Here’s Why I Completely Shifted My Stance on Government Mandates

112 | By Michael A. Robinson

You know, all of my adult life, I’ve been a hard-hitting fiscal conservative. If you’d come to me two or three years ago and said there’s a new government mandate – a California government mandate – that Michael Robinson was going to love and endorse, I would’ve laughed you out of the room. But, my new research has completely shifted my stance. Here’s the thing…

112 Responses to Here’s Why I Completely Shifted My Stance on Government Mandates

  1. Nancy L Kelly says:

    Thank you Michael! You can the person who got me started in investing. I’ll be waiting for more details.

  2. Becky says:

    If this is a mandate I’m not sure if 30 million is just a low number or if it’s the 3 to 5 years number. I can’t wait to hear more Michael.

  3. Raphael Angelo Carpini says:

    Much interested in learning just what he is talking about – I always found him to be “on the ball” – so, I listen – RAC

  4. Derrick Montelongo says:

    very interesting idea about changing how energy is delivered to the consumer. Cannot make further comments until I see it

  5. Edward Wood says:

    Looking forward to your presentation. A company close to home is always of interest to me. You always provide terrific research and analysis.

  6. Welcome says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the briefing, i must say you & the team @ nova X reports are doing priceless work.I live in south Africa & i subscribe few months ago. Haven’t made any money yet but will become a millionaire in the next year or 2.
    thanks for hard work.

  7. Milambo Gaudence says:

    Looking forward to this new California mandate that is likely to change how utility companies offer theirservice.

  8. Gerald A Jackson says:

    Mr. Micheal Robinson

    My name is,
    Dr.Gerald A Jackson Jr.
    I love those stock picks, you send my way they help me, a hole lot for years in my portfolio, this open my eyes to understand business, opportunities…
    Keep them coming sir.

    Dr. Gerald A Jackson Jr.

  9. NGL says:

    Ive been watching all these towers go up everywhere and I know something is moving. I guess the time table is going to be key.

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