Beat the Sell-Off With These Game Changers

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

If any pro sports team needed a game-changing play, it was the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday.

The underdogs in Super Bowl LII were behind by just 1 point late in the second half. And they were up against Tom Brady.

One of the top quarterbacks in NFL history, Brady was leading the New England Patriots downfield in what was shaping up to be another of his trademark wins.

But just when it mattered most, the Eagles pulled off a game-changing play – a strip-sack of Brady. After they recovered the fumble, the Eagles went on to win by 8 points for their first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

I’m bringing this all up because I see a lot of parallels between that game and the market bloodbath we saw early this week – and the extreme turbulence we’ve seen ever since.

Fact is, individual investors like you are the clear underdogs, while hedge funds and the titans on Wall Street are more like the powerhouse Patriots.

And now that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is swinging by hundreds of points every day – and the sharks on the Street make a bundle every time – you could use a game-changing play to earn yourself a “Lombardi Trophy.”

In fact, you could probably use a few Strategic Tech Investor Game Changers to get you in the winner’s circle.

Today I’ve got five of them you can start executing right now…


People have accumulated massive gains from previous marijuana legalization announcements, but California’s full legalization blew the lid off of anything we’ve seen so far.

That’s why my team and I attended the International Cannabis Business Conference in San Francisco last week. While there, we investigated the current state of legal marijuana – and what’s on the horizon. For just a taste of what we saw, check out the video below…

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The story of Eagles QB Nick Foles is incredibly inspiring. Here’s a guy who all had but given up on a pro football career in favor of becoming a high school pastor.

But he got back in the game – and the rest is history…

Foles’ gumption also applies to what we’ve seen in the market over the last week or so.

As the market has reached historic highs and then gotten more turbulent, millions of investors are throwing in the towel.

Doing so means those folks will miss the chance to score huge gains from the greatest fields in investing today – Silicon Valley technology… the blockchain and cryptocurrencieslegal marijuana

Don’t be one of those folks.

If you execute the right game-changing plays, you can become like the Nick Foles of investing.

Earlier this week, I sent you three moves to make to make sure your current investment portfolio stays profitable. I called them “Fat Finger Market Tools.”

But you also need some game-changing plays to find the next round of big winners.

And that’s why I’ve got five STI Game Changers for you today. Take a look…

STI Game Changer No. 1: Find Companies With Great Operations

This first Game Changer is a big one. You see, it’s not enough to find an interesting company in a hot tech sector.

Whether you’re looking to score life-changing gains in order to fund your kids’ college education… stash enough away for a worry-free retirement… or fund a round-the-globe vacation, you have to invest in truly exemplary high-tech winners. I’m talking about the sort of companies that are changing the rules in computers, biotechnology, industrial materials, telecommunications, aerospace, and other cutting-edge sectors.

You also need to invest in companies that are at the ground floor of investment opportunities like legal cannabis and blockchain technology.

Those are the ventures that create markets where none existed, leapfrog existing technologies, and develop products that their customers never even dreamed about – but then can’t live without.

Identifying such gifted leadership takes time. That’s why I’ve developed such a vast network of contacts and spend so much time rubbing shoulders with industry leaders – especially high-tech CEOs, legal marijuana entrepreneurs, and crypto experts.

You probably don’t get those sorts of chances.

But you can certainly go a firm’s website and closely examine its senior leaders to see if they have a true track record of making money for their shareholders.

STI Game Changer No. 2: Separate the Signals From the Noise

As we saw on Monday, there’s a lot of “noise” out there on Wall Street. That’s how big houses make their money – convincing you to follow their lead rather than do your own research.

In my note to you on Wednesday, I told you to expect turbulence ahead thanks to rising interest rates, rising bond yields, and overheated stocks. But I also said not to worry and to keep investing because the economy is growing and companies are reporting impressive earnings.

I’ve been around the markets long enough and made enough money for my readers that I have a solid sense of how to find the real “signal.”

Here’s another example. On Oct. 30, 2013, I predicted that shares of Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) would soar to $1,000 per share, or $142.85 on a split adjusted basis. This was back when most analysts were bearish on Apple and doubtful of CEO Tim Cook’s potential.

Fast-forward five years: The stock recently hit a peak price of $179.26. And on Jan. 26, upped my target price to $250.

Shortly after I did so, Apple reported record quarterly earnings of more than $20 billion.

STI Game Changer No. 3: Ride the Unstoppable Trends

Now you know I spend so much time talking about the impact of the Convergence Economy.

That’s where two or more technologies intersect to create a wholly new invention, product, or business sector. For example, the PC was just a “personal productivity device” – until it linked into the internet. That created new innovations like servers, streaming video, digital payments, and cloud storage.

Now high-tech cameras and display systems and chips and sensors have “converged” with automobiles to create the connected car and, soon, the driverless vehicle. Software, high-impact displays, and mobile technology are converging to create virtual and augmented reality.

My paid subscribers at Nova-X Report know just how money you can make by spotting unstoppable trends like these before Wall Street does – and they’re making massive gains. (To find out how to join them, click here.)

At Nova-X, we targeted a leader in light-generation technology used in televisions, smartphones, convention center and stadium displays, and more. That stock earned those folks peak gains of 248% in less than two years.

It’s a great Convergence Economy play. This light-generation technology is fusing with bleeding-edge flexible materials to create “rollable” video displays – and it’s sweeping the entire global electronics industry with lots of upside still ahead.

By riding that unstoppable trend, my Nova-X members simply crushed the market.

Tech Investing Game Changer No. 4: Focus on Growth

Growth is the one thing that elevates the tech and legal cannabis sectors far above any other profit opportunity you can think of. It’s also the one thing that will let you take, say, $25,000 and turn it into $250,000, $500,000… or more.

If you’re looking to create life-changing wealth – to fund your financial goals and fulfill your wealth dreams – then you have to find investments that can deliver superior growth on a consistent basis… like clockwork.

Did You See What The Night Trader Just Showed His Readers? (This Is Unbelievable…)

The concept here is simple – but incredibly powerful. Tech firms that are greatly outgrowing the overall economy will consistently improve their earnings.

Those earnings growers produce huge gains for their shareholders because stock prices naturally follow earnings growth.

The light-generation tech stock I noted earlier had average earnings growth of 24% over the past three years. And in the most recent quarter, earnings surged 217%.

That’s what you’re looking for.

STI Game Changer No. 5: Target Stocks That Can Double

Over at Nova-X, we regularly target stocks that double in as little as a year.

And we do the same here – over a slightly longer stretch of time.

No doubt, most investors have a hard time doing this on their own. But I want to let you in on a little secret.

Once you’ve found a winning, high-growth tech leader, there’s a simple way to figure out how long it will take for its stock to make 100% gains. I call it my Doubling Calculator.

You simply divide the company’s yearly compound growth rate into the number 72.

Let’s use the above example of that great lighting tech stock we discussed. By dividing its average yearly earnings growth into the number 72, we find that it should take three years for it to double our money.

It doesn’t take many gains of this magnitude for you to see your wealth dreams turn into reality.

In other words, you can become wealthy from tech investing quickly.

You just need two things.

  1. A burning desire to become wealthy.
  2. Our five STI Game Changers.

Like the Philadelphia Eagles learned last Sunday, game-changing plays like these are the only way to protect your capital…

And make even more as the market rises and dips.

See you next week.

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