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IPOs Are Booming – Here’s What to Do Now

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Saturday, maybe you’re planning to go for a run, watch some cartoons, or make your family a nice breakfast.

For me, I’ll be up bright and early, as I am each Saturday, looking for more profit opportunities for you in the tech world. And this Saturday in particular, I’ll be checking out the latest initial public offerings.

Let me explain…

It’s rare that I don’t start working by 7:15 a.m. on Saturdays. It’s a great time to look at tech trends and screen a host of stocks when there’s no noise from the market.

And every Saturday, I try to update my list of new tech stocks.

After spending 34 years in Silicon Valley and serving as a strategic consultant to a dozen startups, tracking IPOs comes naturally to me.

I want to see if any of my “babies” have graduated.

So, I get the names of newly public tech and life sciences stocks and put them on my post-IPO tracking screen. On Saturday, July 7, alone, I had to input 28 new stocks into my online database.

I didn’t spend much time doing that in 2017, a weak year for IPOs.

But this year, this market is on fire… and my Saturday mornings are busier.

Led by the successful IPOs of tech firms like Dropbox Inc. (Nasdaq: DBX) in March, and Spotify Technology SA (Nasdaq: SPOT) in April, tech IPOs are up 92% from last year, according to a report in TechCrunch.

This turn of events is crucial for technology investors like us.

Today I’ll show you why that is – and I’ll show you the best way to play this hot, hot, hot trend

Four Stocks I Think You Should Look at Now – and How to Get Them

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

It was a terrible first quarter.

Amid trade-war fears and other scares, we saw a 10% correction.

While it hasn’t been all blue skies since then – those trade-war fears are still with us, after all – the overall stock market fared pretty well in the April-to-June period. The S&P 500 rose a respectable 2.9% and is on pace to finish the year in the green.

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Four Stock Picks – and a Strategy for the Rest of the Year

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Now that we’re at the year’s midpoint, I thought we’d do something special today.

You see, I talk to Money Map Press Executive Editor William Patalon III at least a few times a month by phone.

And then you often see the ideas we come up with together in the reports I bring you here – and in the bulletins I put together for the paid-up members of my premium services, Nova-X Report and Radical Technology Profits. (For newer investors not quite ready to dive into high-speed trading – but ready for faster action and bigger profits than what you usually find here – Nova-X is the next step you want to take. To join us, just take a look here.)

But this week, I wanted to “pull back the curtain” some so you can see some of the brainstorming Bill and I do on a regular basis. Not only that – but in this conversation, I give Bill (and now you) my best predictions and ideas for the second half of 2018.

Of course, one thing remains true.

I still strongly believe Silicon Valley technology stocks – and their “cousins,” legal marijuana and cryptocurrencies – remain the best way to build wealth that crushes the market. That’s a belief that has long fueled our mantra here: “The Road to Wealth Is Paved by Tech.”

I also still believe that – despite all the uncertainty scaring lots of investors right now – this may be one of the greatest times to stake your claim.

I detail all of this in this Q&A with Bill.

And I offer up several of my best stock picks for the back half of 2018.

Here’s an edited transcript of our talk

U.S. state catalysts to pot profits keep mounting…

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Tuesday, voters in Oklahoma overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure to become the 30th state to legalize medical marijuana.

The proposal will allow physicians to prescribe cannabis for any medical condition, making it one of the more liberal state medical marijuana laws thus far.  

But what’s particularly noteworthy here is the measure passed, 57% to 43%, without significant support from drug policy reform groups, and in the face of a concerted oppositional ad campaign from law enforcement and Gov. Mary Fallin, Forbes said.

Now, the state government will use the next 30 days forming its own regulations and setting up a marketplace for future sales.

The fact that deeply conservative Oklahoma (population: 3.9 million) passed such a measure in a primary election season, when fewer younger or progressive voters tend to show up at the polls, proves my point that the nation is fast shifting its stance on marijuana. Nationwide, some 91% of voters support medical marijuana, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

Cashing In on This “Hungry” Food Tech Firm

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

My wife and I have taken on a new Friday night ritual.

And it just so happens to involve what promises to be a very lucrative trend for savvy tech investors.

Let me explain.

My wife and I have pretty demanding jobs, and we just don’t have the energy to cook on Friday nights. So, for years, we’d usually order pizza to be delivered, occasionally switching things up with Chinese.

But a few months back, our mobile-centric daughters started talking up the joys of online ordering for food delivery. We decided to give it a try, and now we’re hooked. One of the things we like most about this type of service is it gives us the ability to order from dozens of local restaurants.

And that’s playing out in homes all over America as online and mobile orders shakeup the U.S. restaurant industry – one currently valued at roughly $800 billion.

So, even a small portion of that massive market spells big profits for a firm that has the right kind of tech to hook hungry buyers as repeat clients.

With that in mind, today I’m going to show you a firm that is doing just that.

And I’ll show you why its stock is set to double in less than two-and-a-half years.

Check it out

This Pharma Player’s $90 million Breakthrough Could Soon Double the Market’s Return

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of an event set to have a big impact on the future of drug discovery.

And yet, it flew right under Wall Street’s radar screen.

Maybe that’s because a $90 million investment seems like small potatoes for the global drug industry – one that Evaluate Pharma says will be worth $1.1 trillion by 2022.

U.S. FDA Approves First Marijuana-based Pharmaceutical

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) smashed the glass ceiling when it comes to cannabis.

The agency has approved the first cannabis-based drug in its history…

It comes in the wake of Canada’s full legalization of marijuana last week, and with 16 U.S. states deciding on legalization measures this year.

TheFDAapproved the United Kingdom’s GW Pharmaceuticals’ (Nasdaq ADR: GWPH) cannabidiol (CBD) epilepsy drug, Epidiolex. That gives patients two years and older with the rare forms of difficult to treat, childhood onset epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome the ability to use the drug.

Epidiolex is an oral solution derived from CBD and contains less than 0.1% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gets people high.

“This approval serves as a reminder that advancing sound development programs that properly evaluate active ingredients contained in marijuana can lead to important medical therapies” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb.

The news is huge for GW Pharma, and for the broader cannabis-based medicine industry in general, as the regulatory door has now swung wide open.

Consumer Reports May Like Tesla – but We Like This Stock Even More

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

Last month, Consumer Reports revealed that the Model 3 from Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) required a highly dangerous 152 feet to stop from 60 mph.

That’s bad.

However, Tesla was able to fix the problem with a wireless “over the air” software update.

In other words, thousands of auto owners got their cars fixed without having to trek to their dealership or a mechanic.