The 5G Stock That Could See An Epic 1000% Price-Climb

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

For the last 35 years, I’ve witnessed every major breakthrough in Silicon Valley.

From the internet to smart phones, cloud computing and cryptocurrencies, to DNA testing and gene editing… and beyond.

All of it incredible, life-changing stuff. But folks, nothing compares to what I’d like to share with you today.

What I’m talking about is – without doubt – the greatest breakthrough of this century.

It could dwarf everything that’s gone before, and create $12 trillion in brand new wealth for savvy investors.

Of course, I’m talking about 5G. Now, most people don’t even understand exactly what it is just yet. Some people think it’s just an upgrade to their iPhone.

But 5G is way bigger.

I’ve been writing about 5G since 2015 – long before most people had even heard of it. To say it’s a pivotal advancement is an understatement of epic proportions.

This goes well beyond retail goods like phones, computers or routers getting upgraded to 5G. It will have a monumental and unrivalled impact on society, and it will effect everything from healthcare to housing, transportation to energy consumption, policing, national defense, banking, the stock market, airlines… on and on.

Until now, we haven’t even been able to make much-discussed goods like driverless cars, robotics, smart homes, and remote healthcare viable on a global level.

But 5G is making all of this possible.

And of course, the cash flowing in is absolutely staggering. The U.S. has just committed upwards of $400 million to 5G, China is ready to invest $400 billion, Australia is expected to throw $5.7 billion at it, South Korea is in for $1.5 billion, and Germany is all-in for an enormous $100 billion.

And they have to – or their economies and industries will be left behind in the dust.

All across America, hulking cell towers that have allowed us talk, text and email, like these (on your left) are being torn down and replaced.


Because they’re antiquated. They work, but barely. These old towers operate like old sawed off shotguns. They can’t aim so they blast signals everywhere in the hope that some will go to the correct place.

But they won’t work for the new 5G network that relies on lightning fast connections with no delay, and laser-like accuracy.’s why those hulking cell towers are being replaced by what I call ‘M-Boxes’ – strange looking boxes just like these. And the “MU-MIMO” tech inside them will allow things that will change the world – like remote surgery, driverless cars and emergency drones – to happen, on a massive scale.

At last year’s Winter Olympics in Korea, there was an entire 5G village. Shuttle buses ran equipped with a system that monitored drivers’ facial expressions for signs of sleepiness. 360 degree images showed figure skaters gliding around the ice in real time with no delays whatsoever. And fans were able to compete in groundbreaking, augmented virtual reality snowboarding and cross-country skiing competitions.

But at next year’s summer games in Tokyo, Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC) plans to go a step further by rolling-out a full-blown 5G network. It will feature incredible 8K 360-degree video with 4K camera drones that could deliver real-time streams of live event. And a fully-connected driverless car network within the Olympic park itself.

It’s happening now folks. There’s no going back. And if you’d like a shot at making a ton of money from this epic build-out, you need to move now.

In my special presentation, I show you how you could play it.

I’m talking about the chance to get in on a $6 stock that could be poised to corner a $12 trillion market. But you need to move immediately on this.

Everything you need to know is here.

Cheers and good investing.

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  1. Dean Gulbranson says:

    Way too much to try and read it all, but most of the important investing info is listed. What I need is someone to give recommendations and alerts to the best stocks to get into. Some experts just go on and on about all their big money gains back 10, 20, or 30 years ago. What’s the best things to look at now and in the near future. I don’t have a lot to invest, but if you get rolling in some profitable returns you can put some money in a retirement fund and have some profits to invest in the future. Right?

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