How to Get on the Road to Wealth – for Free

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

You know our mantra – or at least I hope you do.

The road to wealth is paved by tech.

But here’s something you may not know.

You can make a big part of the journey for free.

Let me explain…

I always advocate selling half a position when it doubles in value… after you rack up a 100% gain.

It’s one of my top tactics. I call it taking a “Free Trade.”

That’s because once you sell half of a big winner like that, you get all your original capital back. You’re now playing with the house’s money.

Here’s something else you may not know.

Tens of thousands of my readers had the opportunity to take a Free Trade just last week.

And that wasn’t the first time in recent months – not by a long shot.

Over the past five months, those same readers could have taken four Free Trades.

Of those four, two stocks doubled in a year or less. The oldest of the group took just 18 months to get there.

That’s a nice string of big wins.

It wasn’t always easy.

But you can do it, too.

Today I’ll show you how…

A 93.5% Win Rate Is in Your Reach

I can’t emphasize this enough: Having a Silicon Valley insider working on your behalf is invaluable.

I have 34 years’ experience in the Valley, where I’ve served as a board member of a venture capital firm and as a strategic consultant to 12 startups.

I believe that background is crucial. It’s one of the reasons why my Nova-X Report readers have a 93.5% win rate on all their open position, with only two stocks out of 31 showing paper losses. (To find out how to join them, click here.)

He makes more money than he knows what to do with – and you’ll never guess how

To put it in perspective, take look at the five-year return for the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite Index (NASX). It’s done well, rising 112% during that period.

While that sounds like a lot of money, it doesn’t come close to the returns my readers get. As I said earlier, Nova-X readers had the chance to double their money four times over the past five months.

First, let’s see how they did it.

Then I’ll reveal how you can, too…

Nova-X Free Trade No. 1: Website-Boosting Apps

We took a free trade in a provider of embedded communications apps back in May, after some very deft trading.

You see, shares of this firm had gotten off to a rough start, leading us to deploy our Cowboy Split staggered-entry system. With this unique tool, we buy half our intended stake at market, and then buy the second half when shares fall by 20%.

Right after we made that move in February, shares of this communications apps winner took off like a rocket. Just three months later, we had already doubled our money. We simply wouldn’t have been in a position to take a Free Trade by then, had we not used the Cowboy Split so smartly.

In a series of top-secret weapons programs (we’ve nailed it down to one company)

Most investors missed the boat here, presuming this software firm was headed for a challenging year. Yet I thought differently – I believed the stars were aligned for banner results.

Wall Street now understands that the firm will likely grow around 50% in 2018. The fact that profits have blown past forecasts by an average 85% over the past three quarters is another sign of Wall Street’s overly dim view of this fast grower.

And here’s the crazy thing: This firm continues to hand us even more stunning gains. My readers are up 230% on the half-position they still own, meaning their combined gains now exceed 160%.

Nova-X Free Trade No. 2: E-Commerce Software

We often discuss the importance of tuning out the noise and staying focused on the signal – the key traits of a great investment.

I reminded my readers of this recently when short sellers were trying to crash this fast-growing developer of e-commerce platforms.

Those shorts never got it right, and as they had to cover their positions, shares moved high enough for my readers to take a 113% gain in a half-position in June.

The one technology more crucial to our national security than nuclear weapons

Not only has this firm managed to earn more than twice what Wall Street has been expecting in each of the past four quarters, it’s top line remains unstoppable. Sales will likely grow more than 50% this year and exceed $1 billion for the first time.

For a bit of context, this firm hadn’t even reached the $400 million sales threshold in 2016. And we’re looking for sales to keep growing at a very rapid pace as the firm pursues new growth angles.

Nova-X Free Trade No. 3: Medical and Industrial Lasers

When I recommended this maker of photonic and precision motion gear for healthcare and advanced manufacturing almost exactly one year ago, it was well off Wall Street’s radar.

I told my readers that this winner “will soon be in a lot more portfolios. You have a chance to get in ahead of the crowd.”

And that’s just how things panned out.

This fuel’s TOTAL DOMINANCE of the energy markets is inescapable

A series of savvy acquisitions have helped this supplier of surgical and factory laser cutting systems post robust sales growth – and even better profit growth.  In 2017 and 2018, this firm is on pace for 26% average yearly sales growth.

And at the start of 2017, the firm was coming off a year that saw earnings per share of 63 cents. That figure is set to exceed $2 this year.

That kind of sales and profit momentum helped my readers lock in a 103% free trade on half of our position last month, just a year after we bought shares. We’re holding those levels of gains on the half-position we still own as well.

Nova-X Free Trade No. 4: Capital Equipment Boosters

When possible, I try to alert Nova-X readers to a free trade that is coming down the pipeline. For example, in late August, I reminded my readers to place a limit order to sell half their stake in a certain provider of factory optimization software when shares doubled.

Just a few weeks later, that order was triggered, handing us a free trade.

This firm is the perfect play for a faster-growing economy. With GDP expanding at roughly 4.2% and a decades-low 3.9% unemployment rate, this firm clearly has the right tools for this economic climate.

If a sixth grader can learn the basics behind this money-doubling strategy, imagine what you could do

When I recommended shares of this firm around 20 months ago, I predicted my subscribers would secure 35% gains in 30 months.

Clearly, I was way too conservative. That’s how I like it – to under-promise and over-perform.

As you can see, my Nova-X readers aren’t content with investment ideas that merely keep pace with the market or modestly beat it.

They want plays that absolutely crush the market.

So, if you are interested in making that profitable journey on the Road to Wealth with them, simply click here to find out how to join us.

P.S. This hurts to admit. For the first time ever, my boss – Executive Publisher Mike Ward – has found a man with an undefeated track record. Now, also for the first time ever, that man is exposing the trick to his trade. My new colleague here has 30 years of experience, and in the last five years he has zero realized losses under his belt. Zero losses! This could be your ticket to your own perfect portfolio. Click here to RSVP now.

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  1. Sue says:

    where can one find the ONE place/site to get started on the stocks ,perhaps the Canadian stocks (before Oct 17th).
    I’m not rich, yet, with minimum to get started with. .but I’m anxious to get started so I can get rich and have something to pass down to my grandson ..! But I don’t want to have to join groups,etc with extra fees to get started.
    Thank you for your time and considerations. (sorry if this isn’t the”comment”as, perhaps, it was intended for ..but I just need A GOOD jump start )

  2. Paul Bajari says:

    I can’t afford to pay for leads right not. I’m on a bankruptcy budget. I need something to get me started. Sorry if that disapoints you.

  3. Bill Gross says:

    Hi, I have a a lot of cash! Highin the first qarter of 8 figures. Roughly 22m in the Bank from selling assets. I don’t k ow how to start. I’m 70 yrs.Don’t want to try tolearn a lot Seems I forget much.All setup in a Health Trust.Do I hire someone? I’m afraid to let someone play Rouett with my Money.

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