A Financial Crisis Is Looming – Here’s How to Protect Your Wealth

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

I’m an innovation addict.

And that’s why here – each and every week – I try to bring you the newest of the new.

I’m talking about the innovations that are disrupting existing markets, industries, and technologies and producing something new and more efficient… something better.

That’s where the biggest gains will be now – and well into the future. Like cryptocurrencies, the medtech and fintech advances that are changing those industries forever, legal cannabis, and the new technologies that are fueling the need for a U.S. Space Force.

These are the innovations that move forward at blazing speed, leaving overnight millionaires in their path.

But in today’s report, we’re switching gears and talking about a huge “old economy” problem.

Here’s the thing: This “old economy” problem has been dragging us down.

In fact, it often holds back the innovations and disruptions we usually talk about here from taking flight and making as much money as possible.

I’m talking about a pension crisis that has grown to become a $6 trillion time bomb sitting under the U.S. economy.

And our research is telling us that this time bomb is set to explode as soon as Oct. 31.

The economy will fall and the stocks traded on Wall Street could plunge by at least half – probably by more.

At first, this crisis was just affecting pension collectors.

For example, Adam Milton, age 75, retired from dockworking, thought his $2,300-a-month pension check, combined with Social Security, would keep him and his wife financially secure for the rest of their lives.

Then the pension crisis cut his check. Now, after taxes are taken out, he is trying to live on $760 a month.

His story is not unique.

They ran out of money – $6 trillion – and our nation’s seniors are paying for it.

As for the future of current workers around the country? It’s all up in the air.

You see, our government swore up and down that our pension accounts would see average annual returns of 7.6%. But that’s unreasonable – unreachable. It’s nothing more than a very expensive lie.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Right now, pension fund managers are desperately trying to save their members’ futures. And they may have the money to pay pensioners for a limited time.

But next year? They may be flush out of money. The plans are consuming themselves.

The scariest thing about this crisis is that it’s set to steamroll Wall Street.

If companies are putting massive amounts of money they don’t have toward pension plans, they don’t have money left to for innovation… for the disruption we seek here.

This drives stock prices lower.

Then layoffs begin, driving unemployment higher. Interest rates on everything soar – credit cards, car loans, mortgages.

And it absolutely crushes the U.S. economy. This could set us up for a market crash that pales in comparison to the Great Recession of 2008.

Luckily, we have a plan. We start to show it to you here.

We know how you can play this crisis so that when this $6 trillion time bomb explodes, you come out of it unscathed.

And quite a bit richer.

For more info, just take a look.

And come back later this week for more of my best technology and innovation profit ideas.

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