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Catch A Ride to 300% Gain Potential with NVDA

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we spoke on February 25, I noted how important it is to go behind the headlines if you want to score big gains on the wealth machine that is high tech.

Indeed, it’s so important that I have made it Rule No. 2 of my five-part system for finding market-crushing tech stocks.

That rule says to “separate the signal from the noise.” And it really comes into play with a great stock like NVIDIA Corp. (NVDA).

The fact is, for years Wall Street and the media wrote this company off as nothing more than a play on computer gaming.

But the reason the stock has racked up amazing gains approaching 20,000% is because this company is so much more dynamic than that.

Its robust, high-speed chips are finding their ways into advanced autos, AI, and more.

Today, I want to cite a couple of examples where Nvidia is pushing the performance envelope and show you why it offers 300% gains in just the next five years

This One Chipmaker Could be a Secret Gateway to $836 Billion in Tech Wealth

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

It never ceases to amaze me just how lazy Wall Street analysts can be.

Maybe they’re more like Big Media than I had earlier imagined. In other words, the Street engages in groupthink. Oh yeah, and they often give us superficial analyses.

Here’s the thing; Wall Street largely wrote off a great chip firm as nothing more than a play on gaming.

Granted, it’s true that the company led the world in graphics chips that make computer games so much more immersive. And that market is nothing to sneeze at.

Forbes estimates the global computer gaming market will be worth $196 billion three years from now.

But hiding beneath that surface was the chance to become a millionaire with a firm that has since moved into AI, self-driving cars, and virtual reality.

Starting from September 27, 1999, until February 19 of this year when the stock reached its high point of $314.70, it’s gone up in value by a whopping 19,692%.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $1.98 million.

Today, I’m going to reveal the name of this market crushing “gaming” firm and show you why there’s still so much upside left

Renewable Energy Could Unleash $153 Billion in Profit-Making Potential

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When he passed away last September at the age of 91, T. Boone Pickens generated dozens of media biographies.

Of course, a billionaire with his reputation as a savvy business leader would no doubt get lots of obituaries written about him.

Here’s the thing; of the several accounts I read, most focused on his very successful career as an oil and gas baron.

It’s easy to see why. After all, in 2007 alone, he is reported to have earned more than $2.7 billion from his two energy-investing funds.

So, it may sound ironic for me to suggest that those obituaries were inaccurate.

I say that because at least two years before his death, Pickens went through a sea change and closed his energy funds. The reason: he became a massive backer of solar technology.

Please don’t think I’m pulling out an isolated case to show that solar has passed the tipping point.

Today, I’m going to show you why deep in the heart of America’s coal country, experts are putting their faith in sunlight.

And I’m also going to reveal an investment that I believe will crush the overall market as $153 billion in wealth comes up for grabs

Your Free Registration Link to the 2020 American Cannabis Summit is Ready

3 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

I’m so excited to come to you with a special video message. As a board member of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, I admittedly receive a ton of privileges. But I don’t want you to think I’m keeping anything from you; I want to share all the research, invitations, and content. That’s where your free spot to register for the 2020 American Cannabis Summit on February 25 comes in. I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, so just click here to reserve your spot.

Click here to watch.

Get Amazon’s Growth for 75% off with One Secret Play

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I learned a lot about investing when I went deep-sea fishing with my dad more than 50 years ago. Maybe you have a similar memory.

I can tell you for sure that I’ll never forget that day off of Florida’s Gulf coast near St. Petersburg. That’s for two reasons.

First, I won a prize for catching the second-largest fish of the day. Second, one of the fishermen on the boat caught a huge hammerhead shark.

I will never forget looking into the shark’s eyes as we were getting ready to haul it and feeling petrified. Then, I noticed that the shark had all these small fish swimming around it.

My dad informed me that these were pilot fish. They often swim with sharks in a symbiotic relationship.

Later, as a tech investor, I kept that lesson in mind. The fact is, you can make a lot of money off the sector’s “pilot fish.”

And Shopify Inc. (SHOP) is one of the best ones around, racking up gains of 2,409%, turning a $25,000 investment into $627,500 in four years.

