My Readers had the Chance to Crush the Market by 186% in 2019, but 2020 Looks Even Brighter

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

There’s no doubt about it. We are living in a time of astounding financial opportunities.

Last year, was a great one year for the average retail investor, continuing the epic bull market that began in March 2009. As we move into 2020, it looks like it has the potential to keep right on going.

The terrific economy that we’ve had has helped propel stocks to record highs. Unemployment remains at 50-year lows as real income adjusted for inflation is moving up for millions of Americans.

In a case like this, you’d think all you have to do from here on out is just coast on autopilot. After all, the bellwether S&P 500 was up roughly 28.9% for the year as of the close on December 31.

But, as impressive as that sounds, you could do much better in 2020.

That’s because the S&P 500’s numbers for the year are nothing compared to the gains members of my monthly tech investing newsletter, the Nova-X Report, scored in 2019.

Indeed, our three best performers for the year more than doubled the S&P.

With that in mind, today I want to reveal three stocks that made my Nova-X members tons of cash and show you how to get in on all the action…

Three Superstars from the Nova-X Portfolio

Now then, when I say my Nova-X members had a great year in 2019, I’m in no way exaggerating. After all we closed several stocks that tore the cover off the ball, in one case with combined gains of 237.5%.

But for this report, I’m only counting stocks that remained in the portfolio all year.

Either way, I believe this proves what I have been saying for years now. The road to wealth is paved with tech. And you can get to financial freedom a whole lot faster with a savvy veteran in your corner.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at these stars of the Nova-X Report:

Nova-X 2019 Star #1: Medtech Leader Gains 82.6%

Truth be told, the returns for this leader in the field of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for diabetics are actually better than they sound. The stock didn’t enter the portfolio until last January 28.

This stock also shows the importance of my unique Cowboy Split staggered entry system. Had we not literally doubled down after the stock sold off, we would have been stopped out with losses.

Turns out this company is a textbook example of savvy business execution. It has focused on one set of core products, and steadily ensured that more doctors, hospitals, and insurers understand the value of keeping diabetes in check through CGM.

It has recently added high-margin software and other products into the mix. Add it all up and you get a firm that runs rings around the rest of the medtech sector along with the whole S&P, which this stock beat by 186%.

Nova-X 2019 Star #2: Electronic Design Firm Gains 65.2%

Once again, Nova-X profits here are bigger than they sound. That’s because back on Sept. 9, we took a free trade on this high-octane firm. By selling half, we got all our original capital back and are now playing on the house’s money.

This high-octane firm is a leader in electronic design automation (EDA). The company’s EDA tools are used by chip engineers who need to put a new design through grueling tests spanning thousands of hours.

If the chip can get through our aggressive leader’s tough tests, it’s ready to be dialed into today’s most advanced computing systems and consumer devices.

Ironically, most investors have heard very little about the EDA market. And yet, Global Market Insights says the sector will be worth $14 billion by 2024. So, there’s lots of profits still ahead for this stock.

Nova-X 2019 Star #3: 5G Supplier Gains 65%

This company has turned out to be one of the great ways to invest in the technology of 5G ultra high speed cellular. Make no mistake, this is a lucrative field.

MarketsandMarkets says that firms will be spending $33.72 billion per year on 5G by 2026. And that may be a conservative estimate. Another prediction, by Research and Markets, pegs the 5G sector at $251 billion by 2025.

Our fast-moving firm is a great backend play on the whole sector. This exciting mid-cap player provides testing and measurement gear for electronics with a big emphasis on 5G products.

The firm boasts an impressive client roster. They need the company’s gear to test and measure the quality of their products before releasing them.

Clients include all of the top 10 telecom equipment companies and all of the top 10 semiconductor suppliers. It also works with all the major electronics and aerospace firms, giving it lots of chances for big profits in 2020.

Add it all up and you can see why I’m so happy with these 2019 market-crushing performances.

But as the saying goes, that’s not all folks. I’m confident that when we close the books on 2020 a year from today, you will be getting another very upbeat report on the Nova-X portfolio of exciting winners.

And if you’d like to have these kinds of market-crushing profit opportunities become a regular part of your portfolio, why not consider subscribing to the Nova-X Report?

It’s easy. Just click here to get started.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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