Only One Thing Left to Do on “Canada Day”

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

Today Canada becomes first major economy to legalize recreational marijuana.

But you don’t need me to tell you that.

Turn on your television or radio. Check out the front-page headlines. Or just follow your social media feed.

But don’t follow them too closely.

Because they’re not telling you the full story.

You see, a lot of naysayers are going to try to rain on today’s parade.

They’re going to tell you that not enough stores have opened. (So what?! Have these folks never heard of online shopping?)

They’ll tell you there’s already a supply glut.

They’ll tell you to “sell the news” – as if you’ve never heard that one before.

All that negative talk is just noise. And the No. 1 rule in Your Tech Blueprint is to “Separate the Signals from the Noise.”

And there are a lot of signals out there. Profitable signals.

I’m talking about the $22.6 billion that Canada’s cannabis market is expected to generate in the next few years.

I’m talking about the 10.5 million-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse in western Canada that soon will be able to grow $600 million worth of marijuana.

I’m talking about the $100 billion worldwide market for medical marijuana – marijuana that Canada can now export to.

Those are very real signals.

Which means there is money to be made in this brand-new, completely untouched industry.

You see, even before today, the industry was bursting at the brim. Cannabis companies were seeing gains of 1,000%, 3,000%, even an incredible 53,000%. Now that marijuana is fully legal Canada, I expect those numbers to keep climbing.

Here’s the catch: Now that Canada has legalized weed nationwide, everyone sees a business opportunity. Any average guy could wander off the street, get a retail license, and decide to sell marijuana.

The thing is, it’s nearly impossible for even seasoned investors to weed out the “average guys” from the cannabis players that are going to win.

But I’ve been watching pot stocks for years. I’ve seen which companies have set themselves up for profits. I know which companies will surge forward, and which will be left in the dust.

Right now, Canadians are out there, buying recreational cannabis like they would buy a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes. And you want some of their dollars to flow into your pockets.

So I hope you don’t miss out on your chance to take part in history – and the profits that come with it.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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