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As “Edibles” Market Takes Off, This Is My Favorite Way to Hop Onboard

4 | By Michael A. Robinson

The days when marijuana “edibles” were limited to a bunch of teens passing around a pan of homemade pot-laced brownies are long over.

The legal marijuana industry now grosses more than $5.4 billion a year through the sale of cannabis-infused food and drinks – for people who want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking, but still want the drug’s potent effects. And as marijuana continues its march to legalization, that number will keep climbing.

That means “edibles” re one of the most lucrative legal marijuana opportunities on the market. As I told you just yesterday, according to the “inside info” I picked up from New Frontier Data, use of edibles and concentrates (that is, vaping) each nearly tripled in the last year, eating into the smokable form’s market dominance. They now compose 33% of the total market – and that number is climbing.

Now I want to show you one of my favorite speculative plays in this booming pot-stock niche. I recommended it last September in my Nova X-Report “weed investors’ bible” – The Roadmap to Marijuana Millionsand some of the peak gains we’ve seen there have been extraordinary.

In fact, I can’t think of a better way to show everyone the massive profit potential in legal weed investing.

Take a look

66 Billion Reasons to Invest in India – Right Now

0 | By Michael A. Robinson

On Tuesday, we talked about a “Trump-proof” way to play China’s exploding social media and e-commerce markets.

I told you I would follow up soon with another tech-based “frontier” investment.

Today I’m keeping that promise.

With 1.3 billion residents, India is the globe’s second-most-populous nation. And it could surpass China in as little as five years.

India logged GDP growth of 7% in last year’s fourth quarter. That beat forecasts by 10%. Even if that were to slow by as much as 20%, India’s economy would still be expanding twice as fast as that of the United States.

In just the past decade, India’s $2.2 trillion economy has leapt past Italy, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, and Russia. That means it’s now the globe’s seventh-largest economy – and it could move up to fifth place by 2020.

That kind of growth makes India one of the most enticing frontier investing markets today. And we know high tech is set to play a central role in this massive opportunity.

While India has a rich history of economic and business growth, it’s equally well known for its “threat landscape.” Corruption, crime, political instability, and terrorism all scare away many investors.

That’s why I’ve searched high and low for a way to get in on India’s ferocious tech growth – a way to get on the sadak to wealth” – without exposing ourselves to those sorts of risks.

But that still offers hope of quick triple-digit gains…

And I’ve finally found it…

Put These 433.3 Million People to Work – for You

1 | By Michael A. Robinson

This highly populated country is growing twice as fast as the United States. Plus, this global economic powerhouse keeps beating forecasts.

Yet over the past two years, one analyst after another – except for yours truly – has sounded the alarm and told investors to stay far, far away.

I’m starting to think that Wall Street just doesn’t understand China – or Frontier Investing… at all.

Are we even looking at the same data?

compass-stiChina just saw first-quarter GDP growth rate of 6.9%

That was its fastest pace of economic expansion since the third quarter of 2015… it was more than 5% above the nation’s own forecasts… and it came at a time when President Donald Trump was still blaming the world’s most populous country for unfair trade programs.

As impressive as this growth sounds, it misses “our” big picture – that the “Road to wealth is paved by tech.”

Some of China’s web leaders are growing 10 times faster than the nation’s GDP.

That’s a key moneymaking trend we want to be in on.

This is how you can get there…