300,000 Troops, 900 Tanks Deployed: U.S. on High Alert

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

We’ve been following Russia’s “superweapon” progress for more than a month now – and there’s been an alarming turn of events.

I don’t take the information I am about to share with you lightly.

Russia is mobilizing its largest military exercise since the height of the Cold War.

I’m talking 300,000 troops, 900 tanks, and 1,000 aircraft.

The Russians are citing rising geopolitical tensions and a climate that is “frequently aggressive and unfriendly towards us.”

To add an extra bit of drama to this already dramatic display of power, these historic war games are set to launch on Sept. 11.

Last week, Russia moved a massive fleet of warships to off the coast of Syria. Officials claimed that it was the largest naval deployment in the area in three years.

To top it all off, for the first time ever, Russia has sought an alliance with China in these upcoming military exercises.

China is sending helicopters and more than 3,000 troops, despite the fact that China used to be Russia’s primary reason for having these excessive measures in the first place. Now, they’ve found a new target. They’ve joined forces with a new common enemy in mind…

I’m not worried, and you shouldn’t be either. While this situation has been escalating, our government is ready.

In fact, the United States has been quietly funneling millions of dollars into an under-the-radar defense company I’ve been following.

President Donald Trump just signed a record-breaking a $717 billion defense budget. And hundreds of millions of that are going to this firm – as its technology is tops in many crucial areas, especially hypersonic and space-based weaponry.

My dad wrote the book on this, literally. He predicted the need for space-based advances in our defense forces over 30 years ago. And with the way things are going, now is the time to act.

The writing is on the wall. The president knows it, I know it, and now you know it.

Now, you just have to act. If you click here, you’ll start to see why this situation could push this small-cap stock sky-high.

Tensions are rising. You’re going to want to get in on this before the Russia (with help from China) kicks off its war games.

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