Want to Get Paid Twice on Fridays?

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Everyone loves Friday.

Some get to escape the office after an exhausting workweek. Others finally have time to cook a nice dinner for their wives or bring their kids to the new movie they’ve been begging to see.

Maybe your town flocks to the local high school’s football stadium for some “Friday Night Lights.” Or maybe your work crew heads out for happy hour.

Maybe you get to wear jeans to the office or order takeout for lunch. Well, I just found another reason for you to love Fridays.

I’m talking about “Friday Night Fortunes.”

More on that in a minute – but first some background.

Now, five years ago, I made a bold claim. I said that Amazon would make it into the “Thousand Dollar Club.”

At the time, it was trading for $332 per share. Analysts were warning everyone about how the “tech bubble” was about to burst. Nobody thought that the “King of E-Commerce” could hit $1,000.

Except for me.

Thursday morning, Amazon broke the $2,000 barrier.

That means if you bought Amazon when I recommended it five years ago, you’ve made gains of 502%.

Now imagine if you could make that kind of money every week, instead of every five years.

Better yet, imagine if you could make that kind of money three times every week.

I’m talking about an extra $1,000 three times every week.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t turn down gains like that.

Every week, you could get three extra “paychecks” in the mail.

And those checks would come in on – you guessed it – Friday.

See, a colleague of mine here has found a way to trade on a weekly basis. And with his new system, instead of waiting five years for big gains like we made on Amazon, you might only have to wait five days.

You may be thinking that it’s too good to be true. For the Amazon trade, all you had to do was call your broker, click a few buttons, and wait five years.

What if I told you that it’s just as easy to get your Friday Night Fortunes? It takes less than five minutes. On Monday morning, you just have to log onto your smartphone, tablet, or computer and lock in the trade.

And every Friday night, your check shows up in your mailbox.

It’s the magic of Friday. Or rather, it’s the magic of our new system.

We want the best for our readers though, which is why we’re really going to up the ante. We’ll send out alerts not just on Monday, but on Tuesday and Wednesday as well.

That means three times the profits for you. And each one is going to double your initial investment.

To find out more, click here.

Have a great weekend.

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