One Tiny Defense Firm Will Win This $165 Billion Battle

5 | By Michael A. Robinson

Like the rest of the world, I followed the news carefully last week as Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki for their historic summit.

But it’s what happened just a few days later that really made me pay attention – and hardly anyone else noticed.

Just a few days after that summit, Russia released videos of six new “superweapons” – some of which we have no defense for.

Especially troublesome was the footage of the Avangard hypersonic boost-glide vehicle built to deliver nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Once it becomes operational, Avangard will be a grave danger to the United States because it gives our rival the upper hand in the battle for control of hypersonic-boosted ICBMs.

These are the most dangerous weapon systems ever devised – and they render current nuclear weapons obsolete.

Fact is, Russia’s new hypersonic “kill vehicle” could be combat ready in as little as 18 months.

However, Russia won’t lead this new arms race for long…

This Is Dinner Table Conversation for Me

Now then, you could say my interest in Russian military technology is in my DNA.

While most of my teenage buddies were talking about the latest hit rock songs, I was chatting with my dad about topics like guidance technology and the threats posed by missiles capable of hitting multiple targets from a single launch.

That’s because my dad is a former senior military editor for Aviation Week & Space Technology, the bible of the industry. Just about every time the Soviet Union violated one of our weapons treaties, it was my dad who broke the story. Along the way, he scooped the national press corps on a series of Soviet tech advances.

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So, when I tell you the new Russian hypersonic weapons poses a grave danger to the U.S. and the rest of the world, I know what I’m talking about.

Beyond the Avangard hypersonic vehicle, Russia recently tested a hypersonic missile the U.S. cannot at present defend against. Intelligence officials say Russia tested the so-called Kinzhal missile a dozen times.

Russian officials say the Kinzhal has a maximum range of between approximately 930 and 1,240 miles, three to four times that of current ground-based missiles.

As of now, the tests rely on mounting the unique missiles on fighter jets. The next round could include the Avangard – greatly increasing the missiles’ range and targeting ability.

China Is in on This, Too

Beijing also has made several successful hypersonic weapon tests.

Just weeks ago, China said it is opening a factory to produce hypersonic engines for missiles and space planes like its I Plane.

Image result for china science press in plane

Make no mistake. We’ve never seen anything quite like hypersonic missiles – they will make current nuclear weapons obsolete.

These powerful new weapons can zigzag in any direction, dancing through the sky at an eye-popping 15,300 mph. That’s eight times faster than a cruise missile and 27 times faster than a jetliner’s cruising speed.

It’s a device capable of striking anywhere on the globe within minutes, even seconds. In other words, all defense systems could be rendered useless trying to stop this new weapon.

Of course, the Pentagon is not taking this lying down.

In fact, President Trump and the U.S. Senate just authorized a massive $700 billion defense spending spree.

So, while Trump was playing nice with Putin in Helsinki, behind the scenes he is hell-bent on besting the Russians in hypersonic missile technology.

The Pentagon and our top defense contractors are right now developing our own hypersonic weapons – vehicles and missiles that travel at Mach 5 or higher – and defenses against ones from Russia, China, and other potential adversaries.

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We’ll be spending hundreds of billions fighting this arms race.

In fact, I’ve confirmed with the U.S. Government Accountability Office that $165 billion has already been earmarked to advance this physics-defying, world-changing technology.

Many of our top defense contractors – you know the names – are either already developing these weapons or fighting over contracts.

But they’ll need help.

All these weapon systems will require advanced, powerful rocket motors to drive them to these incredible heights and speeds. And that’s where the small, little-known company that I’ve identified comes in.

It’s a company with long and distinguished history of supplying the military and commercial sectors with the most powerful and advanced launch systems.

And because it’s small – its market cap is just a fraction of the big boys’ – establishing a stake now would put you in a perfect position to realize maximum gains as it grows.

So, we want to tag along with this innovator as the hypersonics arms race takes center stage…

Endless Profits From the Coming Revolution

It’s a company that trades at less than $30 – compare that to Lockheed’s $315 share price – and whose market cap is one-fortieth the size of LMT’s.

While it’s small, this company has been a major supplier of a wide range of propulsion products to the Pentagon for decades.

I’m talking defense platforms that include strategic, tactical, and precision strike missiles, as well as missile defense and precision war-fighting systems.

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And now it is the leading-edge developer of the rocket-engine technology that will drive the hypersonic revolution.

This firm’s involvement in hypersonic weapons is so vital to the U.S. – and so lucrative for tech investors – that we’ve prepared a special presentation on it.

The presentation will give you all the details you need to know – including how and why the stock could easily hand us gains of 145% in just the next 12 months…

… And up to 3,877% profits in the near future.

To view that presentation, simply click here.

This is a story I’m tracking heavily – so I’ll be back here soon with more on it.

See you then.

Cheers and good investing,

Michael A. Robinson

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