China May Have Just Taken the “Superweapons” Lead

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Late last month, we saw how Russia released videos of six new “superweapons” almost immediately following the historic Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki.

We have no defense against these weapons – and our adversaries know this.

“No one has managed to restrain Russia,” Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted following the videos’ release.

Now China is getting into this arms race – and it may have taken the lead.

The South China Morning Post is reporting that Beijing’s aircraft superweapon completed its first test flight on Friday at an undisclosed location in northwest China.

Beijing released video and boasts that its new aircraft could deliver nuclear missiles at such high speeds that they’d be nearly impossible to thwart.

The news is the latest salvo in the high-stakes race among the world’s top three military powers to develop of a new breed of “superweapons” that could give the winner the global upper hand.

These new weapons can move through the sky at speeds up to 15,300 mph, some eight times faster than a cruise missile, and can strike anywhere on the globe within minutes, or even seconds, rendering current nuclear weapons obsolete.

China’s experimental aircraft, which literally rides the shock waves it creates, launched into space with a multistage rocket. After launch, the aircraft conducted a variety of extreme maneuvers at velocities above Mach 5.5 for more than 400 seconds, achieving a top speed of Mach 6 or 4,563 miles per hour.

“Announcing the successful test to the public indicates that China must have already made a technological breakthrough with the weapon,” Song Zhongping, a military expert and commentator, told one Chinese media outlet. “The test showed that China is advancing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. and Russia.”

Make no mistake, China’s test marks an unsettling escalation in this arms race.

You need to be prepared for this – and I’ve put together this presentation to show you what we do know.

Beyond what we’ve seen of Russia and China’s strike platforms, we know the Pentagon has its own “superweapon” plans in the works.

We know that President Donald Trump has made developing these weapons one of his highest priorities.

We know that America’s top defense contractors are lining up to build those weapons.

Finally, we know that one tiny rocket firm is developing the high-tech engines that could make these weapons reach their full potential.

So, while we encourage caution here, we are not fearful.

Nor are we emotional – and letting this distract us from our lives and goals. We are, however, advantageous.

Because, if that tiny firm picks up all the contracts I believe it will, it could see an astounding 3,877% revenue surge…

I’ve put together a special report detailing more about these new superweapons – and this exceptional opportunity.

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Good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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