Direct From the Epicenter of Legal Marijuana Investing

2 | By Michael A. Robinson

My team and I are here in Oakland, Calif. – and the Golden State Warriors clinching the NBA Championship Monday night isn’t the only big news.

Vincente Fox, former president of Mexico, is getting ready to take the stage at the Fourth Annual Cannabis Business Summit & Expo – the epicenter of the business, technology, and politics of legal marijuana.

And there’s a palpable buzz in the air.

But lucky for you folks, Fox has already debriefed with a small group of us before his scheduled remarks…

“A Crazy Person”

Fox is turning up the heat on the U.S. government over its ongoing federal prohibition of marijuana, even as its two most important trading partners – Canada and Mexico – move toward nationwide legalization.

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When asked for his response to breaking news that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked permission from Congress in May to punish medical marijuana companies was to call him “a crazy person.”

(Congress has made zero movement to honor this, by the way.)

A message from Michael.

After all, at least two high-level Cabinet members have in recent weeks come out in support of medical marijuana. President Donald Trump himself has said he is encouraged by what medical marijuana is doing for seniors and veterans.

“The problem is there is no consistency,” Fox said on the messaging coming from various corners of the U.S. government.

Though there are many marijuana business conferences now, this one is among the largest – and Oakland is a fitting setting for it.

You see, the legal marijuana business literally rebuilt a large chunk of downtown Oakland, National Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director Aaron Smith says.

“It helped bring businesses,” Smith says. “It helped rebuild things like the Roxie Theatre. It has participated in the neighborhood.”

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And Oakland is far from the only municipality to have received an economic booster shot from legal marijuana.

It all goes to show how a well-regulated cannabis industry brings huge economic opportunities and pushes out criminal elements.

It also enriches its investors – folks like you.

That’s why we’ll be here for the next 48 hours, checking out the Expo floor and talking to the industry’s most important stakeholders. In our first walkthrough, it was obvious that technology – from lighting firms to security providers to biotech companies – has taken this conference over in a big way.

And that’s a good thing for long-term industry growth – and our legal marijuana investments.

In the next few days, I’ll be talking more about Fox’s appearance – and all the other valuable information I can dig up – with my Nova X-Report members.

To join us – to get the inside scoop on what’s coming next for the marijuana industry… and copy of The Roadmap to Marijuana Millions – just click here.

I’ll be back here on Friday with a wrap-up report.

See you then.

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  1. Tino& Majik says:

    Mr. Robinson.. I have had my SON invest in your summit about the legalization of Marjuana in Canada.. the five you gave
    and we joined your NOVA-X REPORT for Life.. Thank You.. we hope our small investment brings us great rewards..
    Tino & Majik

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