Only Inside Access Gets You Info Like This

3 | By Michael A. Robinson

I had to bring this to you right away.

One of my team members was at a medical marijuana insiders meeting at his home base in Maryland last week – and he got ahold of some outstanding information that’s not yet been shared with the larger public.

But I can share it with you…

This inside info comes from the D.C.-based emerging-markets analysts at New Frontier Data. They were at the meeting, pushing their Cannabis Industry Annual Report: 2017 Legal Marijuana Outlook.

If you’re an investor with skin in the legal marijuana game, there’s a ton in this report to get you excited.

They forecast that the U.S. legal cannabis market will grow from $6.6 billion last year to $8 billion in 2017, to $10.8 billion in 2018, to $13.48 billion by the end the decade. By 2025, New Frontier sees the industry reaching $24 billion.

Those are eye-popping numbers, but they’re actually conservative, because they don’t account for further legalization at the state or federal level. And so we know they’ll swell as more states give the green light to medical and/or recreational use in the coming years.

Here’s some other findings that caught my attention…

  • Use of edibles and concentrates (that is, vaping) each nearly tripled in the last year, eating into the smokable form’s market dominance. They now compose 33% of the total market – and that number is climbing.
  • Medical marijuana users spent almost three times as much on cannabis-based products per transaction than recreational users in the eight states where recreational weed is legal.
  • Smaller cannabis companies that have worked to exceed compliance standards since their onset are becoming increasingly attractive as acquisition targets.
  • Chronic pain is the ailment that drives the vast majority of medical customers in long-established markets such as Colorado (67%), Oregon (59%), and Arizona (81%).
  • Public support for legalized marijuana has surged 10 percentage points over the last four years – to 57% in favor.

Smart investors like yourself know that the above represents not only valuable data, but also undeniable momentum.

And that momentum is going to drive the second, even more explosive phase of pot stock growth.

We’ll be talking in greater detail about where legal cannabis is going – from ongoing preparations for the July 2018 full legalization in Canada to Congress effectively cutting off weed’s top critic at the knees in about a week.

I’ll be doing so during a very special Pot Stock Briefing on Monday, May 15 at 6 p.m. (ET). And you’re invited…

Click here to reserve your space. We’ll follow up shortly after by email with all the details on how to attend.

Cheers and good investing!

3 Responses to Only Inside Access Gets You Info Like This

  1. Richard Lowe says:

    I live between London and Penang Malaysia, spending 2/3 months in each location at a time. I am currently in Penang until 13 July. I am interested in making an investment but obviously cannot attend a meeting in the U.S. If you can keep me informed of the procedure for investing that will suffice. Regards Richard L

  2. Amory Thompson​ says:

    Fantastic information hopefully I can capitilze on a few penny stocks and one of the first generation companies whose been driving the original legalization standards higher . Thanks and best wishes in your future endeavors .
    Amory T

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