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The Breakthrough Investment That Could Turn Your Pocket Change into Millions

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

For the past week, I’ve been telling you about a special new research project that I’ve been working on. It’s all about one of the best performing asset classes in history, one that’s turned broke college students into millionaires and has the potential to turn its next wave of big investors into billionaires.

It’s an asset that has grown almost 460,000,000% in less than a decade.

I’m talking about Bitcoin.

But all that growth, all the wealth it’s created since its inception in 2009 could pale in comparison to what I see coming for 2020.

I believe that this revolutionary asset is poised to create overwhelming gains again.

And that’s for a few reasons

A New Asset Class, A Fintech Revolution, and a Massive Profit Opportunity for You

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

New inventions are constantly re-defining our economy, and generating amazing profits for the investors who climb aboard the best new ideas before they really take off.

That’s why, today, I would like to take the time to let you know about some very special research I’ve been doing about a sector that could just be the most revolutionary profit engine in all of tech. Considering that tech is already the profit engine of the entire economy, that’s really saying something.

It involves a revolution in financial technology that has the potential to redefine how we all pay for the most basic goods and services, and totally change the way we handle money.

The key is the groundbreaking yet often overlooked asset class that has been outperforming every other.

My research is telling me that its best days are still ahead of it

What The Trump Impeachment Process Means for Cannabis Stocks

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you’ve followed along with me for even a short time, then you already know that I have a tendency to make bold predictions.

Here’s the thing. I’m convinced – and I have the track record to prove it – that to consistently crush the market, you have to be willing to buck the in-crowd on Wall Street and in Washington.

For me, it’s all about innovation. I always say that the road to wealth is paved with tech, and that’s why I’m always excited about bold new sectors that mainstream big investors might still be cautious about. I expect that 2020 is going to be an outstanding year for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Along with that, I’m expecting big things from the legal cannabis sector in this coming year.

But let’s be honest, it’s gotten much more difficult to cash in on cannabis because the sector is out of favor.With that in mind, let’s take a look at the situation facing the cannabis sector as we move into 2020

How Proofpoint Could Double Your Investment and Then Double It Again

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Last Tuesday, I showed you a market-crushing leader that defines high-tech wealth.

The fact is that Proofpoint Inc. (PFPT) is a great way to play the field of anti-phishing cyber security, a major growth field.

But don’t take my word for it. None other than the FBI says these kinds of intrusions cost the American public $12.5 billion in financial damages in the 55 months ended May 2018.

And during that period, early Proofpoint’s stock totally cleaned up. From Nov. 12, 2012, when it closed at $10.22 through its most recent closing high of $130.14 on Oct. 15, 2019, PFPT made 1,173.4%.

Along the way, the stock beat the benchmark S&P 500 by a stunning 902.5%.

Even better, just $25,000 invested in Proofpoint would have turned into $313,350 in only seven years

But don’t worry. I still see plenty of upside ahead. In as little as three years, that original $25,000 will be worth a conservatively estimated $1.27 million.

Let me show you why it’s still not too late to get in on all the action

Investor Confidence is Back, Here’s Who to Buy in 2020 to Cash In

0 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

Without semiconductors, there is no American economy. That’s because the American economy is driven by tech, and tech is driven by semiconductors. After an outstanding jobs report, big media is finally coming around to my point of view that tech investors have lot of upside ahead, and very few reasons to be worried. In times like these, it’s important to look for the pick-and-shovel plays that will be supporting development in as many breakout sectors as possible. The right semiconductor plays will be able to profit from the rollout of 5g wireless, along with advances such as cobots, robots that cooperate with humans in the workplace. With new breakouts just around the corner in 2020, you’re not going to want to miss the firms that will be holding it all together. Click here to watch.

Get into the Trillion-Dollar Healthcare Industry Without Touching a Single Stock

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

This weekend, I told you about a virtually undiscovered corner of the market.

They’re called microcurrencies, and they are already making everyday folks just like you rich – in a matter of days…

I’m not talking about chump change, either…

These are once-in-a-lifetime gains like 3,602% 5,715% 24,522%… even 61,714% in real estate, advertising, energy, travel, financial services – you name it.

And today, I want to talk about another one that was created for one of the most explosive corners of the market: health care.

Now most of the time, when you hear about health care, it’s coming from a panel of pundits on the news networks arguing about the latest political legislative battles coming out of Washington.

Of course, that’s by design. They don’t actually care about your bottom dollar – or your health costs – they care about their ratings… which is exactly why I wanted to talk to you.

What we’re witnessing is nothing short of a revolution in the global currency market. But I’m willing to bet that no more than maybe 10 people even know these tiny currencies exist – or how to profit from them.

For instance, most people don’t realize that there’s a microcurrency especially created for the health care market

Why Trump’s Reelection is Looking More Likely

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’ll never forget sailing with my buddies on San Francisco Bay back in the summer of 2016.

Both are high-tech investors who were absolutely convinced that Donald J. Trump had exactly zero chance of becoming president.

But I strongly disagreed. That’s because I follow these things closely since big political elections can affect the stock market, not to mention every sector of the economy, including high tech.

On top of all that, I was a young auto analyst in Detroit back in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected. I personally talked with union members who crossed party lines and helped put Reagan in the White House.

I told my sailing buddies that the same dynamic was at work in 2016. I didn’t just predict that Trump would win, I walked them through several of the key districts and showed them exactly how he would do it.

Here I go again…I believe that Trump now has a much better chance of getting reelected than he did before the Democratic-led impeachment hearings began.

And with the economic situation set to continue on course, that’s good news for investors. We’re going to be seeing a lot of new wealth created by a lot of cutting-edge technology

Proofpoint: Securing Your Emails and Your Financial Future

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

If you want to become a high-tech millionaire, sometimes all you have to do is check your email.

Let me explain. In four days, I received two emails purporting to help me with e-commerce issues.

Good thing I didn’t open them. Each one was a “phishing expedition.”

That’s the term we use when you get an email that looks legit but actually is an attempt to steal your financial data or launch an attack on your computer.

The reason why I am telling you this now is that odds are pretty good that you will receive at least one yourself. And during the frenzy that is Christmas shopping, you may get careless – and hacked.

So, at the very least, today’s chat may save you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

It also will help keep your key financial data secure from cyber thieves who have used bogus emails to do at least $12.5 billion in financial damages.

Even better, I’m going to reveal a cyber leader that is exactly the type of stock that can hand you a 7-figure return in a few short years

Here’s Why I Completely Shifted My Stance on Government Mandates

112 | By Michael A. Robinson

You know, all of my adult life, I’ve been a hard-hitting fiscal conservative. If you’d come to me two or three years ago and said there’s a new government mandate – a California government mandate – that Michael Robinson was going to love and endorse, I would’ve laughed you out of the room. But, my new research has completely shifted my stance. Here’s the thing… Click here to watch.