You Just Made 19.5% in One Day – but You Can Do Better

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

The S&P 500 has moved roughly 8.3% higher since trading began last Jan. 3. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has done even better, gaining a little more than 10.1% in the period.

And both indexes stand near their record highs.

That’s not bad.

But you can do better.

A lot better.

Fulfilling financial dreams better.

In fact, if you followed my recommendation following our July 28 chat, you would have beat the gains of both those indexes – combined.

In a single day.

At the time, I told you all about Arista Networks Inc. (NYSE: ANET). I ran it through the five filters of my Tech Wealth Blueprint – our system for spotting big tech winners – and came to the conclusion that Arista was a great long-term buy.

Turns out, I was wrong.

Arista was a great short-term buy, too.

Just 10 days later, the stock skyrocketed nearly 19.5% in a single session after the firm reported stellar earnings.

Today, I’m going to tell you about a small-cap stock that did even better. It made 22% one-day gains.

And you can get in on recommendations coming to you like clockwork.

Here’s how…

A Little Help

See, if you have the right tech investing “guru” in your corner – like myself or any of the top editors here at Money Morning – you can truly crush the market.

This isn’t just an idle boast. I can back it all up.

Just look at the returns members of my premium trading service Radical Technology Profits are scoring.

On Aug. 8, one of our medtech leaders soared 22% in a single day on a great earnings report. That move meant we were up more than 90% in just over seven months.

And on that very same day, we sold half of our holdings in another biotech leader for gains of roughly 105%.

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Now then, Rad Tech focuses on aggressive, fast-growing small-cap tech firms. That means it may be too aggressive for investors just getting started.

Fortunately, I have another tech-investing service that is ideal for newer investors who want to build wealth fast – and with very little risk.

Members of this service are making enough to put aside money for their grandkids’ college funds… for their own retirements… even for things like dream vacations and 40-foot yachts.

So now that we are closing the books on second-quarter earnings, let’s take a look at four big Nova-X Report winners in the second quarter.

I’m listing them in ascending order…

Nova-X Market Crusher No. 4: Biotech Cloud Play Yields 25%

I just love it when the collision of two red-hot trends hands us huge gains. In May 2016, I recommended Nova-X members to buy shares of a firm that develops and markets cloud-based management for the biotech and drug sectors.

This investment couldn’t have worked out better. Back on May 22, we sold half that stake for gains of roughly 108%. That “free trade” meant we got all our original capital back – and are now playing on the house’s money.

We closed the June quarter with roughly 25% gains. But I still see plenty of upside ahead.

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That’s because the firm is now pushing its unique cloud-based document and relationship-management platform beyond its core life-sciences market. It’s now making inroads into the broader industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Before that move, the company was already on track to hit $1 billion in yearly sales by 2020. Moving into new markets could double or even triple its long-term potential.

Nova-X Market Crusher No. 3: Medtech Leader Advances 26%

Most of the time, you only see big quarterly gains in smaller firms.

After all, it’s much easier to bump a small-cap company’s valuation by $100 million than it is to tweak a big-cap firm’s value by $5 billion.

But that’s how much wealth was created for investors of a medtech firm focused on heart patients – a medtech firm that members of Nova-X are benefiting from. During the quarter, the stock rallied for gains of nearly 26%.

And for good reason…

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You see, this company has emerged as the most advanced designers of heart-repair devices, bringing a new lease on life to tens of thousands of people facing late-stage heart failure.

With the firm’s platform, for example, doctors can fix a failing heart -without ever opening up a patient’s chest.

But this is no one-trick pony. As part of its growth plan, the firm has moved into clot management, infection control, and surgical recovery. That gives us multiple catalysts for a long-term profit run.

Nova-X Market Crusher No. 2: Biotech Battle Worth 34%

It was a white-knuckle moment for Nova-X members. But we stood our ground – and banked huge profits.

I’m talking about the share-price swoon for a cancer drug developer that was locked in a major boardroom battle. Of course, we made big bank in no small measure because of our savvy use of the Cowboy Split staggered-entry system.

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See, while other investors panicked during the sell-off last spring, we jumped on it as a chance to lower our cost basis – and significantly boost our gains. That move gave Nova-X members 34% profits in the second quarter.

Shares had come under pressure as investors awaited the outcome of a pitched proxy battle. The board decided to reject a nearly $2 billion takeover offer and cast its fate with a New York investment fund known for unlocking deeply hidden value in biotech firms.

In other words, there’s still a lot of upside ahead in this stock that flew right under Wall Street’s radar.

Nova-X Market Crusher No. 1: Display Tech Leaders Jump 34.6%

Simply put, this leader in display tech for all manner of electronics has been a gold mine for my Nova-X members. By gaining 34.6% in the second quarter, itbeat the S&P by 13-fold.

Here’s why…

The company is benefiting from the rapid adoption of high-tech lighting in cutting-edge televisions, smartphones, and other digital displays.

Any firm that wants to use this lighting tech needs to cut a deal with this standout firm. That’s because it has amassed more than 3,500 patents, by far the largest number in its field.

Some of the world’s largest consumer electronics firms have recently inked major licensing deals with the company. Those deals are leading to average 35% sales growth this year and next.

And those high-margin sales mean that profits are growing at an even faster pace.

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But this isn’t just about 2017 and 2018. The company has a toehold in a market that is expected to grow from $16 billion in 2016 to $69.03 billion by 2026, according to IDTechEx.

Now you know why I like to remind investors that, even in this generational bull market, stock selection is still key.

With the right tech-investing guru in your corner, you can – you will – regularly crush the market.

And over the long haul, that means your net worth will snowball – and you’ll reach your goal of financial independence.

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