We’re Making History Again – at America’s First-Ever National Cannabis Summit

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

For two years, we’ve been talking about how legal cannabis is America’s most exciting industry.

During that time, the U.S. market has boomed from nearly zero to $10.8 billion. That’s impressive, especially when consider that 40% of the country hasn’t legalized even medical marijuana yet.

Of course, legal cannabis is also America’s most controversial industry.

You know all about U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ opposition to legal cannabis.

And he’s not alone. Despite everything you see on the news every night, plenty of Washington politicians still oppose legalization.

Consider John Boehner. Not too long ago, the former Speaker of the House was “unalterably opposed” to marijuana.

But since then, he’s seen the error of his stance – and now says it’s “time to go all in on marijuana.”

And no wonder.

I’ve told you all about the benefits of medical marijuana – from pain relief and glaucoma treatment to controlling seizures and decreasing anxiety. And Speaker Boehner has educated himself on those.

Plus, he’s a smart politician and has seen the polls. At least 84% of the public believes cannabis should be legal for medical uses, and 61% of Americans support the recreational variety.

Moreover, it has delivered some of the biggest stock market windfalls in modern history.

Yet, this green gold rush is just getting started.

Four states have legalization referendums on their midterm ballots in just a few weeks, and even more are pushing for reforms via statehouse legislation.

That means the industry is about to explode – again. According to Forbes analysts, the U.S. market alone is projected to explode 5x and hit $57 billion in the next decade.

So there’s still time for you to stake your claim to it.

That’s why I wanted to send you my personal invitation to a historic American Cannabis Summit that we’re hosting. To bring it to you, we’re joining forces with Speaker Boehner and other leaders of this unstoppable economic revolution.

And we’re bringing it to you tomorrow at 1 p.m. EST – so time is running out for us to save your space.

Click here to reserve your spot.

Now, Speaker Boehner and the other folks we’ve lined up are true experts here. So we’re going to go way beyond investing in legal cannabis.

During the American Cannabis Summit, we’ll also go over…

  • The current state of cannabis in America (and its future)…
  • Whether we’ll be looking at our next $100 billion or even $1 trillion industry…
  • When the federal prohibition on cannabis will end…
  • Three imminent events that will transform this industry forever…
  • The stocks primed to create a new generation of “marijuana millionaires…”
  • How you can become a cannabis angel investor…
  • And much more.

These are all topics we cover here at Strategic Tech Investor – but it’s not often we can bring you the caliber of experts like Speaker Boehner and our other panelists.

It will be broadcast online. And attendance is 100% free.

Remember, this is all happening tomorrow – and space is limited.

So you must sign up now if you want to attend.

I truly hope you all join me at this event.

Just click here and we’ll reserve a spot for you.

My No. 1 priority is helping you build the wealth you’ve always dreamed of, and I believe this American Cannabis Summit is one of the best chances you’ll ever get to become a real marijuana millionaire.

I’ll see you there.

And I’ll see you back here soon.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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