Today, I’m going to show you why there’s still 200% profits ahead for this high-octane firm

My Three Best Tips for Getting Started With Investing Today

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

My “dad vibe” must be working overtime these days.

And that’s got me thinking maybe my “chance” conversations with a number of young adults lately are a sign of the times.

Let me explain.

As I’ve been going about my routines in the past, I’ve run into a lot of young people who want to get started in investing, but have no clue how to do so.

I’m talking about folks my daughters’ age who are earning some income and want to invest, but just don’t know where to start.

For instance, once, while skiing at the Kirkwood Mountain Resort near Lake Tahoe, I chatted with three young adults who jumped at the chance to get my advice about investing.

I guess that’s where the dad vibe comes into play…. I told them about a surefire way to make the market work for them as though I were talking to my own daughters.

And it just so happens that this investment advice is good for newcomers and old, particularly investors who were reluctant to jump in back when conditions were more volatile.

That’s why today, I’m going to show you not just the one “starter” investment vehicle I suggest for young adults that can set you on the right track…

But I’m going to recommend three other tech-centric ways to jump start your portfolio right now…

Check it out

Reserve Your Spot Now for the 2020 American Cannabis Summit with Joe Montana”

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When we last spoke yesterday, I told you that my friends and Colleagues over at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors were preparing a special event for you.

They are planning to share their three core principles for avoiding the hype and finding solid cannabis investing opportunities.

But now, I have some even more exciting news. The Institute has teamed up with a special guest, legendary quarterback Joe Montana to bring the 2020 American Cannabis Summit directly to you.

For the Marijuana Industry to Take Off, Governments May Need to Do This One Thing

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Some kind of legal marijuana is available to purchase right now throughout most of North America, but the majority of cannabis sales are still taking place underground.

My friends and colleagues at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors are right to emphasize this point because it shows the massive profit opportunity that is ahead as illicit sales turn into legal sales and, ultimately, profits for publicly traded companies.

In 2018, New Frontier Data projected that there was over $86 billion in cannabis sales in North America. As a reference point, only $10.8 billion of that was legal.

To make a dent in the illegal markets, you need two things. One is education. When more people learn about why it’s better to turn to safe, regulated, and legal markets, you send cannabis consumers to dispensaries instead of dark alleys.

And the second thing that will put billions of dollars into the pockets of legal businesses and push stock prices higher is this

Amazon’s Secret Growth Machine Could Make You a Millionaire

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

When it comes to investing in e-commerce, most people think about Inc. (AMZN) and pretty much leave it at that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way backing off my bullish belief in Amazon.

After all, we recently had two conversations about the potential double ahead for the King of E-commerce.

The point of today’s chat is to show you how much money you can make by finding a great backend play on a booming sector.

Even better if the firm in mind is a high-growth outfit that flies under Wall Street’s radar. That way you can get in before the so-called “smart money” shows up, and pile up even more profits.

And that’s the exact setup we find with a company I refer to as “Amazon’s Hidden Supercharger.”

Since February 2, 2016, when it hit a post-IPO low up, until February 4 of this year, this stock has gone up 2,409%.

That’s the equivalent of turning $25,000 into $627,500.

Let me show you why the stock could double again in as little as 18 months

Three Plans from Trump and LDOS That Can Make You Rock-Solid Profits for Three Years

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Even if you can’t stand President Trump, you have to give him credit where it’s due.

We haven’t seen anyone in the White House since Ronald Reagan who is such a strong backer of the Pentagon. Trump campaigned on rebuilding the military and made it a hallmark of his administration.

Yet while Big Media was giving saturation coverage to the Trump impeachment hearings, the defense budget deal was in the works.

The net result was a paucity of news about the Fiscal 2020 Pentagon budget that sailed through the House on a 377-to-48 vote.

This is a $738 billion bill. That’s a lot of work for defense contractors, both large and small. And it completely slipped past everyone’s radar.

Well, almost every one…You can bet that yours truly was busy searching for defense winners.

Today, I’m going to reveal a mid-cap defense firm with deep tech expertise that can double your money…