Consumer Reports May Like Tesla – but We Like This Stock Even More

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

Last month, Consumer Reports revealed that the Model 3 from Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) required a highly dangerous 152 feet to stop from 60 mph.

That’s bad.

However, Tesla was able to fix the problem with a wireless “over the air” software update.

In other words, thousands of auto owners got their cars fixed without having to trek to their dealership or a mechanic.

That’s good.

In fact, it’s amazing.

It’s a technological feat that would have been impossible as recently as five years ago – and it gives us a great look into the future of the entire industry.

Moreover, it earned Tesla Consumer Report‘s “Recommended Buy” rating.

But not mine…

As stunning as this achievement is, I can’t recommend the stock. Fact is, Tesla remains a very choppy, money-losing trade.

However, there is a tech-centric auto industry out there that I am recommending.

I made this “rec” to my Nova-X Report members not long ago – and they’ve made gains of 92.3% already. (To join us at Nova-X and start getting these sorts of double- and triple-digit winners right away, click here.)

Today I’m going to show you why this auto-tech play is beating the market by 325% — and why I still see plenty of upside ahead…

Elon Musk May Be a Genius, But…

There’s a big reason why I spend so much time tracking the auto industry.

Fact is, today’s cars are basically rolling computers brimming with technology.

I’m talking about voice-activated navigation, in-dash infotainment systems, backup cameras, and self-driving features like lane-departure and brake-warning systems.

From that standpoint, it’s hard to beat Tesla.

Elon Musk’s company has set a very high bar for all automakers that want to sell premium, electric vehicles (EVs). It sold around 65,000 EVs in 2016, sold more than 100,000 last year, and could sell nearly 150, EVs this year.

Not only do Tesla’s cars make a strong environmental statement, but they’re also as sporting as any vehicle on Earth. In a drag race last year, a $165,000 Tesla Model X beat a $530,000 Lamborghini Aventador to the finish line.

Teslas already sport the kind of advanced gear that other automakers are still testing. Self-driving features, for example, are best-of-breed.

And now, Tesla is working on the next wave of software innovation. Soon enough, as an example, you’ll be able to summon your car from a parking lot to where you are standing.

On the other hand…

Tesla needs much higher sales volumes if it’s ever to become a profitable firm. That’s why so much is riding on its mass-market Model 3. A long list of manufacturing problems has kept production levels below targets, which is one of the reasons trade in the stock has been so choppy of late.

In fact, the chart looks like a roller-coaster ride because it has become so news driven. Even worse, it’s off 11% over the past year.

But if you’re a Nova-X member, you’re the owner of an elite auto sector stock that puts put Tesla to shame – and has rocked both the auto industry and the broader market. (If you’re not a Nova-X member, take a look here to get on board.)

That’s why I call this company – and its stock – the Nova-X Race Car…

How We Beat the Market by 325%

I’m talking about an auto industry stock that surged higher in 2016 and gained 30.6% in 2017. It’s up around 17% this year.

That puts the S&P 500’s 4% year-to-date gain to shame. In other words, Nova-X members beat the broad market by a stunning 325%.

And we’re simply crushing the rest of the auto sector with this pick. Just take a look at the bellwether First Trust NASDAQ Global Auto ETF (Nasdaq: CARZ). This respected ETF is still underwater this year by about 2% – even after rebounding by more than 5% earlier this month.

Our stake in this auto-tech company proves one key point. You won’t profit by merely investing in the right sector. You need to invest in an elite firm in its field. That’s why it helps to have a savvy stock picker like me in the driver’s seat.

As I’ve discussed with my paid members, the Nova-X Race Car has emerged as one of the most advanced auto-tech suppliers on the planet.

In fact, it can build whole cars from scratch on a contract basis. It’s producing the new Z4 sports car for BMW later this year.

More importantly, it’s now working with a range of global automakers as they start to roll out EVs. This firm develops and builds all of the systems needed for firms to make state-of-the-art electric cars and hybrids.

It is helping Volvo to electrify all that firm’s vehicles. Another major client in China is using this firm’s tech know-how to launch a premium all-electric SUV later this year.

And our Nova-X Race Car recently pulled off yet another bold stroke. The firm just struck a deal with ride-sharing firm Lyft to jointly develop and build self-driving car systems. These systems are intended work with any existing car on the road.

Make no mistake. This company’s commitment to quality engineering and production is helping sales and improving the bottom line for investors.

Earlier this month, for example, it received a World Excellence Award from Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F). And in late April, General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) named the firm Supplier of the Year.

The stock ranks as a great global play. The firm’s operations span four continents and 28 countries, giving it a footprint to support every major automaker in the world,

But the real proof of this firm’s success can be seen in its financial statements. Its adjusted earnings surged from $3.1 billion in 2015 to $4 billion last year.

And at a time when the global auto industry is expected to post a modest sales drop, this firm is expected to boost sales nearly 10% this year. Solid margin gains should help the bottom line grow nearly twice as fast.

The fact that shares trade for less than 10 times projected 2018 profits tells us that this is one of the deepest value stocks in all of tech.

And with a strong focus on the key auto industry trends like EV and more efficient power trains, this firm – and its share price – should stay ahead of the pack for quite some time to come.

So, if you’re interested in crushing the market with carefully hand-picked, tech-centric stocks, check out Nova-X Report.

It’s easy enough to get started – and it costs less than $40 a year. All you have to do is click here

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