How Amazon Broke All the Wall Street Rules

0 | By Michael A. Robinson
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If you want to become a high-tech millionaire – and I sure hope you do – it pays to have a little bit of foresight.

Let me explain. Back in 1994, a former hedge-fund manager decided to launch an online bookstore. Considering he was not the first to do so, our executive found little traction on Wall Street where his idea sounded boring.

He tried to convince the so-called “in-crowd” that books were just the start. This was a technology company looking to change all manner of online transactions.

But even in the midst of the dot com boom, few listened. That’s why the stock was trading for less than $2 in May 1997.

Back on May 26, 1997, this game changer was trading for only $1.50 a share. It hit a recent closing high of $2,021 last July 15.

That’s a 134,633% gain, enough to transform $10,000 into $13.5 million.

This company has been all over the news lately. So, today I want to show you why it could double again in less than three years…

Redefining E-Commerce

If the economy was slowing down at the end of 2019, you sure wouldn’t haves know that from the terrific results we saw for Inc. (AMZN).

No, the King of E-commerce didn’t release dollar figures for the all-important Christmas season. We may get more of those details when it reports fourth-quarter earnings on January 30.

But the Seattle-based juggernaut did note that sales from November 1 through Christmas Eve were up 18.8% from 2018 and set a new record. The company also said it sold “tens of millions” of its own devices, like the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick, all around the world.

It sure beat the pants off of physical stores. Analysts said retail sales at brick-and-mortar outlets were up about 1.2% (though many augmented that with online transactions as well).

In other words, Wall Street and retail investors alike should have listened to Jeff Bezos back when the company went public in May 1997. The debut of this stock offered the kinds of returns that millions of investors can only dream about.

Simply stated, Amazon has changed the very definition of retail. Millions of consumers start and end their shopping right on that site, taking advantage of “buy now,” prime shipping and consumers reviews.

A recent market outlook from Statista notes that online sales will rise by 58% from the base year of 2017 through 2023. They’ll will have risen from $468 billion to $740 billion.

And Amazon is set to dominate the U.S. market as it has for years now. Consider that in the third quarter alone, Amazon increased sales by 24% from the year-ago level to $70 billion, beating forecasts.

Breaking the IPO Rules

Now then, let me clear up something very important right now. I have consistently argued that you not buy initial public offerings for at least six months after the stock debuts because that’s when it usually crashes and falls below the offering price.

We didn’t see that with Amazon. Sure, AMZN did sell off right at six months after trading began, just like most IPOs. However, it had already had a pretty nice run for what was basically a penny stock, and when it fell, it stayed above its IPO price.

The stock was selling on November 12, 1997 for a closing price of $3.77.

So, if you had waited the six months I recommend, you still would have made 53,878%. That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $5.4 million in a roughly a generation’s time.

Bezos and Amazon’s success brings up another key point. For a while now, I’ve been reminding you that tech is the one sector where you can consistently find a handful of stocks – and in some cases, just one – that can make you a millionaire.

Over the long haul, tech is the one sector you can count on for a steady flow of innovation. Partly because it attracts visionary leaders like Bezos, this is a field that steadily unleashes new products and services that change the world.

And of course, make investors rich along the way.

However, if you haven’t yet invested in Amazon, don’t worry, I still see a lot of upside ahead.

That’s why I want you to check back with me in a few days. I’m going to show why this mega-cap stock could double once again in less than three years.

And that’s a very conservative forecast. So, make sure you check out the next installment on Amazon’s amazing success.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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