Here’s How These Folks Beat the Market by 1,357.5%

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

We should all be shaking in our boots.


Tension in the Middle East and the South China Sea… a political mess at home… sky-high stock prices.

And here’s something else to worry about…

On Nov. 1, a Wall Street Journal headline warned about the “Consumer Confidence Conundrum.”

Here’s the worry: According to WSJ writer Chris Dieterich and the folks he talked, because consumer confidence is at its highest level since December 2000, it’s time to “add this to the list of reasons investors ought to be getting nervous.”

The reason: It may signal the bull market is coming to an end.

That’s garbage.

Indeed, when we talked on Oct. 31, I noted this was no time to get worried.

The last thing you want to do right now is sit on the sidelines. If you have the right tech investing guide in your corner, you can just crush the market by massive amounts – and make a lot of money.

And today, I’m going to prove it to you.

See, the paid-up members of my Nova-X Report service beat the S&P 500 by 225%.

That’s not bad.

But one of their stocks went on to crush the market by an astounding 1,357.5%.

And you can make those sorts of big gains, too.

Here’s how…

It Still Is…

When we first began our twice-weekly conversations back on March 26, 2013, we started with a simple but powerful concept – the road to wealth is paved by tech.

As someone with 33 years of experience around Silicon Valley, I could see that tech was set to become the major driving factor behind America’s economic growth. That’s why I coined the term “Convergence Economy.”

That refers to the growing interrelationships among various sectors of the economy that are now completely dependent on high tech. We’ve passed what I call the “tech tipping point” in which various technologies are overlapping and are enveloping the world around us.

Fact is, every business today – from Fortune 500 firms to food trucks at music festivals – have embraced technology in a way we’ve never before seen.

I’m talking about overlapping rings of technology that are pushing each other to new heights. It’s the symbiotic relationship among such areas as chips, sensors, software, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Everything, and much, much more.

You can see that in the results of the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite. Over the past five years, it has gained 115%, beating the S&P 500 by more than 47%.

Even so, the third-quarter gains my members at Nova-X Report made are simply off the charts. Take a look…

NVX Third-Quarter Market Crusher #1
Biotech Leader Gains 58.3%

When we last did this, I noted how a small-cap leader in cancer drugs had gained 34% in the second quarter.

The third quarter was even bigger for this biotech firm. First off, this firm went through a major court battle – and came out ahead – and a positive management change.

Plus, shares of this immunotherapy firm soared nearly 10% in a single session in late September, after news broke that an institutional investor had increased its holdings by 11% in the second quarter.

Boston-based RhumbLine Advisors added 12,375 shares to increase its holdings to 123,491 shares worth more than $1 million. RhumbLine manages more than $47 billion in assets.

Shares are now heating up as investors prepare for a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of a major cancer drug that may just be a quarter or two away.

A stunning 58.3% third-quarter gain for this stock means Nova-X members beat the overall market by a stunning 1,357.5%.

NVX Third-Quarter Market Crusher #2
“Miracle Materials” Yields 41%

This provider of rare-earth substrates is a clear proxy for surging activity throughout the economy. That’s because the Miracle Materials it digs up, processes, and markets are used for a wide range of chip and sensor applications.

“We are seeing an expanding universe of emerging applications and technologies across our portfolio that are driving growth in every one of our substrate product categories,” the firm’s CEO said on a recent call with investors.

In fact, this firm’s sales are now growing at a 20% clip, far faster than the broader chip industry. But that’s only part of this company’s story.

This largely unknown firm keeps improving its processes, no mean feat in a business where scrap tends to run high. Those higher yields means that profits are on pace to grow by a third this year.

And they should spike more than 50% next year as this company leverages firmer demand and higher margins to even faster profit growth.

With roughly 41% gains in the period for this stock, Nova-X members crushed the S&P by 925%.

NVX Third-Quarter Market Crusher #3
Auto Supplier Gains 28.5%

You’ll find plenty of evidence of the Convergence Economy in the auto sector as we dive deeper into the connected car era.

Even though the auto market is slowing after several years of great sales, there remain very profitable trends hidden in there. In other words, the right tech-centric supplier can greatly outgrow the overall auto sector.

Take this provider of high-tech auto seats as an example. It builds seats with a range of comfort and ergonomic features, requiring electronics to function at a high level.

The firm just announced a new deal with Autoliv Inc. (NYSE: ALV) to develop advanced seating for the connected car.

Plus, this company is now applying its skills to the massive aviation industry, which could surely benefit from improved seating. It recently announced a contract with The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA).

Even after a strong run, this stock remains a deep value, trading at around eight times projected 2018 profits. For my Nova-X members in the third quarter, this play crushed the broad market by 612%.

NVX Third-Quarter Market Crusher #4
Defense Leader Up 21%

Firms that serve the defense and aerospace markets are also looking at rising demand as the Trump White House seeks to boost our military budgets and capabilities.

This is a particularly good time for a defense electronics firm because its technology is used by a large percentage of the Pentagon’s weapons systems.

Our “SigInt” (signals intelligence) play at Nova-X is poised to win a range of contracts in the next 12 months as both our military and civilian air-travel systems get a healthy dose of tech upgrades.

A robust third quarter also reflects a growing sense that this leader can boost its profits twice as fast as its sales.

And it is shows how the firm is even beating its main customer…

The Pentagon budget increased just 2.9% in the September period. This play, on the other hand, gained 21% in the quarter.

And that means Nova-X members crushed the market by 425%.

Add it all up and you can see that having the right tech investing guide working with you on a regular basis can really pay off.

Had you listened to Chris Dieterich and the rest of the naysayers at The Wall Street Journal and elsewhere over the last few months, you would have left a lot of money on the table.

That’s why I hope you will consider joining us at Nova-X Report. As I’ve shown you, this monthly service can really put you on the road to wealth.

To get in on all the high-profit action, simply contact customer service here. Tell them Michael sent you.

But at the very least, I hope you’ll keep checking back with me here regularly as I share the tips and tactics that can make you a savvier – and richer – investor.

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