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1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Call it a hunch, but I’m guessing most tech investors would love to crush the market in just a few months’ time by 5,992%.

And no, that’s not a misprint.

With that kind of dynamic it would be like heading down the road to wealth that is high tech, not in a Porsche or a Ferrari, but in a rocket ship.

Just ask members of my premium trading service Radical Technology Profits. At a time when so many investors are struggling with the market’s volatility, Rad Tech members are banking big bucks.

Fact is, our four biggest short-term movers beat the market by an average of 5,992% that I just mentioned. And our best performer crushed by 19,800%.

Just as the name Radical Technology Profits implies, the idea here is to find those little-known gems that can hand us fast payouts by beating Wall Street to the punch.

Today, I’m going to show you why there’s still plenty of upside on these four rocket ships.

And I’ll let you know how to get in on all the hot action…

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Now, I don’t want you to worry. You might think these kinds of outsized gains can only occur with trading options. Sure, I suggest occasional bonus options for aggressive traders.

But the bread-and-butter of what we do at Rad Tech is pile up the kind of profits on equities that most other investors can only dream about.

Before I go into more details on our four biggest short-term winners, I want to note something about the comparisons. I’m basing these results as of the market’s close last Friday.

I’m doing that to be consistent. That’s the date I used when I sent a performance tracking update to Rad Tech members yesterday.

I’ve also ranked these by how much each crushed the market. Take a look:

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Rad Tech Rocket Ship No. 1: Solar Tech – 19,800%

It’s really hard to believe that Rad Tech members have had this stock for just about exactly four months.

After all, since it entered the portfolio on April 8, the stock is up 187% on the half we still own. It means that tranche has annualized gains of a stunning 561%.

And let’s not forget two big pieces of news for this cutting edge play on solar tech. On July 31, the stock soared 30% in a single session after it crushed on earnings.

On top of that, it handed us a free trade in which we took 100% gains on half the holding on July 8, exactly three months after we bought it.

The firm is the leading supplier of micro-inverters for the solar energy market. The sector is expected to double the amount of solar install by 2024 to have enough panels to supply 70.5 million homes, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association trade group.

Rad Tech members bought the stock on April 8. Since then, the S&P is up 1.2%. Beating the market means we have average gains of 159.2%.

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Rad Tech Rocket Ship No. 2: Apps Maker – 2,683.3%

When I spoke at Money Map Press’s Black Diamond Conference last April, an audience member asked if I really believed in this stock.

“Absolutely,” I said, and then ticked off several reasons why. At the top of the list is the fact that this small-cap leader is helping tech and other firms get their apps installed on smart phones.

This is a great market for an aggressive firm with best-of-breed technology; forecasts call for roughly 2.9 billion smartphones to be in use by the end of next year.

The stock has been doing well in a tough market in no small part because of its great track record. Just check out these stats:

  1. Partnerships with 30 wireless carriers and handset makers.
  2. 2.1 billion apps preloaded across all devices globally.
  3. 8 million new devices per month.
  4. 250 million devices already installed with the firm’s software.
  5. Works with 70% of the top-selling apps on Google Play.

The stock entered the portfolio on March 29. Since then, the S&P is up just 3.4%. Beating the broader market by 2,683.3% means we are now up 83.5% in less than five months.

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Rad Tech Rocket Ship No. 3: Chip Leader – 840.6%

When I recommended this chip maker on Jan. 7, I noted that the company had great new senior management. I cited that as one of the reasons I thought my members would do very well with this aggressive fast mover.

I pointed out that the firm had recently hired a new CEO who is revamping operations to further increase earnings. He hails from Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and has a great track record.

At AMD, he was a driving force behind the rapid expansion of the computer graphics chips business. That segment emerged as the fastest-growing division at AMD under his watch.

The firm also gives us a great hook for the growth market of edge computing.

Grand View Research says this segment will grow an average 54% through 2025, when it will be worth more than $25 billion.

We took a free trade on this winner in less than four months on May 1. Rad Tech members bought the stock on Jan. 7, and the S&P is up 14.5%. Beating the broad market by 840.6 % means we have average gains of 136.4% in just over seven months.

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Rad Tech Rocket Ship No. 4: AI Vendor – 644%

Artificial intelligence (AI) used to be one of those tech fields that offer lots of promise. Except when it came to making money.

The field got tons of buzz in the late 1990s, only to disappoint lots of investors.

But as the saying goes, that was then and this is now. AI has gone form a tech laggard to amazing leader just in the last three years.

Indeed, it is now working its way through the entire global economy. PwC says that by 2030, AI will boost the world’s economies by an amazing $15.7 trillion.

Chalk it all up to breakthroughs in processing power, software and algorithms.

And of course, paying customers. Then again, this fast-mover has a unique application – AI to help overwhelmed customer call centers.

Don’t scoff. The New York-based firm counts an amazing 18,000 clients. They love the fact that the firm’s AI systems can help makes sense out of the barrage of text message, some 7.8 trillion of which are sent every single year.

Investors also are thrilled. Since the stock entered the Rad Tech portfolio on Feb. 25, the S&P is up 5%. Beating the market by 644% means we’re now up 37.2% in less than six months.

Add it all up and you can see that a premium trading service like Radical Technology Profits can really get you closer to financial freedom rather quickly.

So, if you are looking to put your portfolio into hyper drive, I hope you’ll consider joining me at Radical Technology Profits. To do so, simply click here.

If, however, you’re just getting started but still want to beat the market regularly, check back with me on Friday. I will have some terrific news for you.

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Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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