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How Microsoft Can Make You a Millionaire

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Now it can finally be said – I was right and Wall Street and the media were dead wrong.

In fact, if you listened to those alleged experts, you would have left a lot of money on the table in this incredible bull market.

Here’s why I say that; for at least the last seven years, time and again we have seen the Street and the media suggest that a tech rout was at hand.

I often felt like the lone voice in the crowd when I would remind you, reader, that the road to wealth is paved with tech.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I saw a recent story in the Wall Street Journal that said tech stocks are on the verge of their best year since the bull market began in 2009.

But I believe that’s only a start.

Today, in the first of two parts, I’m going to reveal how you can become a millionaire from just a few tech stocks.

Or in the case of today’s example, just one – if you know where to look…