Why These Four Cannabis Recommendations Beat the Market by 646%

12 | By Michael A. Robinson

Delray Beach, FL – When we spoke on Tuesday, I noted that I saw no signs of recession this year.

I also made it clear that if you have the right stock picker in your corner, you can really put the market to shame.

And today, I’m going to prove that to you.

Fact is, I’m in sunny Florida today to give a presentation on investing in cannabis at Money Map Press’ Black Diamond conference.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Members of my premium trading service, Radical Technology Profits,absolutely annihilated the market in the first quarter.

During the period, the S&P 500 gained 13%, its best quarter in a decade.

But the average Rad Tech stock gained 46%, beating the market by 253%.

Our cannabis picks did even better. The top four gained an average profit of 97%. That means we trounced the market’s benchmark index by 646%.

One recommendation beat the market by 1,215%.

So, today I’m going to show you why our top four cannabis picks made so much money for my members…

And what that could mean for you…

Why We’re Here

Let’s be clear on one thing. Radical Technology Profits is mostly focused on high tech and the life sciences. We have produced a steady track record of double- and triple-digit winners.

I got involved in cannabis investing specifically because it is biotech related. Cannabis could have a dramatic impact on a wide range of conditions, from multiple sclerosis to Alzheimer’s to glaucoma.

That’s why I’m so excited to see our cannabis picks turn into rocket ships. I’ve compiled a list of our four best winners for the first quarter.

Before I dive in, I want to let you know where you can find all of this information – and more. The National Institute for Cannabis Investors (NICI) has put together a comprehensive database of every single cannabis stock to hit the market, as well as a wide range of startups, IPOs, and other cannabis-related companies.

They’re granting access to a select number of people, and as a Strategic Tech Investor reader, you’re qualified to get in on this elite deal. NICI has saved 100 spots jut for us to day, so just click here to sign up.

Now, let’s take a look at four cannabis stocks we’re following in our sister research service that are absolutely crushing the market:

Cannabis Winner #1 Beats By 1,215%

I believe our gains here are in a class by themselves. The stock not only gave us a recent free trade, it gained 171% for the first quarter – beating the market by 1,215%.

For most of its decades-old existence, this cannabis farming operation has built up its knowhow in the growth of high quality, premium-priced, year-round tomatoes and cucumbers.

It has a joint venture (JV) with a leading small-cap biotech cannabis firm. That joint venture has more than one million square feet of grow space. Note that the farming outfit already has extensive growing experience, and its greenhouses are already built.

So, this JV is now producing cannabis at less than half the cost of most competitors, which bodes well for more gains ahead. This play produced a free trade in the first quarter, and is up 211% on the half-stake members still hold.

Cannabis Winner #2 Beats By 615%

This firm has also emerged as one of Canada’s largest growers, with plans to eventually produce 45,000 kilograms (100,000 pounds) by 2021.

To help ensure it sees enough demand, this aggressive company was smart to line up five-year supply agreements in Quebec, and is now inking similar deals in Ontario and other provinces.

In 2019, the firm also aims to roll out cannabis-infused drinks for the Canadian market. It recently signed a joint venture (JV) with one of Canada’s largest liquor companies.

And a recent acquisition gave the robust supplier the capacity to produce approximately 150,000 kilograms of high-quality cannabis each year.

Bringing these firms together creates a platform with established distribution agreements in eight provinces, including Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

That savvy deal was very well-received by investors, fueling a 93.3% gain in the first quarter.

Cannabis Winner #3 Beats By 390%

In the last several months we’ve seen a surge of mergers and acquisitions in the cannabis space. And this Rad Tech portfolio entry has been at the center of a lot of M&A chatter.

It’s quite understandable. The firm has already emerged as one of the largest legal cannabis growers in Canada. And it’s positioning itself to be a worldwide grower for both medical and recreational use.

For the past few quarters, there has been a quiet buzz that tobacco giant Altria Group Inc. (NYSE:MO) is preparing a buyout offer.

And in the past few months, this firm has had to fend off the buyout offers from Green Growth Brands Inc. (OTC:GGBXF). The company insists that the nearly $2 billion offer on the table understates its value.

We didn’t invest based on merger rumors, but on the firm’s fundamental values. But expectations of a better buyout offer to come helped fuel a 65% rally in this stock in the first quarter.

Cannabis Winner #4 Beats By 384%

Earlier I noted that cannabis is shaping up to be quite a great biotech compound. And the results from this Rad Tech play show just what I’m talking about.

This cutting edge life sciences firm is run by a stellar CEO. He has both MD and an MBA. He also has a deep background as a senior drug industry executive that belies the firm’s status as a micro-cap.

And this company is making all the right moves. It recently:

  • Signed an agreement to develop a sterile eye drop dosage formulation of its glaucoma compound, which is approaching Phase II clinical trials.
  • Forged a pact with a larger supply firm for cannabidiol (CBD), a form of cannabis that is rapidly gaining market acceptance. Last Monday, the firm said it reached an agreement with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency that this CBD is not a controlled substance, a major green light for R&D.

This stock also yielded Radical Technology Profits members a free trade, meaning they got all their original capital back and are now playing on the house’s money.

Now then, Radical Technology Profits is a premium trading service. And many of you may find the sticker price more than you are comfortable paying at this point in your investing careers.

But don’t worry. I will be back next Tuesday to show you how you can also crush the market by becoming a member of my very reasonably priced monthly newsletter, the Nova-X Report.

Please tune in… you don’t want to miss out on the huge profits here.

Cheers and good investing,
Michael A. Robinson

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    • Lori Davis says:

      I know nothing of the stock market but I have a feeling I should invest in the pot market but I don’t know where to begin. Can you help

  1. Harold Simmons says:

    I have not started trading stocks been reading ur letters it sounds a lot better than what my 401k has done the 35 yrs i have worked i will be 59 and half may 25th was gonna try follow your recommendations and put half of it to invest for someone that hasent done this what do u think best way to start

  2. Dean Gulbranson says:

    I joined Nova-X, but I haven’t gotten one recommendation or ticker to buy. When do we get in on some shares that are about to soar?

    • Kalbessa Daba Gaga says:

      I want to get the names and ticker symbol of the Cannabis companies and instructions on how to buy shares on IPO dates

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