The Momentum Behind These 4 Tech Winners

3 | By Michael A. Robinson

San Francisco, CA – If ever there was a time to repeat my mantra that the road to wealth is paved with tech, it’s today.

After all, I’m in downtown San Francisco where I am going to deliver an investor presentation at the SF MoneyShow. I couldn’t be more excited.

The title of my talk is “How to Own Great Tech Stocks for Free.” That’s more than a little appropriate.

See, so far this year, members of my paid services have taken no less than 10 free trades.

That means we sold have of each of them for 100% gains. We now own those stocks free and clear. From here on out, we’re playing on the house’s money.

Now then, you and I talked about the free trades for members of my entry-level service, Nova-X Report, back on July 12. But the gains don’t stop there.

Today, I’m following up to tell you about four recent big winners. And I’ll show you why there’s still so much upside ahead….

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I believe the recent results at the Nova-X Report prove that another one of my sayings is also dead on the money.

You can get to financial freedom a whole lot faster if you have a savvy tech stock picker like me in your corner.

And the timing is great. We are now closing the books on second quarter earnings in which tech did very well overall.

With that in mind, I’m following up our July 12 chat to show you how Nova-X Report racks up so many market-crushing winners.

During the quarter, the S&P was up 3.8%. Our four biggest winners crushed the market in the period by an average 680%. Take a look:

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Nova-X Second-Quarter Winner No. 1: E-Commerce Leader Rallies 45%

For some time now, I have been touting the strength of the U.S. economy. One big reason for that is the fact that consumers propelled second-quarter GDP by 2.1%.

My Nova-X members own one of the great plays on shopping, specifically a winning e-commerce play. This is one of those stocks that has largely flown under the radar screen.

It provides the online presence for thousands of firms around the nation, which is why I call it “Amazon’s Hidden Supercharger.”

This fast mover hosts software in the cloud that merchants use to run their businesses across all of their sales channels. These include web and mobile storefronts, physical retail locations, social media storefronts and marketplaces.

As much as I love Amazon, I still firmly believe that this is a much better e-commerce bet. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at the recent results.

During the second quarter, AMZN gained a respectable 6.34%. But this stock supercharged that, beating AMZN during the period by 609%. That was enough to crush the S&P by 1,084.2%.

You better see this now (Tom is telling all)

Nova-X Second-Quarter Winner No. 2: Digital Transformer Adds 41.5%

This exciting small cap uses AI and other tech tools to help clients convert almost any process into a digital application.

It is applying AI to almost every tech project to make applications smarter, faster and easier to use for the client.

This company defines fast mover. In fact, just about a month ago, Investor’s Business Daily listed this as one of the top 50 growth stocks in the nation.

Of course, we beat the paper on this one, but I do agree with their view. Sales have been expanding at a 27% rate, and the firm now has a roster of 350 clients. In turn, those firms use this market crusher’s savvy tools on more than 12,000 projects.

Make no mistake. This has been a huge winner for my members. We sold half the stock for 111% gains on June. 14. The stock’s second quarter profits means we beat the broader market during the period by 992%.

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Nova-X Second-Quarter Winner No. 3: Health Portal Gains 38%

Let me just make a flat-out bold statement. I was right and Wall Street was dead wrong.

Here’s why I say that. Just as the second quarter got under way, on April 12 to be precise, I told my members to double down on this health insurance play.

We used our unique Cowboy Split to buy a second 50% after Wall Street panicked and sold off the stock en masse.

And it’s a good thing we doubled down. The stock is now up more than 93%, and has plenty of upside still ahead.

After all, the firm runs the nation’s preeminent online health insurance platform. From its web portal, this aggressive leader provides millions with access to a wide array of health plans through its ties to more than 170 carriers.

Its performance is even stronger than it sounds. I say that because health insurance has become a big talking point on the 2020 presidential campaign trail.

Despite Democratic calls for curbs on private insurance, the stock keeps powering ahead. In other words, robust sales and earnings growth trump political fears with this stock.

Our 38% gains means we beat the broader market in the period by 902.6%.

Now, online health insurance isn’t the only new medical technology I’ve got on my radar.

See, a tiny biotech firm has developed a radical new technology that’s already being used by the U.S. military and trauma and cancer centers around the world.

This could save over two million lives. And this firm holds the key to developing this technology.

Early investors have the chance to see potentially life-changing gains.

See all the details here.

Nova-X Second-Quarter Winner No. 4: Cloud Winner Up 28%

To achieve success in finance, it’s not always what you know – it’s whom you know (which is why you need to see this ASAP)

I have to say it’s been a lot of fun to watch this cloud provider to life sciences firms grow at hyper-speed.

The firm has smartly managed the art of the upsell to its installed base of drug making clients, boosting spending-per-client rates.

When we first bought shares in 2016, the firm’s sales base had just reached $400 million. By next year, look for sales to approach $1.3 billion.

Based on my knowledge of the firm as a key backend supplier for drug and biotech firms, I can see yearly sales approaching $3 billion by mid-decade.

Let’s not forget that this cloud provider is just now pushing into the even bigger industrial market, which is twice the size of its core life sciences target. Plus, it aims to tackle the cosmetics industry as well.

Its second-quarter gains means it beat the broader market in the period by 636.8%. This is a stock we actually own for free, having sold half for 100% gains on May 22, 2017.

So as you can see, a subscription to Nova-X Report will quickly put you in the winners’ circle.

I do hope you will consider joining me there. To do so, simply click here.

And if you’re not quite ready for that low-cost service, be sure to check back with me here as I share the tips and tactics you need to growth your net worth.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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  1. Debra Dearman says:

    Hi Michael
    Congrats on the winners!
    I am subscribed to Nova- X Report.
    Unfortunately Ive missed out on the success. Just due to an extremely busy schedule taking care of family with health issues. I’m hopeful that situation gets better by next week so I can take advantage of the opportunities available.
    Have a blessed day!!!

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