Direct From Legal Cannabis’ Ground Zero

5 | By Strategic Tech Investor Staff

On Friday, Feb. 2, Michael and his team attended the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco in order to investigate the current state of legal marijuana – and what’s on the horizon. There are a ton of new ideas out there. The growers and dispensaries/retailers – the “pure plays” – were literally the least of it. The amount of startups with new technologies and services for legal cannabis companies on the conference floor seemed limitless. We lost track of how many entrepreneurs and budding CEOs Michael got to talk to. Frankly, it was dizzying.

Plus, we checked out plenty of biotech companies developing medicinal marijuana treatments, chatted with state officials helping companies set up their licenses, and visited all kinds of firms displaying their cannabis-infused “edibles” and “topicals” – i.e., foods and skin-care products.

It’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs are getting into this space… If the forecasts Michael trusts are correct, the North American legal cannabis market is going to grow by 26% annually through 2021. And the industry will be generating almost $22 billion in sales by 2021 – triple what it did in 2016. You can’t ignore that kind of growth. To us, getting in on cannabis now is like getting in on Silicon Valley… in 1965. Michael tells you more about that in the video below.

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  1. Gary Kelleher says:

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  2. Bonnie Hill says:

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