Five More States to Watch to Profit on Election Day

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

You know how legal marijuana stocks can pile up big gains.

In fact, no fewer than 64 cannabis stocks have already shot past 1,000% gains in the last few years.

And those big gains – which often come in just a few weeks – are many times supercharged by big catalysts.

Like the voters in four states deciding tomorrow on whether to legalize cannabis. (Click here to watch my full rundown on all the legal cannabis profit opportunities my Election Day research has revealed.)

Folks in Michigan and North Dakota are deciding on adult-use recreational cannabis. And voters in Utah and Missouri are taking up medical marijuana legislation.

Meanwhile, dozens of cities and counties in California, Ohio, and Wisconsin have put the legalization question to their voters. (Ohioans are also deciding on whether to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis.)

We always say: When laws pass, stocks soar. 

But stocks can also take off when the politics around legalization in a state change. So that’s why cannabis stock enthusiasts should also be watching the results coming out of five more states tomorrow…


Ned Lamont, the Democratic candidate for governor in Connecticut (where medical cannabis is legal), strongly supports legalizing recreational marijuana. It’s “an idea whose time has come,” he says. Lamont says he’d use the tax revenue to fund drug treatment programs and to help fix his state’s budget crisis.

While his Republican opponent, Bob Stefanowski, isn’t against legalization per se, it’s not on his agenda.

The race is tight – but Lamont is a few points ahead in the polls. Connecticut’s current governor, Daniel Malloy, opposes recreational legalization. So a Lamont win would likely put Connecticut in line to legalize adult use cannabis via legislation in the next year.


In Florida, a win by Democrat Andrew Gillum would be huge. He’s not only in favor of recreational legalization, but he’s made it a big part of his campaign. For example, one Gillum campaign ads flashed the words “legalize marijuana” on screen along with other proposals.

His opponent, Ron DeSantis, while in favor of medical expansion, is opposed to adult-use legalization. It’s a tossup in the Sunshine State, but Gillum looks to be a smidgeon ahead


Billionaire venture capitalist J.B. Pritzker looks to be way ahead of incumbent Gov. Bruce Rauner in the polls. And the Democrat has made marijuana legalization a centerpiece of his campaign. “Let’s legalize, tax and regulate marijuana,” he said during his primary night victory speech. Rauner opposes recreational legalization.

If Pritzker wins, Illinois looks likely to be the second Midwestern state to fully legalize adult-use cannabis – after Michigan voters make their state the first tomorrow.


Another big state, another tight governor’s race. In Minnesota, Democrat Tim Walz wants to “replace the current failed policy with one that creates tax revenue, grows jobs, builds opportunities for Minnesotans, protects Minnesota kids, and trusts adults to make personal decisions based on their personal freedoms.” Republican Jeff Johnson opposes.

It’s a tossup right now, but Walz is a few points ahead in the polls.

New Mexico

Finally in New Mexico, like in Illinois, we’ve got another marijuana champion way ahead in the polls. Michelle Lujan Grisham, now a Democratic congresswoman, argues that legalization would bring “hundreds of millions of dollars to New Mexico’s economy” – and says she would be “inclined to sign” a bill.

So we’ve got four states voting on legalization… three more doing so on a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction basis… and five governor’s races to watch.

That makes tomorrow one of the busiest days ever for folks who follow this industry.

But I’ve got one more thing you should do.

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And then you can take a moment to relax…

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