another major healthcare crisis confronting America.

And yet, it’s one that could affect as many as 120 million of us and pose profound long-term medical issues.

Ironically, the Covid binge eating of “comfort food” we’ve seen over the last 18 months may add to the new level of concern.

Of course, I’m talking about the nation’s obesity crisis.

There’s a silent health crisis A recent report by the American Obesity Association says 42% of Americans are obese.

No wonder a federal panel recently recommended lowering the age to begin screening for diabetes, which is closely tied to being overweight, down to 35.

To me, the two reports together mean that a life sciences firm with a strong diabetes hook will be in high demand.

With that in mind, I want to reveal a company taking on the challenge of this $72.8 billion sector with a leader that is beating the overall market by nearly fourfold…

Apple Vs. Epic: Make Sure the Winner is Your Portfolio

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

The verdict is in; Apple’s app store doesn’t constitute an illegal monopoly, but they can’t stop developers like Epic Games from directing their users to make purchases outside of the official app store.

I think that anybody who treats this like a loss for Apple is overreacting. It’s a mixed outcome, but I’d call it a win for Apple overall since they avoided being named as an illegal monopoly. Exactly how big a deal it is, though, will be determined by how many developers actually follow through and send consumers elsewhere for payments.

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This Company is Taking “Digital-First” to a $1 Trillion Valuation

0 | By Alex Kagin

It’s not every day you talk about a company hitting a trillion-dollar valuation, especially since there are currently only six that are publicly traded. But that is changing rapidly and after digging through dozens of large and growing companies I’ve found one that has a good chance of doing it, which means they could potentially grow 300% without having to acquire another company.

So how do they get to a trillion-dollar valuation? In their most recent investor day presentation, they expect annual revenue to reach $50 billion in 2026, more than double what they currently bring in. If you have some multiple expansion a little above median and a doubling of revenue, that puts you squarely at $1 trillion.

While this company has only been public since 2004, it has made an incredible run, up over 6000% since it joined the Nasdaq. Now, you may be thinking, its best years are behind it, but that is far from the truth. The CEO and Founder is an incredible allocator, manager, and integrator, and has shown time and time again that the right acquisition can help fuel growth in a larger organization.

While that 6000% is definitely a lot, the run is not over yet.

They’ve made their largest acquisition yet of a high growth communications platform, and are seeing accelerating revenue growth even with $20B in annual revenue already.

This Play Can Power Your Portfolio Through the Harshest Storm

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Hurricane Ida’s recent rampage through Louisiana shined a spotlight on a critical need for our tech-centric economy – backup power. And, it’s not just Ida, it’s the wildfires, sub-nautical New York, and so many other natural disasters that continue to pop up across the world.

The problem: regulators said there just wasn’t enough backup power on hand. I believe with that problem laid bare, a stock I told you about last April 2 is headed for even more upside.

The leader in the $17.4 billion market for standby power has already crushed the market since our earlier chat, but it’s not done yet.

It’s gained 36%, beating the S&P 500 by an amazing 227%.

Today, I want to show you why that’s just the beginning…

“Zoom Towns” Are Rapidly Creating Huge Profit Opportunities

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

A Special Note from Michael: Volatility in the market has been big news recently. That’s why It’s important to take notice of any opportunity to play that volatility to our advantage. Luckily for us, Mark Sebastian is an expert “Volatility Trader”, and I had to let you know about his new trading method, that could deliver 1000% returns in less than 30 days. And it only takes trades of less than $100. You can get the full story right here.

Dear Strategic Tech Investor Reader,

Greetings from Zoom Town USA.

It’s a greeting that could apply just as well from Scottsdale AZ, San Diego, or from my very own Silicon Valley home office.

With the delta variant on the rise, many workplaces are cancelling plans to bring their employees back into the office. Along with that, scores of them are adopting a hybrid model in which employees come to the office only a few days a week and work remotely the rest of the time.

The company I have in mind for you today is wise to this trend. That’s why they made a $27.7 billion buyout that will give it the inside edge in playing this new paradigm.

Let me show you why this trailblazer in the $798 billion cloud-computing sector is set to double your money in just over two years…

This Med Tech Innovator Just Doubled, And It Can Do It Again

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we last talked last Friday, I showed you how a software executive founded biotech company Veeva Systems Inc. (VEEV) and turned his expertise in cloud software into a 1,253% gain for investors.

That’s over the last seven years, mind you. Enough to turn $25,000 into $338,250 and up to $1.35 million in the next four years.

Here’s the thing. If you’re a “set-and-forget” investor happy to match the S&P 500, you’ve come to the wrong place.

We’re here to crush the market with the foremost innovative tech leaders

Over the seven years I’m talking about, the S&P 500 gained a very respectable 128%.

Not bad. Unless you compare it to VEEV.

Veeva beat it by a staggering 879%.